Eunice Lam Remembers Bruce Lee (Pt.2 of 2)

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Part II:

2.1 Enter Chung-Sam (Peter Lee)
“We put the middle-age women down somewhere and then proceeded to Auntie Sing’s house. Auntie Sing was a friend of Bruce’s mother, Grace Lee. She was a local Chinese who always welcome all her friend’s children to stay at her house and served them with great hospitality. Chung-Sam (Peter) stayed there before his school commenced. Chung-Sam (Peter) welcome me with high spirit while Bruce was liked a frustrated rooster. He then told me, ‘I’m starting a Cha Cha class in San Francisco. My friends have made all the necessary arrangement. Tomorrow night, the class will be full. All the people will be rushing to learn from me.’ He proudly looked up with full confidence.”

“To welcome me, Chung-Sam (Peter) had booked a two person’s dinner at the Fair Mont Hotel in Nab Hill. It was the most expensive place at that time. Bruce didn’t get a chance to go there. But he borrowed a Tuxedo suit from Peter and wore it. When Peter and I passed by the block of every street, Bruce would always stuck his head out from the corner suddenly and said, ‘Hi!!!’ He walked very fast and would be ahead of a street before us. Peter said, ‘Hey, Bruce! What’re you doing? Stop fooling around!’ Bruce didn’t care and said, ‘This Tuxedo is mine, mine!!’ Peter couldn’t stop his roguish acts and let him carried on impishly. I was laughing inside my heart each time I saw his sudden and funny appearance out from the blocks.”

“The next day was Bruce’s big day. In the evening, Bruce, me and a few friends walked into the classroom where Bruce was supposed to conduct the Cha Cha lesson. We thought we had gone to the wrong place when we stepped into the classroom. There wasn’t any notice on the wall; the chairs and desks were all stacked up messily and the classroom was in total darkness, there weren’t any lights; not a single student show up or any person-in-charge could be found. We took a second look and were sure that we didn’t go to the wrong place. It’s the right one. After waiting for about fifteen or twenty minutes, there still wasn’t a single soul to tell us what really happened to the Cha Cha class. Bruce stood there very calmly. Suddenly, he said, ‘Let’s go, no class today.’ I didn’t know what to say to console him. Like the rest, I really wanted to know what’s going on. On the way home, Bruce was very quiet and I could tell that this was a big blow to him and he was deeply affected by this incident.”

“My school soon started and I felt my time was really not enough. I attended classes in the morning, went to the lab for experiments in the afternoon and practiced dancing at night. I really had a hard time juggling all these activities and didn’t know how to fork out time to do my homework. Chung-Sam (Peter) and Bruce would call me often. One night, I picked up Chung-Sam’s (Peter) phone call. I was very please to chit-chat with him. But after exchanging a few words, I heard laughter – ‘hahahaha…’ over the other end of the phone. ‘Hey, you’re so happy to hear my brother’s voice! It’s me, Bruce!’ The voice of these two brothers sound alike and Bruce had made use of this advantage to pretend to be his elder brother. He could mimic many personalities each time he called. Sometimes, he would imitate an old uncle with a ‘Tai-Shan’ (a kind of Chinese dialect) accent; sometimes, he would impersonate his friend to pass on a message. His voice impersonation was so good that I was fooled by him almost every time.

2.2 Jealous over Bruce’s blonde girlfriend
“Easter day (note: circa 1963) was a long holiday. Bruce hoped that I could go to Seattle and meet him. He told me frankly, ‘Well, I only have enough money to buy you a one-way ticket. Is it alright for you to pay for the return ticket yourself? ‘No problem!’ I told him and flew there later. He promised that he would come and pick me up at the airport. Nonetheless, I didn’t see a single soul when I reached the Seattle airport. I stood there for an hour and he didn’t show up. I knew he had moved his house. I called his number but no one picked up the phone. I was very anxious and even more enraged. If I left the airport, who should I look for? Suddenly, I got an idea. I remembered his Japanese friend’s (note: Taky Kimura) number and called his grocery store. His friend said to me, ‘Come to the grocery store, I’ll help you to look for him.”

“When I reached the grocery store, that ‘son of the gun’ was nowhere to be found. I asked his friend, ‘Where’s Bruce?’ He said with assurance, ‘Don’t worry, he’ll be here in just a moment.’ Judging by his look, he should know where Bruce was from the time he received my call. I suddenly recalled the day when Bruce and I were watching movie together and consequently, he had missed picking somebody up from the airport. The same thing happened again but this time round, he missed picking me up from the airport. I knew what’s going on. He must be busy dating a lady and thus, forgot to pick me up. I became infuriated when I thought of this. Half an hour later, Bruce came with a bright, wide smile. My face was totally sour, of course. He drove me to his new house. That wasn’t a single storey house but a spacious garage house instead. He told me he taught lesson at the front and lived at the back.”

“Entering his bedroom, I abruptly saw a female round-shape needle box on the bed. It was as big as a one pound cake. ‘Bruce, this isn’t yours? Is it?’ I asked him. ‘Oh, probably my friend has left it behind.’ He replied. He couldn’t even know how to lie. Why would a girl carry such a big needle box to a guy’s house? Unless she was helping him to mend his shirts and pants everyday. She should have frequent his house and so, leaving it behind. Yet, my dear friend had forgotten to put this needle box away while tidying his bed. Men would never clear the things which they think of no significance. I was fed up with him and didn’t bother to talk to him the entire day.”

“The next day, after his martial arts lessons, he called a female student with short blonde hair to come over. ‘She’s a very nice girl.’ Bruce told me. Then he said to her, ‘Linda, please demonstrate the monkey fist to us.’ She performed it gracefully with an innocent smile over her face. ‘She’s only seventeen, very obedient.’ Bruce told me after she left. Indeed, the girls in Seattle obviously are simpler as compared to the young girls in HK. She would do whatever was told. My anger still hadn’t subsided yet, so, the next night, I nagged at him that I wanted to leave. He was partially baffled and partially pleading me, ‘I feel upset the way you treat me. I’ve brought you out for meal and treated you with warm hospitality, didn’t I?’ Whatever he said. Why should I stayed at his place and see that ‘eyesore’ - needle box? The very next morning, I was gone. I didn’t mean to have a fall out with him, but I just didn’t want to stay. I could tell that he was very unhappy. Serve him right!”

2.3 Summer vacation in HK (circa 1963)
“Our friendship remained unchanged. He liked to write letter. His handwriting looked very gentle, just like a lady’s handwriting. He used to tell me about his disappointments and frustrations. He knew that I would definitely support him and cheer him up. Sometimes, he would draw his new haircut in his letter and showed it to me. Once, he told me he would be returning to HK to make a movie during the summer vacation. Bruce really returned to HK that summer so did I. However, his father and his old acquaintances couldn’t help Bruce out much as most of them had retired from the film industry. He was unable to get through the coded door. That wasn’t the time for knocking the door, you ought to know the Sesame’s password in order to open the door.”

”Sometimes, Bruce would come to my house and initially, I was worried that my father wouldn’t welcome him. But there was no problem at all. Bruce not only cracked plenty of jokes but he was very good at imitating a running gorilla. He truly knew how to please my parents. My parents were only in their early 40s then and were still as playful as children. My father liked western humour particularly. Bruce spoke English with my father and both got along very well. I didn’t mean to scorn at Chinese but Bruce’s Chinese in fact, was a hundred times better than my father. Moreover, there’s no sense of humour in China, so, cracking jokes in English was simply like a great liberation to us. Once, Bruce told me, ‘Your parents seem to like me very much and I think I’m fully qualified to be the son-in-law of the Lam’s family. But, whether I want you is still another matter.’ I wasn’t angry at all as I knew he was joking.”

“In addition, both Peter and Bruce had been to our house together quite often. I remember once, my father who was still in his prime years then, took on the two brothers one after another in arm-wrestling. My mother took out her camera and snapped their photos while they arm-wrestled. Both the brothers played cheat as they used their right hand to wrestle with my father while their left hands were gripping to the edge of the table to generate more force. My mother took many photos where the brothers were caught playing cheat. The photos are still in my parents’ family photo album. My mother refused to tear (take) down these photos which she had arranged very nicely in the album. Every time while recalling the past, my parents would sigh at the untimely passing of Bruce.”

2.4 Dragon whips its tail – beat up four ruffians
“I always feel that my parents were truly a pair made in heaven. My father was a charming gentleman and my mother was a graceful and shapely-figure beauty. It was pleasant to see this pair going out at night holding hands in hands. One night, they went for dinner and dance at the ‘Eagle Nest’ in the Hilton Hotel located at HK Island. That was the most ‘In’ and luxurious place back then. They brought me and Bruce along too. Bruce was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He wore a new black formal suit with a shimmering purple shirt inside. After dinner, he was able to perform his unique Cha Cha’s dragon footsteps and moved with great flexibility and mobility, and became the center of attraction in the dance hall there. It was very sensational! Later, my parents were tired and so, went home early, leaving Bruce and I to continue enjoying ourselves. We left the hotel before midnight.”

“It was a bit warm then. So, Bruce took off his coat and hung it over his shoulder, and revealed his purple shirt which was real striking. He strolled with me before we boarded the ferry that was taking us back to Kowloon. On the ferry, Bruce’s dazzling purple shirt attracted the attention of four young ruffians (most HK young males didn’t wear such bright color shirts in those days). They teased him and said many foul languages. Bruce returned with a smile and told them to better shut their mouth otherwise they would be in trouble later. But they continued laughing, teasing and insulting Bruce. When the ferry reached the Star Ferry Pier at Kowloon, the four ruffians alighted first and waited for us near the flagpole at a corner of the pier. I was panicked when I saw the fierce looking ruffians surrounded us when we approached them. I looked up at Bruce and saw him standing coolly in a very relaxed and composed position. It looked as if he was not moving but when I turned my head, I heard screaming and to my bewilderment, I saw all the ruffians had fallen to the ground, lying in pain and one of them was trying to crawl for his life. Bruce smiled at me and said, ‘Just treat them with my sweep kick!’ I then realized that in a nick of time, Bruce had already launched the attack at the ruffians with his superfast kicking. I’ve repeated this incident which I witnessed personally many times and people would always ask, ‘Was Bruce really that fast?’ I responded, ‘What do you think?’”

2.5 More than just a friend
“Sometimes, Bruce would be very sensitive just like girls. After not seeing each other for two weeks, I gave him a call. Bruce picked up and sounded unpleased and then complained to me, ‘It’s already two weeks! You know? You’ve not call me for two weeks!!’ ‘So? What’s so unusual? You already know long time ago that I’m not a person who likes to make phone calls,’ I told him forthrightly. Bruce said, ‘Do you know that I’m ill.’ I replied, ‘How would I know if you don’t say so?’ I was really unable to understand his logic behind that complaint. My goodness, two weeks already, he kept counting the number of days. Okay, I then personally paid him a visit at his house days later. By then, he had almost recovered from his sickness. When I went to the washroom, suddenly I saw someone trying to slip a very tiny folded paper through the crevice in the door to me. I knew it was Bruce. I took a glance at the folded paper and put it into my purse. But I couldn’t be staying in the washroom for half a day, so, I got out from there and initially planned to go home to read what he wrote to me. I knew it was a poem as he loved to express his feelings and emotions through poetry.”

“All of a sudden, I remembered a good place for chatting and I wanted to bring Bruce there. It was near CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong). ‘What for?’ he asked. I told him, ‘There’s a flinty beach not far from the CUHK campus but there’re many crushed stones. I knew of a good spot – a patch of grass ground that could accommodate the sitting of two persons comfortably. You bring a ground mat along with you.’ Some of my ex-middle schoolmates had pursued their study at CUHK. We were separated for a year and a half but still staying in touch then. My ex-boyfriend was from that university. He used to bring me there and sitting together to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Those scenes still remained in my memory. Bruce followed me there. However, I was bad in direction and didn’t know whether I had gone to the wrong place. We reached the flinty beach and there were a lot of crushed stones but nowhere of the comfortable sittings could be found. ‘This is it?’ Bruce asked and trying to place the woolen ground mat here and there without success. He cursed, ‘You came to this awful place for dating? What’s so good about the sittings? What’s so great about the scenery? It’s so horrible!’ I felt sorry as instead of revisiting my old dreams, we landed up in such a miserable state. We had no choice but to leave the place.”

“Bruce started the car engine and I asked, ‘Where’re we going now?’ He said, ‘Sending you home.’ ‘No, I don’t want to go home. I want to go for a yacht ride at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.’ Bruce made a U-turn and drove the car for a while without saying a word. I asked, ‘Where’re you bringing me to?’ He seriously replied, ‘Sending you back…..’ ‘No!’ I protested. ‘……back to Typhoon Shelter,’ he smiled at me roguishly. I was happy and returned with a smile. We were out to the sea soon. Lying on the yacht wasn’t very comfortable for me but Bruce did feel at ease and started to talk about his plans on film making. He also explained to me about how martial arts and philosophy complement each other. While pausing for a breath, he used his fingers to touch my long eye lashes. ‘Hey, Bruce! They’re real, stop pulling!’ I yelled to him and blinked my eyes. He kept on laughing and laughing.” That’s the jovial Bruce I knew.

2.6 Returned to the U.S.
“Vacation was about to be over and Bruce was about to leave for Seattle. There wasn’t any news in HK. I didn’t understand why the HK film companies didn’t want to give him a chance. But, I firmly believe he would succeed one day. After departed from HK for several days, I received a letter from him. He wrote a Chinese poem to me, titled ‘The Sea and The Moon.’ It was well written and was mailed out from the San Francisco Airport. At the end of August, I needed to go back to the U.S. to continue my study. The summer vacation for the schools in the U.S. is very long, i.e. from May to the end of August. After returning to the U.S., I still do not know where to stay. The school hostel was full and there wasn’t any vacancy. Anyway, I used to look up for the apartment rental ads and co-rental info on the campus’ notice-board. If it’s co-rental, the female students might not know each other. It’s like living a little Gypsies’ life. Choosing the mentor/tutor also need to be fast otherwise you’d be left empty-handed. The dateline was only one day. This kind of training actually was pretty good as it helped to train a youngster to think and act independently.”

“During the lunar year, Auntie Sing gave everyone of us a red packet that contained 20 U.S. dollars. She passed the red packet intended for Bruce to me and told me to pass it to him since he wasn’t in San Francisco. I called Bruce and told him his red packet was with me. ‘Hand it over to me then,’ he said. ‘What if I don’t?’ I said. ‘Then, I’ll tell Auntie Sing that you took my red packet,’ he said. We were kidding. I later mailed it to him. Twenty bucks might really mean something to him as I thought he might be running short of money then.”

2.7 Bruce in Oakland
“Not long later, Bruce moved to Oakland and stayed with James Lee’s family. James was also a martial arts practitioner. He and his wife were real nice persons. I’d been to their house. Once, I needed to take a shower at their house. After shower and dressed up, Bruce came into the shower room and wasn’t very pleased. ‘Why did you splash the water all over the place? It’s not good.’ Bruce took a cloth and wiped the floor while telling me that. He was busy wiping but didn’t ask me to help. Do you believe that Bruce would help other people to wipe the floor? Yes, he did. At my own house in HK, I’d never pay attention as to whether the water had been splashed all over the place after my shower because I had my maid to clean up everything. Bruce was the first person to remind me of such thing. I felt sorry for making him to help me wipe the floor that time.”

“After sometimes, Bruce still stayed in James’ house but I didn’t know what he was doing over there. Sometimes, they would come to Berkeley to visit me. There was once a grand ball party and I invited Bruce and James over. They gladly accepted the invitation. During that party, my male partner and I all wore very well so did the rest. However, Bruce and James just came in their casual clothes and felt a bit not fit in with the rest of the guests. I’d forgotten to tell them the dress code for the party and both of them felt awkward and embarrassed. After hovering for nearly half an hour, Bruce didn’t ask me for dance but he told me, ‘I didn’t know you already have a dance partner, I thought you asked me to come here is for….I’m not staying, I’m leaving!’ I didn’t stop him because I couldn’t leave my male partner alone just to entertain Bruce. I saw Bruce felt quite upset at the time of leaving and this made me felt very bad. But that bad feeling only lasted for a while, I’d forgotten about everything once having fun with so many schoolmates. After the party, I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn’t have asked him to come. I didn’t know what he was thinking and what I was thinking were different. He wanted to be the center of attraction but I just wanted to invite him for some fun.”

2.8 A dejected dragon
“This reminded me of an incident that happened during our last summer vacation in HK. One evening, my parents brought me and Bruce to a country club for dinner. The sky wasn’t dark yet and Bruce and I were strolling along the big grass lawn near the beach. Suddenly, Bruce saw the former HK movie actress, Christine Pai Lu-Ming who had then been married to a big lawyer. Bruce told me, ‘We’ve played in the movies before (note: ‘The Wise Guys Who Fool Around - 1956’), she should be able to recognized me. Bruce bluntly went over and wanted to say ‘Hi’ to her but Christine Pai didn’t even bother to glance at him and she just walked past him. Maybe she really didn’t take notice of him. But Bruce was feeling terrible. Of course, if he was the renowned superstar Bruce Lee that night, I think even blind man would be aware of him.”

2.9 Bruce got married
One evening (circa 1964), I received a call from Bruce and he said, ‘I’m getting married.’ I wasn’t surprised and asked, ‘With whom?’ ‘Linda. She’s pregnant,’ he replied and continued, ‘Wow! You know, her mother ticked me off as Linda was not able to continue her college…’ ‘Then, you better be a good husband!’ I told him. ‘Hey, this isn’t nice for you to say that,’ he protested. ‘Okay, then have some fun!’ I said. ‘That’s more like it,’ he giggled. I didn’t have much feeling about it since I wasn’t even twenty at that time and marriage to me was like an U.F.O. then.”

“I neither feel happy nor unhappy for an old friend who had just got married. Never did I expect Linda and him to abide their marriage vow and were together until his untimely death. After having a family, Bruce continued teaching martial arts for a living. Soon, Linda who was pregnant came to stay in James’s house too. I couldn’t imagine Bruce’s feeling of dependent and living under the shelter of someone else. But it didn’t affect his ambitious mind. We didn’t see each other as often as before but we still kept in touch through phone calls. He didn’t feel demoralized or depressed under whatever circumstances. Those were the difficult times and I really admired his fighting spirit and never give up attitude.”

One day, Bruce called me and told me that James’ wife had passed on. I met his wife before and I remembered she looked quite healthy and pleasant then. Never did I expect she just left abruptly like that. I asked Bruce, ‘Did she pass away peacefully?’ ‘Hmm…, no. It’s real dreadful but don’t ask me to describe, I don’t want to say.’ ”

2.10 Brandon was born
“Time really flies, I did not really look at the dates on the calendar and it seemed like I’d just torn away another sheet as a new month had arrived. It’s already a few days after the new month. Brandon was born. Bruce sent me a photo of him holding the little hand of Brandon who was learning to walk. He had become a father and was full of joy. It seemed fated that Bruce had to return to the U.S., his birthplace, in 1959 to claim his American citizenship otherwise he wouldn't meet and married Linda, the blonde hair girl from Seattle and then had the cute Brandon later in 1965. I found Bruce to have became a more matured and responsible man after having a family. Yet, he was still the same old Bruce that I had known years ago. ”

2.11 The real Bruce that I knew
“I used to call him Bruce and he would only call me Eunice. For writing convenience, I would write Lee Siu Loong, Siu Loong, Loong but those were not the names that I used to call him. In fact, his elder brother only addressed him as Bruce.”

“Bruce had no problem with his Chinese. He could read and write Chinese. He also had a deep affection for his Chinese nation. His mother, Grace Ho Oi-Yi was the daughter of Ho Kam-Tong, a wealthy and famous HK businessman cum philanthropist. Nevertheless, both the brothers had seldom mentioned about their mother’s background. Bruce’s mother was a Eurasian and only wrote letters in English. Why did Bruce insist that he was a Chinese? This got to do with martial arts and Chinese philosophy. He was able to merge martial arts and philosophy into one, I wouldn’t want to talk further about his theories, just get his books and you’ll be able to read them.”

“I knew him since his younger days and I’d seen his true personality during that period of time. If ‘The Legend of Bruce Lee’ were to be shot, the most exhilarating story about Bruce wasn’t the last few years where he gained superstardom in HK, instead it was those early years where he was striving diligently towards his success.”

“On the silver screen and through countless photos, most people see a Bruce Lee that was filled with energy, power, enmity and feud. As for me, I’ve seen his frustration and dejection, his naughtiness and passion. This was the real Bruce with blood and flesh. He walked alone in the path that filled with lots of obstacles. He was left in the cold, faced with many failures until his heart was bleeding. But he never give up, never slack off or idle. Bruce overcame the dark moments in his life and continued to be alive and kicking. He practiced martial arts daily and believed he was the best. He never grumbled nor doubted life too much. These two special traits enormously helped him to walk his way steadfastly. For a young man who pursued his dream but was stuck in the dilemma and was unable to break away, except for sincere friendship, what else could I give him?”

2.12 His poetry I
“Besides martial arts and philosophy, Bruce loved writing letters and was a person with extreme sensibility. Sometimes, he would write poetry for his friends. It doesn’t matter whether they are poems, short essay or lyrics, most importantly, is to remember the other sides of Bruce. Below is a rare Chinese poem (translated), titled, ‘The moon and the sea,’ that he wrote me and it had never been published before:

‘Meeting each other in silence,
Just waiting to call out gently from within,
Until the quietness condensate,
For fear that others might notice;

Tonight, the moon above the sea
Shimmers like gleaming silver,
And the promise of love
Are witnessed by the heaven and earth;

Please don’t hurried to wake up from this good dream,
Yet the ruthless water has to flow to the west,
And the beautiful scenery beneath the eyes are slipping away,
It’s time to part again;

The remains of the fragrance
Stay around after this parting,
Maybe fresh greenery
Will surround again the next time;

Disbelieving fate will continue in three lifetimes,
So, lower the heads
To say take care and goodbye,
Hopefully, there would be a happy reunion soon;

While there is sorrow today,
There is sweetness in togetherness too,
Yet who really knows
The bitterness of parting?’

“As Bruce was a sensible person, this work reveals the inner side of him. Don’t be surprised that he wrote it in Chinese. Although he usually wrote letters and poetry in English but that didn’t mean he couldn’t write Chinese. In fact, Chinese culture and philosophy influenced him greatly. Bruce was proud to be a Chinese as he often told his friends and associates. Perhaps under the influence of his father who was a famous Cantonese Opera actor, he used to listen to Cantonese Opera songs lyrics since young and thus, became so familiar that he could recite them easily. I also wasn’t aware that he had read the first part of Nalan’s poem, ‘Tonight the moon above the sea shimmers like silver; And the promise of love are witnessed by the heaven and earth’ as well as ‘And the beautiful scenery beneath the eyes are slipping away’ which were all adapted from the number one poet, Nalan Sing-Tek of the Ching dynasty. It doesn’t matter where those words were originated from but the main thing is Bruce sincerely expressed his feelings from the bottom of his heart. He wasn’t a litterateur, yet he knew how to combine words from his memory and his creativity bank to express his true feelings and touch the hearts of the readers.”

2.12 His poetry II
“The Chinese poems which Bruce wrote always filled with a feeling of melancholy so did many of his English poems. They’re rather dark – reflecting the deeper, less exposed recesses of the human psyche. These poems reflect another side of Bruce: the sensitive soul, calling out for understanding, love and companionship. Unlike his poetry, the martial arts materials which he wrote on the contrary, are very inspirational and positive. I remember there was a similar poem which he wrote in English but personally, I thought has different depth and appeal as his Chinese poem. Below is the one titled ‘Rain’ adapted from his book – ‘Artist of Life’:

Black clouds,
Fallen blossoms and pale moon,
The hurried flights of birds
The arrival of lonely Autumn
The time for us to part.

The cloud above are floating across the sky
Swiftly, swiftly passing,
Or blending together.

Much has been said, yet we have not
Come to the end of our feelings.
Long must be this parting, and
Remember, remember that all
My thoughts have always been of you.

The good time will probably never come back again.
In a moment – our parting will be over.
When days are short and dull nights long

Read this poem I leave you, read it
When the silence of the world possesses you,
Or when you are fretted with disquiet.
Long must be this parting, and
Remember, remember that all
My thoughts have always been with you.’

2.13 Dragon forever
“Bruce not only practiced martial arts but also read a library of books and thus, possessed great wisdoms. He used to tell me many of his philosophies frequently which many could be found in the books published after his death. I remembered he once said, ‘A man built a bamboo raft to cross the river, but after crossing the river, he abandoned the raft. He must let it go as it would be a burden to carry the heavy raft on his back and walk on.’ This quote is similar to a chapter in the ancient Buddhist scripture – ‘Kam Gung Sutra’ – “Abandon the raft upon crossing the river; Dhama’s way is to discard while Evil’s way is to retain…’ Another well-known philosophical quote which he often said to me is, ‘Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite--there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void is filled with life and power and the love of all beings.’ – Tao of JKD.”

“Many people have asked me, ‘If Bruce is still alive, would he accept a younger and more renowned martial arts star?’ My personal view is that this won’t be a problem. If he didn’t die, his achievement in philosophy will be greater than his martial arts. This is a newer perspective towards Bruce. Even if there isn’t a martial arts star that is on par with him, but at this point of time, he would have totally turned towards philosophy and indulge in publishing books and giving talks. He would be a very outstanding speaker because of his eloquence, wisdom and unique charisma which were much brighter than his martial arts’ radiance.”

“Looking back, when I first met Bruce, he was only in his 20s but was already quite a matured thinker yet his brilliant martial arts skills tend to make people ignore the thinker’s sides of him. Bruce’s life is too short but his image will lives in our hearts forever. Every time, when I see the two words, ‘Little dragon’ appearing in foreign magazines and newspapers, I can’t help but to feel a sharp pain inside my heart. Is little dragon resting in peace now? Did this dragon with an iron will ever feel lost and frustrated by the troubles he faced in the last few years of his life? Was he summon by Lord to the heaven just to stay away from these wearies and to rest peacefully for a while? Maybe, one day, we’ll meet again…..”

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