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January 21 2016 at 10:36 PM
Davey   (no login)

Response to The cat is now out of the bag - JKD Concepts vs Jun Fan JKD is the real dispute


The JKD Concepts vs Original doesn't come into it! Do you have aliveness in your training, are you training with the best people out there, is your approach realistic. Whatever art you do these are key questions. Watch links with Joe Rogan there are so many people out there with delusions and they are teaching impractical stuff to people. Many of them have never fought and don't train with the best around in other arts. You don't need to go out and learn entire systems, few have the time to learn multiple arts. But when you are teaching defences against grapplers and how to get to your feet at least go train with world renowned grapplers taking you down and then see what you can do, it is easy to get your students or friends to do takedowns on you but these are a lot easier to counter than against a skilled grappler. All Dan Inosanto's people train hard, spar a lot and train with elite people in different arts. There are those in Original JKD not all of them or other versions that don't even spar all out full contact or seek out elite people in different arts to train with.

Watch the Joe Rogan videos and be realistic if you are talking about self defence and not just doing a nice art. If you do something very limited like George Dillman's Pressure Points, Tommy Carruthers JKD version, Carter Hargrave JKD version, Traditional Wing Chun, Aikido....... then go train with serious MMA people and spar with them, also seek out reality self defence people with real experience in war, conflict zones...... Don't limit yourself to training under one person and thinking he has all the answers or experience, or be deluded enough to think training with your small class will prepare you for everything out there. Try your grappling counters against real grapplers and specialists like BJJ or Sambo champions, try your Kickboxing against professional Kickboxers or Muay Thai fighters, try your unarmed knife defence against someone really coming at you with multiple attacks or a skilled Filipino martial artists......... then you will have any idea of what truly works and what is least likely to.

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  • Computer Warrior - Hulkgan on Jan 22, 2016, 1:08 AM
  • Rogan is a UFC dude, what do you expect of him to say? - NDoraku on Jan 22, 2016, 7:30 AM
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