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HK Comedian Yu Ming On Bruce Lee

January 21 2016 at 7:44 AM
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Yu Ming, HK famous comedian and Bruce’s brother-in-law (cousin – Lee Chow Jun’s husband) talked about Bruce at the backstage of the TVB studio during an exclusive interview in mid 1972 (HK 1972 WOTD’s Special Magazine).

Yu Ming said, “It was around 1946, Bruce’s father, Lee Hoi-Chuen was filming “Wealth Is Like A Dream” (directed by Yu Leung, elder brother of Yu Ming) and I was working as the set supervisor there, so, I got to know about Bruce and his family. Bruce was a kid then but surprisingly he knew how to act, I mean, he just has the talent in acting and is fated to walk this path...”

After making “Wealth Is Like A Dream,” Yu Ming became a regular visitor to Bruce’s house that lived a big family.

Yu Ming continued, “That time, Bruce was living in Nathan Road with his family of about 20 persons. So, it was very packed and lively during meal’s time. Bruce is an extrovert guy and his active personality makes the big family even more warming.”

Yu Ming recalled, “When Bruce was still a child, he was quite persistent in whatever he was doing and would not give up easily. Until today, he still possesses these traits and if he wants to do something, he’ll just do it, and never worry about this and that.”

“Bruce’s father had never pinned too much hopes on Bruce who once wanted to carve his future career in martial arts. He rather Bruce be like his brother, Peter Lee, studied diligently and do well in his academic result. However, Bruce loves martial arts more and focuses more in this area. Although Bruce did not get the likings of his father, he was liked by the people in the entertainment circle such as Fung Yin-Fan, Tso Tat-Hwa, Ng Chor-Fan etc. They all doted on him,”Yu Ming said.

Yu Ming added, “As Bruce grew up, he likes martial arts even more and would always practiced his Kung Fu secretly behind his father’s back. He hung a heavy bag and placed a wooden dummy at the corridor, and practiced diligently. Once, he grabbed my wrist and broke my watchband which was made of steel. At that time, I just took him as just another energetic lad, and never would I expect that he would accomplish such a great achievement today.” Lee Hoi-Chuen too, might not have also expected his son would become so famous today. Bruce is also the founder of Jeet Kune Do, a 4 million box-office record superstar, a philosopher with lots of theories...with such a versatile son, Lee Hoi-Chuen would be pleased and smiled contently in the heaven.

Yu Ming remembered, “When Bruce was a teenager, he used to dress fashionably and always tried to be unique among the rest...He was very good in Cha-Cha and could dance superbly. Bruce left for the States after completing his high school in HK and then pursued his study in the University over there. Then, several years later, I heard that he has started a Kung Fu school in the U.S. and teaching students. Those few years, I’ve not learnt much about him.”

“When Bruce returned to HK for his father’s funeral and stayed in HK for about a month.
We saw each other several times and I found that he has grown more mature but is still a warm-hearted and passionate guy.”

“When he returned to HK to film “The Big Boss,” I found he has become more serious and the biggest change I found in him was that he has changed from a well-dressed youngster to a much more carefree youth. He will leave his beard unshaved when not filming...” This makes people think of what Bruce once said, “In recent years, I’ve realised something, i.e. to express yourself honestly as beauty does not last.”

Yu Meng said, “Although we now do not meet very often but when we meet, he is always very warm and I believe he is a person who cares about friendship and is loyal to his friends. Both he and his wife are hospitable, without putting on air that other famous stars do. Also, Linda speaks Cantonese quite fluently.”

In the final words, Yu Ming said, “What Bruce has achieved today is by no means lucky. He gets up early every morning and trains diligently with perseverance and devotion. In addition, I think that he has a very good philosophy about life. For instance, he knows how to make the right choice as far as movie is concerned. From his serious attitude towards work, I believe his life in the no. 8th arts (movie) would be a long lasting one.”

Bruce Lee & his brother-in-law, Yu Ming:

(Note: Yu Ming is 90 years old and is currently residing in HK and is still an active and lively old man)

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