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July 20 2016 at 11:32 AM
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Alike Bee Chan, Tony Liu has shifted his filming career from HK to China mainland in recent years. Whilst his busy filming schedule, he managed to spend a bit of time at his film break recently to answer some questions on GAME posted to him by HK BL researcher, C.F. Fung. Below are his quick replies:

Q1: When did Bruce ask you to play in GAME?
TL: It was just weeks before his untimely passing in July 1973. However, he did speak to me about the “Yellow Face Tiger” during shooting of WOTD in 1972. It was a shame that I didn’t get to play in this movie as you know I’m the only GH star who have appeared in all of his 4 other movies.

Q2: Do you know who else did Bruce summon to play in GAME?
TL: Quite a few and one of them was Carter Wong. Carter and I were quite close then as we used to practice Karate/Thai Boxing together very often. So, he told me about the news and we were all very excited to have a chance to play with Bruce in his new movie together.

Q3: After Bruce’s death, were you asked to play in ’78 GAME?
TL: No, GH didn’t offer me the opportunity. Anyway, I was too busy filming a series of costume movies for SHAW Bros and had not much time to film other movies. I do know GH proposed to Tien Jun (James Tien) and Chieh Yuen to continue playing in GAME. That was somewhere in 1977. But Tien was a bit reluctant while Chieh demanded a higher pay from GH as he had became popular in HK and Taiwan then. Unfortunately, a few months after GH’s proposal, Chieh suddenly died of brain tumor. That might be the reasons why Chieh and Tien’s footage were discarded from ’78 GAME.

Q4: What do you think of ’78 GAME?
TL: On the whole, it’s entertaining but in my opinion, it wasn’t as good as previous Bruce movies. Too little actual footage of Bruce was shown. I know there were a lot more footage which Bruce shot but was never shown on the big screen. The story was different from Bruce’s original idea totally. It was too commercialized while Bruce wanted it to be a more philosophical one. If Raymond Chow had given Bruce’s actual script to the director, then maybe, it would be a different story. Still, no one was able to replace the real Bruce Lee, not even Tang Lung (Kim Tai Jung) with the original ’72 GAME casts like James Tien and Chieh Yuen.

Q5: What was your role in GAME?
TL: Bruce did not tell me specifically about the role I’m playing but roughly said that I’d be a Kung Fu or Karate practitioner in GAME. My role was to assist him in one way or another. But at the end I was probably killed by a martial arts expert.

Q6: Do you have any impression on Hwang In-Shik shooting the first floor pagoda’s footage?
TL: I knew Hwang quite well during the filming of WOTD. He was a tough guy but was outclassed by Bruce’s JKD, haha… Hwang told me no one except Bruce had beaten him at that time, so, he has high respect for Bruce and in his heart, Bruce would forever be a legend. Well, as for the first floor footage…I did see him flying in to play in Bruce’s movie as I met him several times in GH but whether he had filmed the first floor, I’ve no idea. You need to check with him. However, I saw the pagoda set in GH studio. All the floors were actually filmed on the same level with different props and sets. Hwang should be the kicking expert in one of the floors. Bruce was going to fight him using kicks for a longer time in GAME since their fight in WOTD was way too short. Have anyone ask Chan Wu-Ngai (Bee Chan), Yuen Wah or Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung (the film editor of Bruce’s films) about GAME’s footage? They should know more.

Q7: Did Bruce tell you about the story of GAME? How many floors were there? What was the treasure?
TL: I remember Bruce said his character in GAME was on a formidable martial artist called Tiger Lee or something else... He was on a mission to retrieve a national treasure in a 7 stories pagoda in South Korea. He had to fight and conquer all these highly skilled guardians before obtaining the treasure. I was told the treasure was actually a mirror. But from my understanding, Bruce might have a few options for the treasure and ending which he would not reveal until the actual shooting. That S.Korean director, Cheng Chang-Ho (Walter Chung Chang Hwa) might know something about the treasure since both had met for some discussions on GAME before Bruce’s death.

Q8: What do you know about the outdoor GAME footage?
TL: Not much as I was not involved. I do know that the stuntmen and Bruce had gone to the New Territory to shoot some outdoor GAME footage just like WOTD on several occasions. That rural area is suitable for filming outdoor scenes and Bruce liked that place very much because it’s quiet, tranquil and far away from the city’s rowdiness. Lam Ching Ying told me Hwang In-Shik, Ji Han Jae and Bruce had some “sparring” sessions during that outdoor location shooting. I wonder whether they were captured on the footage.

Q9: Do you know whether Unicorn Chan and Betty Ting were invited to play in GAME?
TL: I’m not sure. But I always see both of them hanging around Bruce very often. I did see Unicorn Chan helping out Bruce a lot on GAME’s set together with Chan Wui-Ngai and Lam Ching Ying. Unicorn should be the assistant action choreographer just like in WOTD. So, probably, he might also get a role in GAME. I’m not sure about Betty Ting but Nora Miao should have a role in GAME as what I heard from Ricky Chik Yiu-Cheong. But Nora was very popular and busy then. However, I’m pretty sure she would make time for Bruce if Bruce gave her a ring just like previously she left Lo Wei’s film crew to shoot WOTD in ROME.

Q10: Do you know about George Lazenby’s involvement in GAME?
TL: Oh, that ex-007, George Lazenby was supposed to be in GAME too. I’m unsure about the role he’s going to play in GAME, maybe a Karate secret agent. But I think the reason Bruce got him and the foreign fighters/stars to play in GAME is because Bruce intended to make this movie for the international audience. Lazenby, however, was really unlucky as Bruce died after a week he arrived in HK. Otherwise, I might also get a chance to co-star with Lazenby because Bruce said he would get Lazenby to play in a new movie and I would be the leading actor. It’s going to be produced by his Concord Production Company after the completion GAME and The Green Bamboo Warrior. But sadly, Bruce passed on unexpectedly.

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