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Updated Info about GAME

March 17 2016 at 9:19 PM
LJF  (Login LJF)

Time and effort have been spent in gathering precious info about BL’s GAME info for BL fans. Below is the compilation on the recent updates of the GAME info gathered from various HK movie personalities and individual that were connected to GAME:

1. Tony Liu: During an interview by HK famous director Clifton Ko Chi-Sum in 2013, Tony Liu confirmed he was approached by Bruce to play in GAME. In Feb 2016, he told HK BL researcher, C.F. Fung that Bruce summoned him for talks regarding GAME not long before his death. He was supposed to fight along Bruce. Unfortunately, Bruce passed away and he did not get a chance to shoot this movie.

2. Bee Chan: In Mar 2016, Bee Chan reiterated to C.F. Fung that he and the stuntmen (i.e. Yuan Wah, Wu Ngan, Lam Ching Ying etc.) played the Karatekas in GAME led by a strong and macho Karate leader (Bolo Yeung?). They shot the outdoor footage with Ji Han Jae, Hwang In-Shih and Inosanto in New Territory for a quite a no. of days and at different occasions. This outdoor footage was partly rehearsal and partly for actual GAME. Bruce was mostly behind the camera instructing them and also had appeared in front of the camera swinging nunchaku with Inosanto. He believes Unicorn Chan who was helping Bruce out in GAME, was to be offered a role as Bruce’s buddy or associate. Also, Bruce had arranged the outdoor crew team to fly to Korea to film the pagoda and snowy scene in late 1973. He also confirmed that Hwang In-Shih fly over to film the outdoor scenes not only with the stuntmen but also did some kicking sequences with Bruce Lee at the New Territory (not at the pagoda). However, this was not used in the final fim. Bee Chan said there were supposed to be a four or five-storey pagoda in which at the top of the pagoda was the treasure – A mirror, but Bruce had not really finalized the ending.

3. Yuen Wah: In an interview with the Chinese press in 2013, Yuen Wah said Bruce shot the interior Pagoda footage in GH studio and then the outdoor footage with the stuntmen and the guardians’ actors in New Territory for a couple of days. Bruce was very demanding as he was a perfectionist. He and the other stuntmen like Bee Chan, Lam Ching Ying, Wu Ngan etc. were supposed to be the Karatekas who were being thrown around by Ji so as to show his Hapkido’s prowess. Also, they were rehearsing for a fight sort of outside the pagoda as Bruce told them. There were supposed to be around 50 Karatekas trying to stop Bruce and his allies from entering the pagoda. All the Karatekas were killed by the group of 5 or 6 men (if includes locksmith portrays by Lee Kwan/ Li Kun) led by Bruce.

4. Nora Miao: In the Jul 2010 issue of the Chinese Hong Kong Films Magazine, Nora said after making 3 films with Bruce, she got a bit sick of making action films and went to Taiwan to make 2 romantic films before returning to HK in late 1972. She also rejected Bruce’s offer to film the Hollywood film “ETD” even though it would make her a major international star in Asia. In Nov 2015, she told HK historian Wong Y.K. that Bruce wanted her to play GAME but the film was never made due to Bruce’s untimely death. She was supposed to play an important role (probably the sister role) that was related to Bruce and some scenes were to be shot in Korea. She regretted that she was unable to play along Bruce again in GAME.

5. Betty Ting: In Jul 2014 and Jul 2015, Betty told TV host – Lu Yu and writer Yuan T.J. respectively that she was supposed to play Bruce’s wife or girlfriend in GAME as that’s what Bruce told her before his death. She said they were discussing about the script with Raymond Chow and 007 – Lazenby was to play something like a CIA agent in GAME and that he was going to help Bruce out. In GAME, Bruce was the unbeatable Asian martial arts champion. He saved her life as someone from the triad society threatened to kill her because she was his women. They were in the midst of revising the script and Bruce just coincidentally passed away. She said Chow took away the GAME notes and some Bruce’s working stuff from her apartment after Bruce’s death. But she did keep some discussion details in her diary/planner.

6. Angela Mao: In 2014, Angela told a Taiwanese BL fan that Bruce did not approach her to play in GAME. Bruce also did not mention that she was going to replace Master Ji Han Jae as the Guardian. Ji actually taught Angela Mao and Sammo Hung in a Hapkido’s crash course in Korea. In fact, Ji is a gold belt in Hapkido and is the President of Korea Hapkido Association etc. These titles are big selling points for GAME (even though his acting and fighting in GAME were not ideal as a new comer) and Angela thought Bruce would definitely make good use of his title to promote GAME just like he promoted WOTD by advertising Chuck Norris – the 7th time World Karate Champion.

8. Liang Si Ming: In Mar 2016, Liang replied to C. F. Fung regarding GAME’s inquiry. He said Ricky Chik knew GAME’s story better than him as he was only the assistant director. His teacher, Tadashi Nishimoto and him shot GAME roughly from the beginning of Sep to Nov or Dec. 1972 for about 2-3 months. There was an intermitten shooting because Bruce went to the U.S. to negotiate ETD. He remembered shooting GAME in studio A at GH. At one time, the crew and Bruce shot continuously for more than 10 days through days and nights. It was a hard job but it was a lot of fun to work with Bruce, the Asia’s biggest star then. Bruce who was very nice to all his subordinates. They also shot footage at New Territory for many days at different occasions. But he can’t recall the exact number of days. He said they should have shot at least 6-8 reels of footage with many outtakes but they have not completed shooting as Bruce left halfway to shoot ETD.

9. Wan Kam Leung: In an interview in 2011, Wan said he accompanied his sifu, Wong Shun Leung to do a screentest at GH for GAME. But later, his sifu was not willing to play the guardian role that would be killed by Bruce. Bruce also offered Wan a minor role but he never got a chance to play as Bruce passed away in Jul’73. Wan said he also witnessed the sparring between Bruce and Wong in the summer of 1973. It lasted about 4-5 minutes and both of Wong’s arms later were bruised. He said Bruce was real quick and powerful in his kicking and his skills and condition outclassed his Sifu. This dismissed Wong’s many earlier claims of 8-9 hours “talk-hand” cum discussion session with Bruce and that Bruce was not in good condition to take his blows etc. (Note: No disrespect to anyone but the fact is, this is one of the instances of the many so-called sifus who enjoy talking/exaggerate how they defeated or draw with Bruce after Bruce’s death but not while he was alive.)

10. Sammo Hung: In 2015, Jiro Chino, Japanese BL historian cum super BL fan said that Sammo Hung confirmed that he DID shoot Tung Lung (Kim Tai Jung) vs Hwang In-shik fight for ’78 GAME. But it did not make it to the final theatrical release. So the rumor of Hwang flew to HK to shoot the first floor pagoda scene of him vs Lee in GAME is actually the fight of Hwang against the BL’s double – Tung Lung in ’78 GAME.
This footage which is once kept in Fortune Star’s vault should be in Star China Media’s possession now. On the side note, Sammo said he prefers Casanova Wong and Hwang In-Shik’s Korean super kicking style than Tung Lung’s TKD. But the person he respects most is still Bruce Lee because “he is the true Chinese Hero that showed Chinese spirit to all over the world,” he said.

11. Robert Lee: In Jan 2016, Jiro Chino said Robert Lee told him that he has returned the b/w GAME video footage with Bruce, Jabbar and James Tien (promo cum photo session) as well as the footage of Bruce’s backyard training session with James Coburn and Jabbar (an hour or so uncut version) to Linda Lee. Robert also said that Dan Inosanto shot the rehearsal footage with Wu Ngan on the first day of his arrival to HK at Bruce’s Kowloon’s home garden. It runs about 12 minutes (Note: 2-3 minutes of the footage has been shown in youtube several years ago) Then, Bruce shot the outdoor GAME footage in New Territory (with his Sony video home camera) which runs about 30 minutes or so. In some footage, it shows Bruce in black pant swinging the nunchuck at Inosanto along with some other stuff. Robert said he no longer owns the above footage.

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