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That is your opinion. BL was training daily for many hours with WSL in Chi Sau before he left HK and moved to the States - at least 18 months. Months after arriving Bruce is training his first and only student at the time Jesse in Chi Sau. Bruce and Jesse train together daily doing it. Jesse was good because he got dedicated training from Bruce in that skill and developed it. To think any of the LA guys were in Jesse's league at trapping skills shows true ignorance. Jesse could do it for real not in pre-arranged drills and sets! BL was one of best Chi Sau guys anywhere and use to visit any so-called Wing Chun instructors in the States and touch hands with them and wipe the floor with them and tell them you shouldn't be teaching this art. Bruce didn't like Wing Chun being exploited by instructors that he felt couldn't do it and gave it a bad name!

Dan Inosanto was the main instructor but he collected stuff and is the most knowledgeable guy out there. That was his path in life so good for him. He admitted he can't fight like Bruce because he hasn't got the same superb fighting attributes so he found a way that works for him. Simplicity is the key. How to move better than everyone? How to get faster than anyone? How to hit harder than anyone? Who is best is not who knows the most about the most arts! Look at Ali in boxing - he never really punched to the body, he just moved his head to escape blows - he did everything wrong in the boxing manual but was the best. Guys couldn't touch him before he was stripped off his title in the 60s. I'll let you work out why that was and it wasn't by collecting more techniques. It was about refining and developing basic skills e.g. footwork, distance, timing, speed, combinations and being better than anyone else at these skills. He was totally dedicated, tough and a winner.

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