The cat is now out of the bag - JKD Concepts vs Jun Fan JKD is the real dispute

January 21 2016 at 9:35 PM
NDoraku  (no login)

Response to T. Carruthers / Joe Rogan Experience


>> Dan Inosanto, Ron Balicki, Paul Vunak, Burton Richardson,etc...
If you were to ask around in Dan Inosanto circles and amongst their Instructors...and Dan Inosanto has even said he knows everything there is to know about Jeet Kune Do. Nobody in Dan Inosanto circles... <<

~ Davey

Reading this it seems obvious.

Sorry for saying that, but about 6-7 years ago someone told me:

"The 3rd generation students from the JKD Concept and Jun Fan JKD movement are bullying each other. It will become worser and worser from generation to generation."

Now i know what he ment. It´s very frustating to see those two branches have trouble with each other... I am so sick of it honestly!

I know (not personally) practioneers of JKD, the one is lineage:

Inosanto -> Larry Hartsell = JKD Concepts

the other one is:

Ted Wong -> Tommy Carruthers = Jun Fan JKD

Dan and Tommy are still alive, while Larry and Ted are passed away some years ago.

In my opinion it s good to have both ways (Concepts + Jun Fan), but these two have much trouble with each other.
Inosanto never talked bad about Ted, vica verca. So why can´t their students not just be like them?

If Lee would see what s happening right now in the "JKD" branche, he would turn in his grave.

As a matter of fact:

Founder of Non Classical Gung Fu -> Jesse Glover
Founder of Wing Chun Do -> James Demile
Founder of Jun Fan JKD -> Ted Wong
Founder of JKD Concepts -> Dan Inosanto

Founder of JKD (no "Jun Fan" before or "Concepts" behind) -> Bruce Lee


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