David Fighter

February 2 2016 at 5:15 AM
Davey  (no login)

Response to Excellent comment, panttelis!!!


When someone has no videos of them free sparring full contact all out & never will post one.......when someone has never been on the mat with a single elite world class grappler (but claims they would just use footwork, strike, bite etc to get out positions or stop takedowns).......when any videos they do have available show dry land swimming drills or a dummy standing taking shots or launching weak attacks for them to counter.....when any videos show no real evidence of power........when they train only with their own guys and don't seek out elite level grapplers Sambo Wrestling BJJ etc to train with or knife experts or people that are experts in counter terrorism and actually dealt with war or terrorist situations etc - then that person may be good or a fighter but the evidence remains dubious. If you are trained by people like that fine, though you should seek out specialists and experts in other areas too! Training in one art just with your own guys can give you a false sense of security, and awareness of what works and what doesn't i.e. you can have your own guys pretend to be a boxer, grappler or attack with knife and you defend no problem against them but try it with elite level people champion BJJ Black Belts, pro boxers, etc and you will see the difference! Anyone advocating you shouldn't do that or it won't improve you,instead best just to train with your own guys in one art you should question or just go out and do it yourself.

Who thinks Carter Hargrave, Tommy Carruthers, George Dillman, Emil Martirossian, Ashida Kim, Frank Dux, etc are world class martial artist or great fighters outside of their own organisation? Very few! If any were they would be universally acknowledged as such. Their Instructors or students think they are great, though so do people in most organisations regarding their Instructors or Heads. None of their students or Instructors appear to be very good or renowned worldwide either. Go train with these people or anyone else but :

1) Don't think one person has all the answers or experience for any possible self defence or conflict scenario e.g.most Instructors haven't dealt directly with terrorism or are Counter Terrorism experts, most haven't been in actual war conflict. Seek out people that have been or have experience or skills one person doesn't,there can be no rational reason not to do so.

2) Don't be fooled from a nice demo someone is a great martial artist or fighter. Jackie Chan is more athletic and a better athlete and could put on a better demo than any of the afore mentioned, doesn't mean he is a great fighter or self protection expert though, he doesn't claim to be either. Especially don't be fooled by demos with people dummies standing around getting hit or launching weak attacks that are easily countered.

3) Be highly sceptical of people or arts claiming to show you how to defend against grapplers, how to prevent takedowns or what to do if taken down, etc that have never trained with a single world class elite grappler and actually sparred all out against one. Be even more sceptical if they haven't done so and go on about BJJ, MMA are sports, on the street it is different you can do this or that, yes and so can they!Against a high level grappler or wrestler you can get taken down very hard and put in positions really fast that you can't easily strike from,if you don't bother to train with elite grapplers & spar them you won't know that and think you can just strike or bite your way out anything or use your footwork to avoid takedowns. Training with elite grapplers raises your game of course it does, you may or may not meet an elite grappler in the street it could be one with just average skills you meet but by training & sparring with elite grapplers you will be much better prepared than just training with your own guys. Same for knife defence, etc.

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