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January 24 2016 at 11:45 AM
Davey   (no login)

Response to Krav Maga people (Davey)


Regarding what people like Joe Rogan or Bas Rutten would think of videos of people like Tommy Carruthers or Emil Martirossian or if they saw them in person, I'd say not much! Tommy Carruthers videos show someone that is fast especially with hands and that is really all they show - no full contact sparring all out against non cooperating opponent, no demonstrations of power hitting a heavy bag, etc. Emil Martiroissian's videos show different things but never show anything to make you think this person can fight or really apply what he is doing, and clearly a lot of it is show off theatrical stuff such as the trapping and high kicks. Experienced martial artists like Bas Rutten etc have seen it all before and don't get impressed from such displays. Martial artists like Tommy and Emil are legit but to claim they are amongst the best in the world is ridiculous, they are not even the best in their own countries - the only people who might think otherwise are their own students or Instructors, and people that have viewed way too many martial arts movies. I seriously doubt they themselves would consider themselves amongst the best martial artists in the world, or even just in Jeet Kune Do.

George Dillman is a legit martial artist but an average one, who took his credibility too far with no touch pressure point KO's etc. His stories about Bruce Lee sparring his students and others, only George recalls these events. You mentioned Moni Aizik who looks strong and fit for his age, again is legit with credentials in Judo and he trained Carlos Newton MMA fighter, etc but he too stretched his credibility too far with claims to have co founded Krav Maga with Imi Lichtenfeld, to have been in special forces and trained them, counter terrorism expert etc (if you didn't see link in previous post :

Nobody has yet answered who Tommy Carruthers learned all of the Chinatown syllabus from such as the trapping? Jesse Glover did not know it he was not there at that period, Ted Wong did not know it, Tim Tackett does know it but Tommy only studied with him very briefly. It covers a lot of material, the trapping alone would take a long term to pick up even if you learn fast. Emil Martirossian trained briefly with Taky Kimura and Dan Inosanto and was certified in Jeet Kune Do by Clive Mckenzie (not sure who certified Clive?) :

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