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Unicorn Chan: Fortune & Confidant

January 24 2016 at 7:51 AM
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Response to The Legend of The Unicorn

This is the one and only article personally written by Unicorn Chan on Bruce Lee, titled “Easy to Gain Fortune; Hard to find Confidant,” which was published in the 1972 GH’s WOTD Special magazine. Below is the translated original Chinese article.

"To some people, Bruce is a hero who has brought honor to the Cantonese. But in the eyes of some people, Bruce is very ‘Sa-Chan’ (Cantonese, literally means cocky). They are not to be blamed as they do not know him or really understand him.

As for me, I do understand Bruce more than other people because I know him since our childhood times. His father was Lee Hoi-Chuen who used to be a Cantonese opera comedian and my father, Sai Fai-Lam, was also from the Cantonese opera group. Because of this relationship, Bruce and I often played together and saw each other everyday. We almost lived and ate together, and our relationship is like brothers (note: Unicorn was about 2-3 years older than Bruce). Also, both of us were once child actors and have played together in a Cantonese film (note: ‘Blame It On Father’–1953) while we were teenagers then. Bruce would usually played non-action roles and I was vice-versa more often. We were popular for a period of time then.

Later, Bruce went to the U.S. to pursue his study and I stayed in HK to continue working in the film industry. Although we were apart but we communicated through letters regularly and talked about any topics freely. Our brotherhood continues. In his letters, he told me that he was studying in a college on one hand and practicing his martial arts on the other hand. He has even created his own fighting art called Jeet Kune Do later on. At that time, I do know what Jeet Kune Do is until he returned to HK for a vacation and was invited to perform his Jeet Kune Do on the TV stations which made me in awe of its prowess. It really deserves its reputation, no wonder it stuns the world.

I myself also practice martial arts diligently since young, for over a dozen years now. I may not be the best in martial arts but I’m being employed to work as action choreographers in many of the movies. From the martial arts actors and martial artists of various styles and clans which I have come into contact with, even though they have their own unique fighting ways but personally, to compare theirs with Bruce’s Jeet Kune Do, there is still a big gap in terms of speed, accuracy and power are concerned. I am saying this not because of our good relationship or to lick his boots, On the contrary, I am standing in a fair position to objectively make comparison based on facts. I believe all of you have seen Bruce’s performance over the movies and TV programs which could prove the above sayings.

Previously, I was nicknamed “Mr. Nice Guy” in the movie industry as I do not‘contaminate’myself with bad habits. I strictly restraint myself. Besides having a normal life, I also train regularly to keep my body fit and maintain my martial arts foundations. I thought there would not be a second person like me in the movie industry. But now, I dare not say this because ever since the emergency of Bruce, I compare myself with him and found that I lose out to him by a very big margin. His virtues and perseverance in practicing martial arts have set a good example for me.

I have known Bruce for more than 20 years now, I understand his personality very well. Sometimes, he would be like a fierce tiger and for those who do not know, will feel that he is very fierce and bad. Actually, he only shows his ferocity when he encounters unreasonable thing, unreasonable people and bullies. Whether it is towards things and people, he is always upright, fair, frank and reasonable. He possesses the qualities of the tiger that is unafraid of obstacles, having the courage to move forward and daring take actions and be responsible for his actions. This is why people admire him.

On the other hand, he is like a mirror, often allows me to reflect on myself, not only on the surface but also my inner heart, just like x-ray. He allows me to distinguish right and wrong, good and bad, and gives me the correct direction in my future journey. He not only gives me mental support but also render me a good opportunity in my career ---- “Fist of Unicorn” is the first film that I play a lead role. This is my dream for over 20 years and I finally realise it. I am of course, very pleased and Bruce feels happier for me as he once promised, “If I, Bruce Lee succeeds, you, Unicorn will definitely succeeds!”

He is a man who keeps his promise and hopes that I succeed. So, he volunteers to be the martial arts consultant for “Fist of Unicorn” without any conditions. He works wholeheartedly to design my action choreography and forgets his rest and meals. He also helps me to study the script and the role with his experience. All these have benefitted me a lot and at the same time boost my confidence in filming this movie.

I do not know what else to say to express my heartfelt appreciation to Bruce. In my whole life, he is my only confidant and hope that our friendship and brotherhood will continue forever. There is a saying, “Easy to Gain Fortune; Hard To Find Confidant” which is the most accurate and true words from the bottom of my heart."

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