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January 29 2016 at 6:36 AM
Philip Callahan  (no login)

Response to Jesse Glover / Dan Inosanto / William Cheung

I agree with your position that martial artists of a certain system should train with martial artists from different systems. Having said that, your understanding of the backgrounds of some of the martial artists you criticize is minimal. Lamar Davis not only trained with at least 15 of Bruce Lee's students, he was the head of security at a nightclub in Alabama for 20 years. If anyone knows what real world combat is about, it's Lamar Davis. Howard Williams called Davis "one of the most knowledgeable and talented JKD instructors in the world." If memory serves, Tommy Carruthers was also a bouncer for a number of years.

I would also be careful with fawning over any/every grappling system. It's about the person, not the system. Prime example is when Rousey got her butt kicked by Holly Holm. Rousey is considered a world class grappler, yet her striking, kicking, and footwork skills are below average. Holm knew little about the grappling arts going into that fight, so her training consisted of footwork patterns that would keep her out of clinches, and she proved that she was simply a better fighter.

In addition, how many "world class" grapplers train with "world class" strikers and/or kickers. The Gracies certainly don't as evidenced by footage of their preparations for early UFC and K1 matches. They sparred with other grapplers and were fortunate to have never faced a fighter with high level striking skills. I realize that they can only compete against who is in front of them, but the proof of their less than stellar competition is all there on tape.

Would I classify them as being overrated fighters? Of course not. They put it on the line in those matches, so I respect their fighting spirit. It is clear, however, that their tool box is limited. Whether it's boxing, kickboxing, or MMA, the fighter who maximizes his or her tools will be the victor. In the case of Holly Holm, her best tools are her incredible kicking skills, and she proceeded to use her tools to the fullest by knocking out Rousey.

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