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What Jesse taught was very crude & basic, no doubt he was good at it. Bruce Lee only knew the first form in Wing Chun, and had certainly not covered all of Chi Sao etc before he left Hong Kong - so what Bruce taught Jesse was limited stuff and Bruce Lee obviously evolved greatly after their time together.

As for you claiming ''Jesse and his guys and the Oakland guys would wipe the floor with the Chinatown guys as they weren't fighters. ''? Bob Bremer was known as the Chinatown Ass kicker, Larry Hartsell was as tough as they come Vietnam vet etc. Not even going there with ''wipe the floor'' between them as many have passed away now. Though consider it today - Jesse Glover's Instructors Tommy Carruthers..... Lamar Davis and his Instructors..... there is no question Ron Balicki, Paul Vunak, Erik Paulson, Yori Nakamura, Burton Richardson...... are in an entirely different league! Those sort of people like Ron, Erik, Yori have all competed in MMA etc and not made excuses not to compete as it is a sport or they can't use their deadliest techniques in it + they also work and train with elite people in different arts which raises their game. They've trained with the Gracies, top Sambo people, etc to know what really works and what doesn't on the ground, how many top grapplers has Tommy Carruthers trained with? Name some. He can pontificate all he likes, if someone tries to take you down do this, or if you are taken down do this to get to your feet working with unskilled people but doing that against an elite grappler is a different ball game. It is obvious the way Tommy Carruthers moves and stands he would be very easy to take down by a skilled high level grappler, and his bite eye gouge strike to get to the feet again just try it against a high skilled grappler and see what you can actually do. If Tommy Carruthers went to Dan Inosanto's academy he would get knocked around by the advanced students and Instructors but overtime would improve and realise the massive huge gaping holes in his game.

Regarding you saying ''Oh and Tommy has trained with many from the Chinatown school.'' for very brief periods or at seminars for one or two days. Dan Inosanto was the main Instructor at the Chinatown school, he taught Bob Bremer, Jerry Poteet etc and Bruce Lee really wasn't there that much. So the Chinatown guys you say Tommy has trained with were all Dan Inosanto students. Tell me how long Tommy Carruthers has trained with Dan Inosanto for? Dan Inosanto studied with Bruce Lee the longest and saw him evolve over a long period of time. You will find Tommy has trained with him only briefly at one or a few seminars years ago, when Dan was teaching other arts like Kali too so what Tommy saw of Dan teaching Jun Fan JKD would be little.

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