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Eunice Lam Remembers Bruce Lee (Pt.1 of 2)

April 9 2016 at 9:08 AM
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Eunice Lam Yin-Nei (31st January 1943 - ), better known as Peter Lee’s ex-wife and sister-in-law of Bruce Lee, is also a famous HK celebrity, columnist, renowned writer, tv/radio host, producer etc. Eunice graduated from the University of Berkeley (U.S.A.) with a Bachelor's Degree in Genetics and possesses a Master Degree in Chinese Literature from the University of Hong Kong.

Below is a translated article from her Cantonese interview in “Nam Dou Dai Pai Dong” (aka “Small Food Restaurant in Southern City”) in commemorating BL’s 40 anniversary. Eunice shares some rare stories of Bruce with the audience and provides a more human side of Bruce Lee solely from her perspective which is quite different from his widely known silver screen image.

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Part I:

1.1 The Bruce Lee connections
“I’ve never felt that I was Bruce’s sister-in-law all the while. Firstly, it was because he was older than me. Secondly, we have been friends for some years before I married his elder brother, Peter Lee. To me, he wasn’t a superstar but just an ordinary human being. From my perspective, he was a defiant, proud yet very hardworking guy with a never-say-die attitude. Also, Bruce was very kind hearted and liked to defend those weaker ones who had suffered injustice. When I first got to know him, I didn’t know that he was a child star in HK. In fact, I only saw his famous childhood movie, “The Orphan” on TV after his death. I think that was his best film. When I first knew him, he was a nobody who possessed nothing. In Seattle, he stayed in a small attic on top of Ruby Chow’s restaurant. I remembered there was a wooden dummy at the patio where he would keep practicing his Wing Chun by hitting it with his fists, yet his joints didn’t seem to be in pain.”

“Back then, Bruce didn’t even own a car and his pocket money was very limited. Yet he brought me for strolls, meals, movies and we got along very well. Of course, he talked a lot, I supposed a hundred times more than I did. No wonder those books which were published after his death, seem so familiar to me. I was surprised to see the texts in those books were exactly the words which he had said to me everyday.”

1.2 Meeting with the dragon
“I enrolled into the summer class in the University of Washington (note: circa 1961) and his brother, Lee Chung-Sam (Peter Lee) told Bruce to take good care of me (note: Bruce was in Seattle and Peter was in San Francisco then). I didn’t go there alone and I didn’t intend to go to Seattle initially. But the children of my mother’s good friend (one son and two daughters) planned to go to Seattle, so, I accompanied them. We rented an apartment. My mother was quite rest assured because those three siblings were well-behaved holly Christians.”

“After we had settled down in that rented apartment, someone knocked on the door one afternoon. I’ve forgotten who opened the door. Then, a guy stuck his head in from outside the door and glanced through the house. He then quickly introduced himself, ‘Hi! I’m Bruce Lee!’ After introducing to one another and chit-chatting for a while, Bruce brought me out.”

“He didn’t seem to have a sense of strangeness and started to joke as our conversation began. He jovially said, ‘I’m guessing how my brother’s girlfriend looks like? If she is ugly, I’ll immediately turn away and disappear. Anyway, you look okay!’ I thought to myself, What!? Of course, I look okay! Much better than you do. You think you look very handsome? Uhhh….’ At that time, Bruce’s face was full of tiny pimples.”

1.3 A great companion
“Bruce didn’t like to go back to Ruby Chow’s restaurant and thus, kept me strolling along the street. He would either joke or talked to me about martial arts. Upon reaching a big tree, he suddenly jump and kicked straight up at the leaves. ‘It’s child’s play to break a board. Board is stiff and someone would be holding it in a fixed position. So, it’s easy to break them. But look at those leaves; they are soft and swaying in the wind. They are variable. If I’m able to kick them down, then that’s really something!’ He kicked as he explained. During the meal at a Chinese cook house, I remember his favorite dish was fried beef with onions. He ate a lot and sweat profusely.”

“We then talked about movies. Frankly, I’d never seen a movie which he had mentioned to me. My family and I never watch Cantonese movies in HK, so, I knew nothing about his childhood stardom. This really annoyed him. I knew nothing at all because his elder brother, Chung-Sam (Peter Lee) had never mentioned anything to me about his movie star brother before. Thus, the first day I knew Bruce, he was just a nobody to me. I only found that he was a funny and ordinary youngster. Bruce and I hit off very well. You know, I’m not a person who usually got close very fast with a new friend but it seemed like I had known Bruce for a long time.”

“Bruce told me, ‘There’s an exhibition and I’ve a lady Japanese friend named Takemasu who is looking after a stall. If I bring you there, her face will turn sour.’ So, Bruce really brought me there and that Japanese lady’s face really became awful on the spot. Bruce was very proud then.”

“Bruce usually talked to me about martial arts, philosophy, girls but he never talk about his study. Therefore, if you want him to keep quiet, the best way is to talk to him about his study. This will definitely shut his mouth up.”

“Chung-Sam (Peter) seldom talked about Bruce. He only mentioned that Bruce was too mischievous and had angered some HK people who were ‘untouchable’ (triad society members). Hence, their mother, Grace Lee and father, Lee Hoi-Chuen hastily sent him to his birthplace – San Francisco in the U.S.

“As to how he got to Seattle, I’d no idea. He came to look for me everyday. I was most pleased to hang out with him since he was an active person and there’s no boredom at all. As I was required to attend a 2 hours French lesson only, therefore, I’ve plenty of free time.”

1.4 Dragon with a glib tongue
“As said earlier, the three friends who stayed with me were the children of my parents’ friends. I got along with the youngest girl very well. She has a second elder brother and an eldest sister. Her eldest sister disliked Bruce as she found him to be too frivolous. Her brother on the other hand, didn’t care much and had no opinions about Bruce. Sometimes, in order to let me go out with him, Bruce would curry favor with the eldest sister and kept sweet-talking to her. He would even sit besides her and discuss bible with her for an hour or two. Bruce was an eloquent fellow but when I saw him sitting down there obediently and talked to the eldest sister very religiously really made me laughed.”

“Bruce really had the ability to easily make friend with whom he liked. The strange thing is he worshipped his elder brother and would often ask me, ‘Among the guys you know, is my brother the most good looking? ‘Is my brother the most outstanding in his study?’ He would not let you give him a negative answer. In fact, both the brothers were only eleven months difference in their age which meant their age gap was very small.”

“Bruce once took me to his small room in the attic of the Ruby Chow’s restaurant. I didn’t find a single book or notebook in his room. As I’d only been to the U.S. for only half a year then and sometimes looked a bit silly and I had never asked Bruce whether he was studying in University of Washington or not. That was school’s summer vacation then and it wasn’t strange for someone not attending classes.”

“Gradually, I found Bruce to be a lonely person. Besides Taky Kimura who opened a grocery store, I didn’t see him hanging around with any male friend. He surely had girlfriends but not permanent ones, just flirting with them only. Not forgetting Bruce had received an order from his elder brother - Peter i.e. to look after his girlfriend - me during the summer vacation.”

1.5 The furious dragon
“One night, he brought me to a restaurant that played live music. I heard a familiar melody which reminded me about my ex-boyfriend who broke up with me in HK. I felt upset and tears began to roll in my eyes and I became very quiet then. Bruce saw and was very mad. He scolded me, ‘I brought you out here not to miss your ex-boyfriend in front of me!’ From the time I knew him, this was the first time I saw him fumed.”

“The second time he was outraged was because of another incident. One day, my three room mates and I found that the carpet in our rented apartment was old, worn and mold. Hence, we took the initiative to throw it away and put on a new one. However, when the landlord came to collect the rental and saw his old carpet had gone, he was very upset and reprimanded us. He yelled at us and demanded us to return his old carpet. But it had already been thrown away, there’s no way we could return him. He continued to threaten and insult us. Making a fuss for a long time and yet he didn’t want to stop. It looked like he was going to beat us up then.”

“Out of the four, three of us are girls and only the second brother is a guy. Nevertheless, he is a nice guy with a good nature and was almost scared to death by the big, rugged landlord. Desperately, I called Bruce up and told him we had been bullied by the landlord. In a short while, Bruce arrived with a gun in his hand. He stared at the landlord and his brows were drawn together in a frown. He not only scared the landlord out of hell but we were also traumatized by his act. What if he was impulsive and used his gun to kill the landlord? After seeing the gun, the landlord ran the hell out of the apartment as fast as he could. The bully was gone! It was almost evening then and Bruce hadn’t cool down yet. He grabbed the second brother’s collar and admonished him. He rebuked him as gutless, coward and not knowing how to protect girls. He reproached him while the timid second brother kept silence out of fear.”

“The eldest sister had cooked dinner for all of us. At the dinning table, the other two girls and I didn’t know what to do. Second brother was even more embarrassed. He is a rich man’s son who is a well-mannered boy and had never been scolded by anyone in his life before except Bruce. He remained very quiet. The five of us including Bruce, stared at the food on the table without speaking a single word. Quite a while later, Bruce took out a paper and wrote five letters on it: ‘T H I N K’. Then, he passed it over to second brother. Bruce knew he was too reckless just now. He used that as a form of apology to admit his mistake to second brother who accepted the paper with his trembling hands. Finally, we could have our dinner. I had only seen gun in the movie and this time round, someone really came with a gun and rescued us. It was really fun. That was really the immature thinking of a teenage girl then.”

1.6 Martial Arts’ Lone Ranger
”The summer vacation was 3 months and Bruce had to accompany me throughout the vacation. We talked a lot. He was a Kung Fu fanatic and told me many theories and ideas of martial arts. He said, ‘In those HK action movies, it’s ridiculous to see the actor holding the sword horizontally and exposed his chest widely as it would be vulnerable to attacks.’ ‘Come, clench your fist and let me see,’ he said to me. I did as he instructed. But he laughed at me and said, ‘Why do girls always put their thumbs inside their palms? You will break your thumb first if you were to hit somebody. Remember, put your thumb outside…yeah, that’s right. The distance of striking has to be close, punch from the center line, don’t throw the punch from an arc angle, that will be too slow….You’re not only using the strength from your hand but also, the force from the entire upper body…..’ Bruce also taught me how to kick but when I raised my leg, he would just hold unto it without letting it go. Then, I’d be standing on one leg, hopping slightly for quite a while before he released my leg. Sigh! I’ve really no martial arts talent and always disappoint him.”

“I think that Bruce was a ‘Lone Ranger’ in the path of martial arts in his whole life. He believed that Chinese martial arts shouldn’t be divided into different forms and schools and they would be more powerful once they are united and merged into one. He thought for days and nights and through countless researches, explorations and experimentations which later led him to finally found Jeet Kune Do. Think about it, in an exclusive martial arts circle where various schools do not accept one another, who else would accept Bruce? Even his original Wing Chun School may not be able to accept his revolutionary ideas. He just walked alone. There was only resistance but no encouragement in that path. It is hard to maintain his fortitude beliefs. Furthermore, he had no support from behind to back him up.”

1.7 Babysitting for 90 days
“Seeing each other everyday, we became ‘hardcore buddies.’ Bruce revealed to me almost everything about himself. He spoke in English more than Cantonese. He didn’t seem to have many Chinese friends. No, I should say he had no friends. I feel the one who treated him the best was his Japanese American friend (note: Taky Kimura) who was very reliable and trustworthy.”

“One day, Bruce and I went to a fun fair. He played the rings and darts’ throwing games and won a prize – a white plush toy doggy. He gave it as a gift to me. But I don’t like plush toy, therefore, I anyhow placed it in the living room. Second brother saw and took it as his pillow. He hugged it during his afternoon nap. Not long later, I received a letter from my mother. Its content was roughly about the eldest sister reporting to my mother about me hanging out with a ‘hooligan.’ I had not much reaction to it. Bruce was a bit arrogant sometimes but I thought he was a good chap. Imagine in my 90 days summer vacation, he had to look after me just like a babysitter, do you think it was an easy task?”

1.8 Cha Cha
“Bruce gave up teaching me martial arts. He borrowed a car from someone and taught me how to drive. When I turned left or right, he would tell me, ‘Stop the car! You’d damage other’s car by the way you drive. I’d teach you Cha Cha instead.’ He believed Cha Cha was one of his secret skills. One day, he carried a big water-melon (for quenching thirst during breaks) and brought me to an apartment where no one was around. He borrowed the apartment from someone else. After playing the music, he told me to pay attention and listen, ‘Hear that? Open the steps after the sound of the two drums.’ It was not difficult for me to dance but it’s strange to listen to the music so meticulously with the ears. He’s a person who liked to perform and show-off.”

“Once, there was a function which he was invited to perform Cha Cha. He got me to be his dancing partner. I picked the favorite skirt that my ex-HK boyfriend liked most. But Bruce hated that skirt most. ‘Is there anything else? This one doesn’t look good.’ I didn’t bring any suitable skirts to Seattle. Thus, whether he liked it or not, he still had to bear with it and let me wear that skirt.”

“Actually, that Cha Cha performance wasn’t that important and it lasted only several minutes (note: circa 1961 in Chinatown, at Ruby Chow’s husband – Ping Chow’s request; Eunice and Bruce’s names appeared in a local Chinese newspaper which carried report on that event). At that time, Bruce really had not many opportunities, so, when someone requested him to perform Cha Cha, he would be overjoyed. Sometimes, this iron man looked really pitiful. If he didn’t ask me, I definitely wouldn’t dance in this kind of event during interval.”

1.9 Women & sex
“I continued to stick around with Bruce. We became very good companions. One day, Bruce received a postcard and screamed for help. I asked him what happened. He showed me the postcard. There’s a sentence that says, ‘I’m not dead yet! –- Margaret.’ ‘Who’s she?’ I asked. ‘She’s the Cantonese movie star who is older than me….I lost my virginity to her…,’ Bruce replied. I was curious, ‘What?’ Bruce told me, ‘I was only 14,…you know at the studio one day, only she and me, she dragged me into a room and had sexual relationship with me.’ It seemed he had some female ‘sex tutors’ who were older than him. Talking about another lady actress who used to play weak female role in the movie, Bruce then told me another story, ‘At that time, I was only a young teen, sitting at the long sofa in her home, she said my shirt was too tightly buttoned that made her felt really uncomfortable. So, I took off my shirt. The next thing, you should know what happened…’ ”

“For women whom he just had a fling, Bruce would speak impudently. There was also a female star whom he liked initially but hated eventually. He would comment, ‘She was a slut, a public urinal, anyone could use it. No, I don’t want a public urinal.’ Towards his favorite lady, he would behave like a little boy. There was a lady who was like a dream goddess to him and once she kissed him gently. Bruce was over the moon and rushed to tell his elder brother about it. But there was no touching of hands or legs, nothing (body interaction) really happened. In fact, he would never force the girl whom he really liked and admired to have sexual relationship with him unwillingly. This is the typical Bruce Lee, if he wasn’t able to get his love ones, he would rather write poems, think of them bitterly and miss them from afar. Then, there was another young girl who hung out with Bruce for several months, wrote to him and told him that she enjoyed the ‘fun’ time with him. But Bruce seriously replied to her, ‘I don’t look it this way and I don’t find it ‘fun’ at all!’”

“Bruce was really good at telling stories. With him around, there was no boredom. I was in my late teen years and he was in his early 20s. So, he was more authoritative. I listened to all the stories between him and other women. I’d no special feeling about that. Anyway, I didn’t know who all those HK women or female stars were.”

“Bruce sometimes was a bit naïve. He always thought that he wouldn’t make women pregnant just because he had only one testis as the other one was hid in the intraperitoneal. He showed me to prove it. As a student studying Genetics, I found it to be very normal. I’ve a good knowledge about the human body. I told him with just one testis was enough to create millions of sperms and made a woman pregnant. Whether he believed it or not, I don’t care. As a matter of fact, the content of our chatting regarding this topic actually was not sexual or erotic at all. It really depends on what your mind are thinking. I’m a good listener and that’s why he told me a lot of his personal stuffs. However, I found him to be quite a self-centered person. He thought it was perfectly alright for him to say what he wanted to say but whatever you said which weren’t related to him, he wouldn’t be interested to know.”

1.10 Only respect virtuous ladies
“Once, Bruce brought me for double rounds movies, i.e. the patron with one ticket were allowed to watch four movies continuously from morning till evening. After the movies, Bruce suddenly recalled something and jumped up from his seat. ‘Oh no, I’d forgotten to pick someone up from the airport!’ Bruce told me he should have gone to the airport to pick up this lady who was two years his senior. Her family had a close tie with the Lee family. The worse thing was that he told that girl to fly from the East Coast to Seattle yet he had forgotten everything. It was getting dark and the girl was so pissed off that he flew to San Francisco.”

“Bruce knew where she would be at and thus, made numerous telephone calls over to apologise and seek her forgiveness. The girl was so exasperated that she couldn’t forgive him. It’s really hard to forgive as if you were to fly from the East Coast for five hours and then see no one to pick you up after waiting for a long, long time. You surely would be infuriated. Bruce was terribly sorry especially she was a virtuous lady. I gradually understood that although Bruce liked women but he really loved and respected virtuous ladies only.”

1.11 The prank master
“I’ve never seen Bruce working as a waiter in the restaurant before, yet he offered me to become a waitress for a night. He was good at playing pranks on others. I think his greatest joy was making fun of me. The waitress’ job was arranged by him. It was a Saturday. He picked the Cheongsam which he liked most from my cupboard and asked me to wear it to work. The restaurant boss (note: Ruby Chow) saw me and thought I looked presentable, hence, she ordered me to attend to the customers inside a room. She told me to try and persuade the customers to place more orders but the customers didn’t want to order the expensive dishes on the menu. I was a greenhorn and had no experience in dealing with that kind of situation. Then, I glanced and saw that damn Bruce sat right on a chair, laying on the back rest and stretching his legs out and he was laughing at me. I was clumsy in holding the plates, bowls and pouring the soy sauce. Bruce watched me all the way for several hours as if he was watching a comedy and he kept laughing every now and then. The boss was unhappy as the customers had spent too little. I got my hourly pay in the end but I’d forgotten how much I received. It surely wasn’t much. This was the only time that I worked as a waitress in my whole life and thanked to Bruce for his kind recommendation.’”

“One day, Bruce drove a car to pick me up. After driving for a while, he said, ‘I’m not feeling so hot!’ I replied, ‘Yeah, today isn’t that hot.’ Suddenly, he couldn’t stop laughing and said, ‘I mean I’m not feeling too well today, who’s talking to you about the weather?’ After teasing me for not understanding that idiom, he looked as if he was feeling much better. So, we continued our journey. Not long later, he seriously glanced at my skirt and said, ‘Eunice, your skirt is stained.’ I turned to look on my left and then right side of my skirt but couldn’t find any trace of stains. Bruce said, ‘It’s right in the middle of your skirt, you couldn’t see it.’ But I wore a clean skirt that day, how could it be dirty? I wondered. He said, ‘You see, my friend vomited in the car last night and I haven’t clean it, yet you just sat right onto that spot!’ My goodness, he meant there’re remains of vomitus on the seat. I felt really disgusted. He stopped the car at a petrol station. I got up from my seat and was astonished to find something that looked like a lump of nauseating vomitus that stuck onto the seat. Bruce told me, ‘You better go to the washroom at this petrol station and wash the stains off your skirt quickly. I’ll clean the seat.’ Without further delay, I dashed into the station’s washroom. I looked at the mirror to check the left and right sides of my skirt, and then took off my entire skirt to have a clearer look but there wasn’t any stain on it. I was baffled and returned to the car. There, I saw Bruce laughing aloud and in his hand was the plastic vomitus prop that looked like the food residue. He successfully played prank on me again. I was so mad at him that I held my fist and punched him as hard as I could. He held his chest, pretended to be in pain and cried, ‘Oh…it’s so~so painful!....Haha, how you wish, hahaha,… the punch was not good enough even for a massage.’ His body was hard like a rock and I held my hand in pain.”

“Apart from that mischievous act from Bruce, we had an enjoyable car ride and as the night fell, he drove me home. On the way back, I suddenly told Bruce, ‘I want to fire a gun.’ I knew he carried a gun with him. But he asked me, ‘Have you fire before?’ ‘No, but I want to try,’ I said. He then stopped the car, passed me a gun and told me, ‘Now, hold the gun, stretched your hand outside the window and open fire to the sky. But I warn you, it’s not fun if you kill anyone.’ I took the gun and just fired a shot at the sky. ‘BANG!’ It was quiet at night then. We didn’t expect the gunshot to be as loud as an explosion of a cannonball. ‘Hurry! Let’s get out of here!’ After telling me, Bruce quickly stepped onto the accelerator and sped off the car to another place. Actually, the street where I opened fire just now was at a residential area. I wasn’t an adult yet, so, if anyone were to call the police, Bruce and I would be in trouble.”

1.12 His sentimental side
“Bruce told me about his dream. Besides martial arts, he couldn’t forget about making movies. I always listen to his words attentively. When he didn’t move about, he’s real gentle. Unfortunately, most of his Kung Fu films were filled with plenty of actions and yelling. Thus, the audience didn’t get a chance to watch his quiet side. The words - ‘Kung Fu’ were introduced to the world by Bruce. Kung Fu and Bruce had since become conjoined twins. Back then, his future was unclear and he looked very weary. He once told me, ‘You know, sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would wake up and sit on the bed and cry my heart out.’ I was really surprised to hear that. Who said man doesn’t shed tears? Indeed, Bruce was quite a sentimental person.”

“Moreover, I found that he was a gentle but not euphemistic person. One afternoon, he came to my apartment and only I was around as all my roommates had gone out. It was very warm and he took off his shirt and squat on the floor. I didn’t know what he was thinking. When I saw there were many pimples on his back, I playfully used my hand to touch them. He impatiently said, ‘What’s this? You wanna touch? Then press harder, please. Your touch is like ‘reaching my larynx but not my lung’ (Cantonese words, meaning too mild), really ridiculous! I stopped and didn’t go on any further. It’s true that I’m a bit ridiculous as I just wanted to poke his pimples for fun only.”

Days passed by. I had a very pleasurable and arbitrary summer vacation. Besides his wife, Linda, I think I was the only one who had such a long and innocent time with the pre-famous Bruce Lee. After the summer vacation class ended, I scored an ‘A’ for my French. Bruce intended to study Mandarin but quitted after a lesson. He was unable to pronounce the word “Re” (meaning Hot) in Mandarin. He curled his tongue and tried to pronounce, ‘e….e…what the hell! No more of this shit!’ He cursed and said.”

1.13 From Seattle to San Francisco
“Finally, the three roommates (siblings) had moved out from our rented apartment and Bruce made a funny face at me and said, ‘They’re moving out, I’m moving in!’ I said, ‘No way!’ I wouldn’t let him move in and play pranks on me all the time. Soon later, I was going to San Francisco to further my study. The flight from Seattle to San Francisco takes about 2 hours. ‘No flying,’ Bruce shook his head and said, ‘I’ll drive you there.’ Okay, I could sight-seeing along the way. However, a car ride from Seattle to San Francisco takes more than 30 hours. I didn’t know where he got a small car from but the car owner stated a condition, i.e.: Need to bring along another passenger who was a middle-age woman to San Francisco.”

“Bruce and I sat in the front seats while the middle-age woman at the back. Driving wasn’t as pleasant as I thought because it was like bathing under the hot sun during the day. When the night fell, Bruce took the wrong road and drove the car up to the hunting area of a hill in Oregon. We didn’t check into any hotel but stayed in the car from morning till night. Bruce became frustrated when he lost his way. I didn’t know how to drive neither did the women at the back. Bruce was the only one who drove from the beginning of the journey to the end. Not to mention about transpassing the states and cities, but sitting in the car for the whole day was really uncomfortable and almost intolerable. As the hot sun rose the next morning, we were heated like roasted dried fishes. In those several dozens hours of journey, the three of us didn’t talk much because the feeling was really unpleasant as we felt like the sardine fish in the can. No, more appropriately, it was like putting the whole can of sardine fish in an oven. At that time, I knew man would easily get frustrated and irritable during the long haul drive.”

“Ultimately, San Francisco was in sight. After passing by my beloved Harbour Bridge, we would be reaching our destination. Most people like Golden Gate Bridge, yet I love Harbour Bridge. It wasn’t straight but it’s a S shape slanting upwards. The sky appeared to be pinkish red during sunset and I felt our car was as if travelling towards the heaven. ‘Oh, no!’ Bruce suddenly shouted while driving passed the bridge. I asked him, ‘What’s the matter?’ He said, ‘One of my contact lens has fallen out!’ He’s a big short-sighted owl. ‘I’ll help you find it,’ I said. ‘No, you can’t find it,’ he said. As the car couldn’t pause at the bridge, he had no choice but to continue driving with an eye.”

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