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January 30 2016 at 7:01 PM
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Never mentioned Lamar Davis in my post that you responded to, regarding serving on the doors 20 years I know people that have done it that long & longer and they say it taught them most about the psychology of people and awareness for spotting potential conflict. What they did not do was have regular fights or use much other than restraining people. With CCTV everywhere now inside and outside clubs & bars, people with mobile phones that can record things, multiple witnesses etc having fights or laying into people with strikes is simply not done - you will be fired from your position and face legal consequences. Often there is more than one bouncer certainly at bigger venues they can restrain individuals without repeatedly striking them or getting into 1 on 1 fights. Sometimes people are drunk or on drugs that start trouble that would never normally do so or walk in perfectly calm. Years on the doors is highly commendable but you aren't getting in all out fights often or unleashing your full arsenal on them and often have help from other bouncers to restrain or eject people. As you mentioned Lamar Davis, here are excerpts from Paula Inosanto's letter (all backed by Dan Inosanto who approved everything in it) :

Jerry Beasley, Tommy Carruthers, Lamar Davis, Emil Martirossian, etc are all legit martial artists (Carter Hargrave not sure who he has trained with if anyone that knew Bruce Lee?) - they have all studied with people that knew Bruce Lee, their Jeet Kune Do backgrounds and actual knowledge & how long they actually trained with people that knew Bruce Lee remain questionable to many. None can know as much as Dan Inosanto & only Dan was authorised by Bruce Lee to teach (most of the Chinatown classes) - these people have all trained with Dan very briefly. Had Tommy Carruthers or Carter Hargrave been well known then, it is likely they would have been mentioned in Paula Inosanto's letter also. Not aware of any renowned well known Instructors under Lamar, Carruthers, Martirossian, Hargrave, etc, they may have taught some but not aware of them - if anyone knows any post some links. Dan Inosanto taught all the Chinatown guys he taught most of the classes then after Bruce died he continued teaching many of them some of whom had big holes in their knowledge from when Bruce Lee was alive. Dan's Instructors like Paul Vunak, Erik Paulson, Burton Richardson, Rick Young, Ron Balicki, etc are all renowned. Those doing Jeet Kune Do that do not seek out Dan Inosanto to extensively train with, you have to wonder why as he was the only one authorised to teach by Bruce Lee and actively doing it whilst he was alive and he trained with Bruce Lee the longest. Unless you know JKD inside & out, Dan will never certify you.

Regarding grappling, if you've never been on the mat with a BJJ Black Belt champion, renowned Judo expert, Sambo champion, etc - you'll never really know what works & what doesn't against them. Saying you will stop them grabbing you with strikes or finish them or if taken down you will strike and get to your feet is very naive indeed, many grapplers have ridiculous strength and welcome your strikes as they close on you, if they have to take some to get you down they are fine with it. You can quickly be in a position where you cannot strike effectively or escape and get to your feet - unless you get on the mat with an elite grappler you won't know these things. Many in Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun & other arts are living in fantasy land on how they defend against grapplers because they've never once trained and sparred all out with world class elite grapplers. All Dan Inosanto's Instructors are highly skilled in grappling and have trained with elite grapplers & some of Dan's people have competed in MMA, BJJ, etc. If you face anyone skilled in grappling on the street and all you have is original JKD or traditional Wing Chun or Tae Kwon Do etc then you have major problems, same if you face someone skilled in Filipino arts and they have a knife, etc.

Wrestling vs Wing Chun : It would be same for original JKD people that have never sparred and trained with elite world class grapplers.

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