Rogan is a UFC dude, what do you expect of him to say?

January 22 2016 at 7:30 AM
NDoraku  (no login)

Response to Jeet Kune Do

Rogan can sit in his show and talks to uninformed people about how great MMA/Grappling etc. is, and talk shit about anyting outside UFC.

He got debunked by a Wing Chun dude on youtube, but never answered to it. There are 3 clips which debunks anything he said, and he fail to answer to it to this day:




Rogan debunked in 15 minutes (no answere from him yet).

Let him talk to a real self defence greats like Geoff Thompson or Lee Morrison. Rogan would get humiliated by both of them.

Rogan is smart, he knows exactly which people he can invite to his podcast JRE and which not. You will never see him talk about Thompson or Morrison.

BTW: You mentioned Rogan over and over again. In his podcast shows he talks about Fake Aikido masters and non touch fake people like George Dillman.
Honestly, how can you COMPARE a phony fake non-touch artist Dillmann to Tommy Carruthers? That s insane!

I like Rogan´s podacst, but just for the fun of it.

His martial arts view:
- Grappling > Striking (he was shocked to death when grappler Ronda got smashed by striker Holm)
- UFC/MMA/BJJ/JJ -> anything else

He is an UFC commentator and a little bit like Dana´s UFC propaganda mouth. So what do you expect him to say about martial arts outside UFC?

Let´s take an example outside the martial arts / combat sport world to show how Rogan acts and thinks.

Here he´s talking with Eddie Bravo about the JFK assassination:

His view: The CIA killed JFK.
Main reason: The Magic Bullet theory.

@ Anyone who reads this post:

The so called "Magic Bullet conspiracy theory" had been debunked over and over and over again in the last 10-20 years, but Rogan still calls it shit.

Rogan´s view:

Picture A)

And this is how Kennedy and Conally were sitting:

Picture B)

Rogan still believe in A (watch the clip above) and simply ignores B.
Only very naive people who likes the Oliver Stone move about JFK can still believe in A...and Rogan does it.
Just a way to show how he thinks and judges.

Oh yes, and Bas Rutten (the one you mentioned too) stated that he thinks the so called "phony/fake" "self defence martial art" of Krav Maga is the best style when it comes to self defence.
Listen to Bas:

Ever seen a Krav stylist in UFC or MMA? No...

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