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August 8 2016 at 5:18 PM
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Steve Lee Kar-Ting is HK famous stuntman cum actor. He is well known for his works in Kickboxer (1989) and Royal Tramp (1992). As a dedicated martial arts practitioner, Steve Lee studied Northern style Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western Boxing. He was also one of the 12 stuntmen Bruce Lee intended to bring along to the U.S. after completing ETD. Being one of Bruce’s stunt team members, Steve Lee had the privilege to work and communicate with the superstar very often and witnessed many things that surrounded him. Steve Lee is a very straightforward and observant person. He has a very good memory and most of his things he reminisced in various interviews sound consistent and credible.

Further to my post of Steve Lee’s interview’s excerpt last year, below are a more comprehensive compilations of his recent years’ interviews from 1) Takungpo, article –“Way of The Dragon” dated 9th Jul 2013; 2) TVB show – “Big Boys Club” (episode 1171 – “Stuntmen Years”) released on 19th August 2014; 3) TVB show – “Men’s Fine Food House” episode, “Remembering Bruce Lee” released on 15th May 2016. In these interviews, there were many interesting and rare recollections of Bruce.

On knowing Bruce Lee
Q1: When and how did you get to know Bruce?
SL: I got to know Bruce way before he became a superstar in HK. He had a butler named Ngan Jai (Wu Ngan) who knew my stunt supervisor, Leung Siu-Song (Bruce Leung/Liang’s paternal uncle). One day, we met Bruce who was in HK for vacation. Through Leung, I got to know Bruce. He was born in 1940, so was about 6 six years older than me. He preferred us to call him Brother Sai Fung (little phoenix) instead of Brother Loong (little dragon). Sai Fung was a name which his family called him.

Q2: How did Bruce treated his friends?
SL: He was a friend who really “gung yee hei” (Cantonese, literally means loyal to his friends). Bruce would always do his best to help his friends whenever possible. For instance, if someone he knew was out of job and asked him whether he could help, Bruce would straight away tell him not to worry as he would make the necessary arrangement. I mean, if I was in his position, I would hesitate a while but Bruce just agreed to help without a second thought. In fact, he had really helped many friends and other acquaintances, from what I knew and saw.

Q3: Could you remember how and why he returned to HK to make The Big Boss?
SL: Once, he was in the U.S. Chinatown and someone talked about Jimmy Wang Yu who shot to fame in “One Armed Swordsman.” Initially, Bruce said he didn’t know who that guy was but later (after watching his movie), Bruce proudly said very soon everyone would start talking about Bruce Lee and forgot about Jimmy Wang Yu. As to how he returned to HK to make The Big Boss, it’s a long story which most of us are familiar with. I’ll tell you another interesting incident. When Bruce flew back from the U.S., Patrick Tse Yin (HK famous film star and Bruce’s childhood friend) went to the airport to receive him. Patrick Tse is a humorous guy and liked to joke around. However, when he made fun of Bruce’ JKD by purposely misread it as “Zit Do Kune” (same pronunciation in Cantonese but different meaning, literally means fractured & fallen fist). Man, Bruce didn’t think it was funny and wanted to let Patrick Tse had a “taste” of his JKD. Patrick Tse’s jaw almost dropped! Of course, Bruce just teased him. He was such an interesting guy.

On his challenges & fights
Q4: Have you seen Bruce involved in a fight with someone?
SL: Not really a fight but a clash with someone. I remembered one day, Siu Kee-Lun (Unicorn Chan), Bruce and I were walking along the road in Tsim Sha Tsui. There were 2 punks who walked passed us and uttered something like “Bruce Lee is such an XXX”, Bruce overheard and paused his steps. He asked Unicorn and me, “Are they speaking vulgar language at me?” To avoid agitate Bruce, we told him he had heard wrongly. But Bruce just walked up to them and grabbed hold of their belts with each of his hand and lifted them up off the ground. These 2 punks looked like 140 pounds each and Bruce was only 130 pounds then. However, Bruce was able to lift them up in the air easily. His strength was really amazing. It scared the shit out of these 2 punks. Bruce looked up and asked, “Did two of you say foul language at me uhh? uhh?” The 2 punks replied in fright, “Sorry, sorry, Brother Loong, we didn’t mean you…” They kept apologizing until Bruce said, “OK!” and dropped them hard on the ground. They just sat there in bewilderment.

Q5: Bruce seemed to have a fierce temper?
SL: Bruce didn’t flare up at someone for nothing. He just hated people to badmouth behind him because he thought those who love gossiping behind people’s back were not good people. On the contrary, Bruce said he could accept people criticize in front of him as that was how gentlemen behaved.

Q6: Have you seen any stuntman challenge Bruce before?
SL: Those who did must be nuts. But there’s this stuntman (“A”) who was out of his mind and he really challenged Bruce. I remembered one day, “A” and other stuntmen were fooling around and someone said, “In HK, no one could beat Alan Tang’s handsome face, Patrick Tse’s chivalrous poise, and Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu.” “A” said, “Oh really, Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu is suck! See his sissy stuff, I’ll kick his ass…haha…” Seeing no response from Bruce who was choreographing nearby, he became bolder and kept insulting Bruce. Bruce finally looked up to the wall and said to the stuntmen, “Suck??? Who said it? Dare to come down and kick my itchy ass uhh?” “Why not?!” “A” replied and jumped down to challenge Bruce. Bruce said, “Ready?!” “A” asked, “What do you mean by ready?” “Boom!” Bruce just kicked “A” so hard that sent him flying backward like a blown off kite. “A” fell to the ground and painfully raised his thumb at Bruce, and said, “~…Ho Yeah!~”(Cantonese, meaning ‘Great!’).

Q7: There was more than one incident where the stuntmen challenged Bruce? Could you still remember the others?
SL: In another incident, there were 2 stuntmen who were kidding around and one of them imitated Bruce while the other tried to stop his kick. Then, a crew jokingly said, “Uuh…that stroke would definitely beat him (Bruce) upside down. Coincidentally, Bruce was there and although he was slightly hard of hearing but still, he overheard those words. He stood up and said to the stuntman who was showing off his skills, “Hey, please show me what you got!” “Sure!” That stuntman (“B”) who showed off just now was bold enough to come forward and challenge Bruce. Surprisingly, “B” was familiar with Bruce’s daily warm-up routine. Hence, when “B” saw Bruce just raised his leg as he was doing his warm up, he played cheat by sweeping Bruce off his feet unexpectedly. Bruce was caught off-guard. “Oh my goodness!” We exclaimed! Bruce got up instantaneously and almost went berserk. Without uttering a word, he dashed over, held him up and was about to punch his head. Luckily, someone shouted “ng ho da tau” (means “don’t hit his head”). Bruce hesitated and threw his punch at “B’s” body. “B’s” lung was hurt and suffered a lacerated wound. He couldn’t talk for 3 days because of the acute pain.

On his feuds with the Chinese Martial Arts Community
Q8: Have you heard anything about Bruce being ambushed and attacked by other people?
SL: This was what I heard from Bruce personally. He said once he returned to Seattle with his wife Linda. Someone got the news and sent people to ambush him at the escalator. There were 2 Kung Fu thugs standing at each side of the escalator and when Bruce approached, both kicked at him out of a sudden. Bruce was alert enough to avoid the attack. Linda who was following behind Bruce screamed out loudly and the 2 thugs ran away. In fact, Bruce had made enemies with some of the people from the Chinese martial arts community. Those thugs were sent by his enemies. (Note: Bruce told Unicorn Chan he indeed was being challenged and attacked by some Gung Fu cats on several occasions in the U.S., and he beat the hell out of them. However, the rumor had it that he was badly beaten to severe injury or dead.)

Q9: How did he end up having enemies who seemed to have deep grudges against him?
SL: You know Bruce only opened his kwoon or Kung Fu school in Seattle (note: later in Oakland and LA) but not in New York or San Francisco. Bruce himself told me because he used to challenge many martial arts masters of different schools when he just arrived in the U.S. Thus, he had made quite a number of enemies. Those Chinatown Kung Fu masters in San Francisco and New York claimed that arrogant son of Lee Hoi Chuen was disrespectful to them as well as the Chinese Kung Fu and its tradition. He made them lost face. Hence, they had secretly blacklisted Bruce and forbade him to teach Kung Fu in their territories otherwise he would have a price to pay. To stay out of trouble, Bruce chose to operate his kwoon in Seattle. This didn’t mean he was afraid of them but he just hated to waste time and effort in entangling with those Gung Fu cats. He rather put his precious time to good use.

Q10: There were surely many taboos in the traditional Chinese martial arts circle?
SL: Definitely. In the olden days, it’s a Chinese tradition custom for a Sifu who wanted to open a kwoon to visit and seek consent from the Chinese martial arts community or “bai ma tau” (Chinese saying). Also, to ensure smooth running, regular “bo wu fai” (“protection money”) had to pay to the people (usually triad society and some Chinese martial arts community members) who were in-charge of the area where the kwoon was operating. In addition, it’s a taboo to openly criticize traditional Chinese Kung Fu. One would be called a “traitor” and be severely dealt with if he offended the above taboo. But, Bruce never give a shit to all these. To the Chinese martial arts community either in the U.S. Chinatown or HK, he was a rebel that disregard tradition and against orthodoxy.

(Note: Bruce faced similar challenges and hostility from HK Chinese Martial Arts community upon his severe criticism on Chinese traditional Kung Fu. They couldn’t tolerate Bruce’s disrespectfulness to Kung Fu as well as his claim on JKD’s superiority over traditional Kung Fu. Therefore, at the time of his death, almost the entire HK Chinese martial arts community members “boycotted” him and didn’t turn up for his HK funeral at Kowloon. This showed how much grudges and hatred they bore against Bruce. Many early 70s HK newspaper carried reports on this subject. Bruce was a popular Chinese hero liked by the HK common people but not the Chinese martial arts community)

On his injury
Q11: Did Bruce tell you he hurt his back when he was doing some weight-lifting exercise without proper warm-up?
SL: This is a well-known incident and there’s no need to go into details again. Bruce however, told me another incident which I find it quite amusing. He said one day he was having his breakfast and saw his wife, Linda who was going to lock the washroom’s door latch. Bruce told her, “If you can close it with foot why bother to use hand?” Then, Bruce got out from his chair and stretched himself, and really closed the door latch with his foot. But because of this over-stretched, Bruce hurt his ribs quite badly. Believe it or not, Bruce said it himself.

On his iron finger, whip kick and martial arts trainings
Q12: Have you ever witnessed any special feat performed by Bruce?
SL: Many of us did. One day, Bruce and I went to a night club with few other stuntmen. You know, Bruce used to be crookback of walking (SL imitated his walking style) and when he walked in, the people there were all so excited and said, “Brother Siu Loong, could you show us some of your amazing skills? So, Bruce demonstrated some of his famous kicks and punches. But the people over there said, “We have already seen these moves in your movies, could you perform something special that all of us have not seen before?” “OK! But first, get me something.” Bruce sat down on the sofa. Then he pulled out his pant pockets and said, “I got no money! Who got money? Please get me a can of sweetened condensed milk!” Soon, someone bought the condensed milk back for Bruce. I remembered it was “Eagle Brand” Sweetened Condensed Milk. In those days, the milk can was made of hard steel which was much thicker than the ones we saw today. All of us were waiting anxiously to see what Bruce was going to do with the milk can.

Bruce stood up and gradually raised his right hand with his finger jab which resembled a spear. He placed his finger jab a few inches away from the milk can. After several seconds, his fingers suddenly hit the milk can like a bullet. “Bang!” Bruce withdrew his fingers in a nick of moment. The force of his jab was so powerful that the milk can was thrown backward and then hit the wall. The cover of the can was forced opened slightly and some milk seeped out and spilled over the place. We were all stunned! Though there’s no hole but a deep hollow was found on the can where he hit. Surprisingly, his finger was totally unhurt. It was truly spectacular!

Like he always said, “The strike must be fast, accurate and powerful.” His new iron finger Kung Fu or he called it Jing Mo Jee basically showed them all. I witnessed his awesome feat and really admired his skills. After his death, I put in effort and tried to master this iron finger Kung Fu by myself privately for 10 years but was unsuccessful. Do you know how Bruce practiced his iron finger? I ever saw him jabbing the A4 size paper and spring belt device for 3 hours. 3 hours, man. Who has that kind of patience? Also, when Bruce was having his breakfast, he would usually eat with one hand and clenched the newspapers with the other hand. The fingers kept scrunching until the newspaper became crumple and ultimately crushed into bits and pieces. After he crumbled the newspaper with his left fingers, he would then do the same with his right fingers. He kept switching his hands each time he crushed the newspaper into bits and pieces. I’d tell you an ordinary person would definitely cramp his hands and fingers after doing that kind of strenuous finger training. But Bruce didn’t.

Q13: What other Kung Fu was Bruce practicing which the fans were unaware of?
SL: Whip kick. I was working with Sammo Hung in the studio one day and saw Bruce peeling flower petals at a corner like a nerd. I went over and asked Bruce what the hell he was doing. He replied, “Practice kicking.” I was puzzled and said, “Are you ‘chi sim’ (Cantonese, literally means out of mind or crazy)?! Your “three legs kicking” are already formidable, why do you still need to create new kicking techniques?” Bruce then explained to me, “I’m peeling these chrysanthemum petals off one by one until it is left with only a petal. Next, I’m going to kick the petal. As my kick thrust next to the petal, I’ll quickly withdraw it and the force it generated will tear the petal into pieces. It’s like whipping. When the kick/ whip are withdrawn, the whipping force will pull and tear the internal organs of the opponent, and consequently, causes devastating damages to his body internally.”

Q14: Is this a kind of internal Kung Fu that uses the inner strength?
SL: Sort of. I then realized Bruce was going to train the force of his kick to be like the force of the whip. It is terrifying and inconceivable. This whipping technique requires the co-ordination of the speed, power, precision, timing and balance in order to achieve the “damaging” result (Remember what Bruce said in his 1965 TV audition. He said, “A Gung Fu punch is like an iron chain with an iron ball attached to the end, and it go whang! And it hurts inside.” This is something similar to it). He was practicing this amazing internal skill using creative ways. Bruce was truly an innovator in martial arts and was way ahead of his time. You know, Sam Hui once portrayed this technique in his movie by whipping the cake off the table with his kick. Actually, he copied the idea from Bruce and put it in his movie scene, haha…

Q15: Did Bruce successfully master this whip kick ultimately?
SL: It’s a shame that he didn’t master it completely at the time of his death. I remembered there was this white vase in Bruce’s office, which Bruce would practice his whip kick again and again. He told me if he intended to master it, he definitely would master it no matter how hard and tedious it would be. I really admire his persistency and strong determination in achieving his goal. Too bad, he did not realize his goal in mastering this skill just like his Jing Mo Ji (iron finger).

Q16: Well, it seemed like Bruce had never stopped training for a moment?
SL: We all know Bruce was an avid martial arts learner and practitioner and he was constantly training even during his meals and break times. He was so holy devoted to his martial arts that he treated it like a religion. The only time he might not be training would probably be during his sleeps and when he was writing his movie scripts.

Q17: So, did he have any training equipments and apparatuses in his office?
SL: Of course. Bruce Lee was constantly experimenting with new training techniques and spent hours every day honing his body and his technique. I remembered when he was taking breaks in his office, he would lift this 150 pounds bar bell up-down, up-down for several sets. Subsequently, he would sat down on his massage chair (to sooth his long-time back pain due to injury) and then placed the 150 pounds bar bell on his leg. Actually, not many people know that one of Bruce’s legs was shorter by an inch than the other one. He told me he used the barbell to press against his leg and did the leg lifting exercise. He said he did that repeatedly so that his hamstring would be loosened and won’t get contracted as he aged. Actually, he had overcome this leg problem through sheer determination.

Q18: What other things which he had done that was beyond our imagination?
SL: He once told me he used all the 60,500 dollars left in his bank account to trade for a set of Kung Fu skill. He said he was really keen in this Kung Fu master’s skill and so, paid him to demonstrate his skills. Bruce would then shoot his complete Kung Fu movements using his super 8mm camera. However, Bruce said after analyzing the whole set of the skill, he only selected 3 techniques which he thought were efficient and worth mastering. Then he discarded the rest. After that, he would first get his wife, Linda to practice these techniques and then showed him. He would revise and transformed these techniques into his before showing off to others. He was so fervent about martial arts that he could really spend long hours in perfecting these 3 techniques.

On Bruce’s martial arts prowess, power shoulder & voluntary muscles
Q19: Have you ever fought with Bruce? In your opinion, was Bruce the best in fighting?
SL: I’d be “chi sum” (out of my mind) if I dare to fight Bruce after witnessing his devastating martial arts prowess. Of course, he’s the best because he was “King of Kung Fu.” Nobody could beat him. If we talked about street fighting, Bruce was King in that arena. He was pound-for-pound one of the most powerful people on the planet. In other words, he could beat someone who is much bigger, stronger and heavier than him, say, 180 pounds or more. Bruce weighed only around 135 pounds then. You could imagine how strong he was. However, if it was in the ring with rules and regulations, it would be a different story. But in free combat and fighting outside the ring, I would place my bet on Bruce.

Q20: Do you think his kick is better than his punch or vice-versa?
SL: I personally think his punch was superior as it was incredibly powerful. By that saying, I didn’t mean his kick was inferior. It was also very lethal but I think his kick was remarkably fast. Actually he had another weapon, i.e. the power shoulder. This is what I and some other stuntmen witnessed. Bruce could stand still with his hands behind his back and then knocked his opponent over with just his shoulder. Just like his 1-3 inch power punch, his shoulder could generate such a tremendous force that sent his opponent stumbling backward several feet before falling to the floor. One time, a guy was thrown backward about 10 feet away by Bruce’s power shoulder. The force was really mind-blowing!

In another incident, Bruce took off his shirt and “blew up” a side of his bare chest via generating inner force to his chest. That side of the chest expanded and obviously became much bigger than the other side. It was astounding but scary too. He said he had trained and transformed his so-called “involuntary muscles” into “voluntary muscles” in which he could expand either side of his chest at his own will. I believe he had made use of the chi-kung (internal power skill) he practiced to expand either side of his chest (one side expanded, another side remained still). I’ve never seen anybody could perform the same feat again after Bruce’s passing.

Q21: So, you’re convinced he was the real deal?
SL: If not, who do you think is the real deal? Many people fell to their knees in admiration of Bruce after they witnessed his martial arts prowess. How fast do you think he was? I’d tell you to see who’s faster in the blink of eyes, he would wait for you to close your eyes first and at the moment you tried to open your eyes, his finger jab was already at your eyelid. He knew what you were thinking in your mind and intercepted your thought before you made the move. You see what I meant? It was as if he could suddenly switched from first gear to the fourth gear in just less than a second during the fight. His explosive power, like Porsche, was one of a kind! I’ve never seen anyone possesses that kind of speed, power and reflexes like Bruce. He was real and not a myth.

On his diets, health and death
Q22: What food did Bruce normally eat? Did he drink alcohol?
SL: Most of the time, I only see Bruce ate orange and drink water (note: he drank a lot of Vitasoy too). He disliked oily and unhealthy food and tried to keep his diet as organic and nutritious as possible. I had never seen him took alcohol. You know, when Bruce eat and drink, his wife, Linda would sit opposite him, watching his back. Why? He said he had many enemies and to avoid sudden attack from behind, Linda would keep a watch out for him. They took turn to take their food. After Bruce finished his meal, Linda would then eat hers. (note: Bruce disliked people to touch him from behind as his immediate and automatic response would be subduing his “rear attacker” with a hard throw and heavy punches.)

Q23: Bruce was very thin at the time he passed on and someone said he was ill and had a bad body odor. Do you think he died of illness and also that kind of bad odor….?
SL: Those are bullshits! I, Lee Kar-Ting dare to say I’m one of the few persons (besides his family and closed ones) who really talked to Bruce heart to heart on a regular basis and had witnessed many happenings besides him. If anyone is doubtful about anything of what I said, please speak up. I shall clear your doubts.

You know, Bruce almost died during the dubbing of WOTD (note: Steve Lee had a slip of tongue and said WOTD, it should be ETD). He passed out but was saved by the Baptist Hospital’s doctors. They used defibrillator and other medical devices/medication to get him back to life. Bruce first collapsed and was in a state of prostration. Why? Bruce overworked himself and was constantly under huge stress. He had insufficient rest which led to his fatigue. Furthermore, he had trained extremely hard yet with little consumption of solid food (except water and fruits). Thus, he had very little body fats. Some people in that similar situation died of Karoshi. Bruce had those similar kinds of symptoms. Bruce was around 140 pounds when he returned to HK to make The Big Boss but at the time of his death, his weight was way down to 126 pounds.

He didn’t die of sickness. Put it this way, it’s just like sharpening 100 knives’ blades together. If you keep on sharpening the knives’ blades non-stop, ultimately, the 100 knives’ blades will all be gone! Bruce was in that kind of situation. Sometimes, I saw him trained with dumbbell on one hand and the other hand was trying to open his office cabinet which he stored all his vitamin and nutrition pills. He had a formula for consuming vitamin pills so he would pick and mix the vitamins before consuming them while exercising at the same time. He had a good knowledge in nutrition. Moreover, his over hectic lifestyle had made him burnt his body fats to the extent of having too little of them to keep him healthy and warm. I was once in a similar state before as I mimicked his insane volume of training and overworked myself to the extreme. I became very thin and always felt dizzy and cold. Later, doctor told me I the percentage of my body fats was too low to keep my body from functioning properly. I had almost followed Bruce’s step and died. Luckily, I woke up in time and made a U-turn otherwise you won’t see me talking to you now.

Q24: Did Bruce tell you what did the doctor advise him?
SL: Bruce said doctor advised him to reduce his training from 6 hours to 2 hours. However, Bruce said he couldn’t stop training as it was so hard for him to climb to the height of his superstardom and at the peak of his martial arts skills. He was not able to accept the fall or decline from his present height to the middle or the bottom. Since he had spent so much effort to achieve the current status, he had no choice but to keep pushing himself to the limit. Also, I think he wanted to make sure that no one from behind could catch up with him and surpass him. I believe he had “over-consumed” his energy that was meant for the rest of his life. He had drained himself out. This was probably what led to the decline of his health and his untimely passing eventually.

Q25: Have you seen Bruce felt unhappy or did he talk to you about his unhappiness?
SL: As Bruce became more and more popular, he became less and less happy at the same time. Before his death, he was really unhappy. He said the people in HK didn’t like him anymore….they had misunderstood him….he was really unhappy and said he planned to return to the U.S. soon.

Q26: How did you guys feel when Bruce died suddenly? Do you think he had become a legend?
SL: He died in 1973…that’s the year I’ll always remembered. We couldn’t bear the fact that Bruce left us so suddenly. We had so many unanswered questions in our mind then. We wondered why such a strong and energetic person would just pass on abruptly……

On his future plan after ETD
Q27: Was it true that Bruce wanted to make movies in the U.S. after ETD?
SL: Yes, it’s true. Actually, Bruce had come up with a “Green Bamboo Warrior” script which he intended to cooperate with Warner Bros. The film was intended to be shot in San Francisco. However, to make a Kung Fu movie, you need to have good action choreographers and stuntmen. Bruce knew back then, there was no Hollywood stuntman that neither knew Chinese Kung Fu nor understood HK style of fighting choreography. Thus, upon discussion with Warner Bros, Bruce returned to HK and formed his own stunt team personally.

He picked 12 experienced and capable action choreographers and stuntmen for his team. I was one of them (Note: These 12 should include Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Hwa, Bee Chan, Wu Ngan, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen, Randy Mang Hoi, Stephen Tung Wai, Philip Ko Fei and Steve Lee Ka-Ting). After discussion and getting consent verbally from his stuntmen regarding the working terms and conditions, Bruce then pressed Warner Bros to sign the working contracts with us. Unfortunately, he passed on before we could go to America to fulfill our Hollywood dream. I live with regrets till today.

On his unrealized Rolls Royce’s dream & Kung Fu’s unity dream
Q28: Did Bruce order a Rolls Royce before his passing?
SL: Yes, Bruce had ordered a Rolls Royce from U.K. and it was gold in color. He was so excited that I remembered he kept showing off the Rolls Royce catalogue in front of us. He flipped the catalogue and said to us, “I don’t care to sit in a convertible automobile...because my dream automobile…look here…it’s Rolls Royce!...And it’s gold, baby! That’s the dream of a life time. I’ve ordered it and it will be here soon!” Unfortunately, Bruce died before the ordered car was shipped to him.

Q29: What do you think Bruce would be doing right now if he was still alive?
SL: If Bruce was still alive, he’ll be in his mid 70s now. Bruce once told me that people would age and he couldn’t be kicking and punching in the movies forever. The question now is successor. Would he be able to get a suitable successor to succeed him? Also, if he was still alive, I guess he would try to realize another of his great ambitions, i.e. to unite all the various schools of Chinese martial arts into one big family just like Jing Mo School. He wanted to flourish the Chinese martial arts. But you know, I think it is very difficult and not worth it. Why? Because I think all different arts of different schools have their strengths and weaknesses. It will be difficult for every school to compromise and there’ll likely be a lot of disagreements. Idealism is one thing and realization is another thing……

On his golden words/ quotes
Q30: What were some of Bruce’s golden words or famous quotes which you can remember?
SL: Bruce always said, “There’s nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished. If you think this thing can be done, then try to learn, practice and then do it. You’ll surely achieve what you wanted ultimately!”

Photo of Steve Lee Kar-Ting:

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