Jesse Glover Trapping

January 27 2016 at 8:09 PM
Davey   (no login)

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Jesse Glover sadly isn't here anymore, though what he did was certainly crude and basic but it worked for him, claims he was better than Chinatown guys are silly and irrelevant. It also shows you have limited knowledge of Wing Chun, there are attacks etc in Chi Sao that Jesse would have been unable to defend against. Jesse Glover met William Cheung, you really think when they did Chi Sau he was all over Cheung? He wasn't and you can ask Cheung himself, he thought Jesse's trapping and Chi Sau was very limited , crude and basic but could still be used effectively just not against the most skilled of Wing Chun people. Jesse felt that not many in Wing Chun could really apply the art effectively but that some could.

''I'll let you work out why that was and it wasn't by collecting more techniques. It was about refining and developing basic skills e.g. footwork, distance, timing, speed, combinations and being better than anyone else at these skills.'' - standing in Bai Jong, using finger jabs or straight leads, low side kicks....... is very predictable indeed, those aren't the only techniques but they are commonly used. Standing face on in Wing Chun using straight blast, low kicks, getting very predictable. Becoming the best you can be is developing all your attributes as you mentioned whilst training with the best people in other arts, not learning entire arts if you don't want to but getting on the mat with a top Sambo, BJJ person, a pro Boxer, pro MMA fighter....... To not do so means you are living in fantasy la la la land pontificating what you would do against people skilled in grappling, Muay Thai, etc, there are people in many arts that do just that have people do lame attacks pretending they are a boxer, grappler, etc and they can easily defend against them because they are not very skilled or world renowned specialists in their art. Many Wing Chun people have never sparred or trained with a pro Boxer, to know what does and doesn't work and to know how they react when they get repeatedly hit in the head with hard punches. Many Jeet Kune Do old school or original haven't for example been on the mat with world class level grapplers - a Sambo champion, BJJ, etc. If Tommy Carruthers, Lamar Davis have - name those elite level grapplers? Going against a knife unarmed is hard to do, doing that against someone highly skilled or even moderately trained even more so, name some top Filipino martial arts those sort of people have trained with? Training with world class people in other arts for certain raises your game, and gives you real feedback on what you can and cannot do against them, again you don't need to learn entire arts or devote your life to them. Sticking with just your own guys, not seeking out the best in other arts to train with means you are likely living in la la fantasy land - none of Tommy Carruthers Instructors or students seem very good and none are renowned in the martial arts world. Dan Inosanto has trained Erik Paulson, Ron Balicki, Paul Vunak, Burton Richardson..........all renowned in the martial arts community and well known, how many people have Tommy Carruthers, Lamar Davis etc trained that are renowned? Same for Emil Martirossian or Carter Hargrave who have they trained that is renowned in the martial arts community?

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