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January 21 2016 at 4:32 PM
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Response to T. Carruthers


Has it never dawned on you that maybe not everyone sees Tommy Caruthers, George Dillman, Tim Tackett,etc as amazing martial artists? Someone like Tommy Carruthers practices with his own people and they don't look very good. It obviously hasn't dawned on you either that martial artists with more experience are not impressed by him or think he is anywhere near Bruce Lee's level,those with limited experience might think he is something special. MMA people, Dan Inosanto, Ron Balicki, Paul Vunak, Burton Richardson,etc aren't all marvelling at the skills of Tommy Carruthers as they've seen so many people better and people faster too, nor are any of them thinking he is up there with Bruce Lee in skill level. Post a video of Tommy Carruthers sparring anyone full contact, preferably someone that is good not standing around like a dummy as you see in his demos. People have witnessed his skills in person also and not been blown away, again there is no reason why an experienced martial artist would be.

If you were to ask around in Dan Inosanto circles and amongst their Instructors, nobody would say Tim Tackett was one of the best ever or an exceptional fighter, or technically one of the sharpest but they would say he is extremely knowledgeable and Dan Inosanto has even said he knows everything there is to know about Jeet Kune Do. Nobody in Dan Inosanto circles marvels at the skill of Tommy Carruthers and some have seen him in person, they've seen so many better and realize he is not even close to Bruce Lee's level. None of that is out of jealousy! Experienced martial arts training with the best of the best in multiple arts don't see a Shaolin Monks demo, Tommy Carruthers demo, George Dillman Pressure Points demo, etc and think these people are the best and what they do is ideal for a modern street fight or that they must rush to study with them.

Not every martial artist in any art is an elite practitioner,a technical maestro,or great fighter and it doesn't matter either! Tim Tackett is renowned as a teacher and in demand,people go to learn from Tommy Carruthers. Not every student of Bruce Lee was an amazing athlete or training hard going out running everyday etc,not every student of Ip Man was amazing, or those of Morihei Ueshiba, etc. Learning a few techniques well and doing them repeatedly in demos has been done by many in different arts, even in Jeet Kune Do people like Howard Williams did the same and they apparently knew only a limited amount of material.

Go train with George Dillman, Tommy Carruthers, Carter Hargrave...... but also train with top MMA people, also if you are into Jeet Kune Do go to at least one renowned Full Instructor under Dan Inosanto, and to specialists in self defence and reality protection. Training with elite people raises your game, there are Wing Chun people out there showing how to beat a Boxer but many have never sparred full contact with a good one and been hit - when you train with elite boxers it raises your game, there are people like Tommy Carruthers saying do this or that to stop takedowns or if taken down do this or that to get to your feet - when he hasn't been on the mat with one renowned grappler or BJJ champion to see if any of that works in functional terms. Like Joe Rogan said in that clip, many in self defence train to fight untrained people and a lot of what they are doing just won't work on anyone with skill :

1) Listen to Bas Rutten talk about eye gouging, getting out of holds and the reality of it!


^ When people claim they won't enter MMA as they'd kill people with their deadly techniques or that they can't use their deadliest techniques in there - generally you shouldn't bother training with such people and you can be sure 9 times out of 10 these people have never fought or sparred full contact with anyone good at MMA. Again it is not jealousy by people like Joe Rogan or Bas Rutten,it is just their honest opinions. People like Joe or Bas don't see Shaolin Monk demos, Tommy Carruthers demos, Pressure Point demos, etc and marvel at them as they've seem it all before and have a good sense of what works and what does not. They mention also that Japanese Ki pressure points master video in previous post too.

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