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October 22 2016 at 8:38 AM
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Bruce Lee appeared in his second HKTV show in RTV on April 10th, 1970. The 2 RTV’s hosts of the talk show, “Golden Hours” were Gou Leung and David Lo. Both had passed on. Gou died in 2009 and David Lo just several months ago.

Gou Leung (1927-2009) was born in Canton and graduated from the Canton University. He made his Cantonese movie debut appearance for Shaw Bros in 1956. After making more than a dozen movies, he turned to Redifussion and became a DJ cum dubbing artist. Due to his eloquence and quick-witted mind, he was offered the TV host job in “Golden Hours” and paired up with James Wong Chiam (Bruce’s La Salle’s schoolmate) in 1967 before teaming up with David Lo in 1970. The talk show attracted quite a pool of TV viewers and it became the main rival of the TVB’s “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” show. Gou Leung was a low profile person. After quitting from the entertainment industry in the 1980s, he worked as a HR manager in an electronic factory. He lived alone in Un Chau Estate in Kowloon until his death on Oct 18th, 2009 due to heart attack. He was 82 then. Unfortunately, very little info of Gou Leung talking about Bruce Lee has been found so far.

David Lo (Feb 18th, 1945 – Mar 4th, 2016) was born in Shanghai and was the youngest child among the 6 siblings. Both his 2 elder brothers, Lo Yuen and Robert Siu Leung (aka Lo Wing Hwa) were famous entertainment celebrities, the former being the TV producer, the latter, a veteran actor. Together with David Lo, the trio were called the “Lo’s 3 brothers.” Graduated from HK Wah Yan College, David Lo first worked in HSBC bank before joining RTV in 1967. Due to his impressive performance, he was offered the host job for “Golden Hours,” a top rating TV talk show of RTV. The great chemistry of the duo, Gou Leung and David Lo, had always been the warranty of the show’s rating. David Lo later quitted RTV and joined TVB in 1975. He hosted TVB’s “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” show with Lydia Shum. His great comical mimicking of celebrities, and humorous performance had won himself the title, “male merrymaker” on contrary to Lydia’s “female merrymaker” title. David Lo left TVB in the mid 90s and set up his own production company. In 2013, he returned to TVB and filmed his last TV series, “The Lady’s Club.” On March 4th, 2016, David Lo passed away due to gastric cancer, at the age of 71. In one of his interviews on June 12, 2013 in Apple Daily, David Lo mentioned about Bruce Lee.

Below are excerpts from his interview:

Q1: We understand you speak quite good English which was the main reason why the TV producer sent you to interview Sophia Loren and Jane Seymour when they came to HK in the 1970s. When and how did you learn English?
DL: I learnt English ever since I was a kid and I used to watch many Hollywood movies and listened to many Western pop songs during my younger days. That might explain why my English is better than the other HK Chinese local hosts (Laugh). Even Bruce Lee was caught surprise when I spoke to him and little Brandon in English when they first came for my talk show in the early 1970.

Q2: Talking about Bruce Lee, could you tell us what was it like to meet this mega star?
DL: Frankly, he was very different from the HK local stars of that era. Bruce was very friendly, never put on air and his charisma shone when he walked into the room. Unlike local stars who would wear formally (jacket & tie) for the talk show, Bruce came with his casual wear and a pair of sandal. He was good at cracking jokes and creating cordial atmosphere. People would all be attracted by him once he stepped into the room. Bruce was accompanied by little Brandon who was about 5 years old then. I like kids and thus, tried to mingle around with him, talking to him in English. Bruce was surprised when I spoke fluent English with little Brandon. He then started to talk to me in English first before conversed in Cantonese. Maybe both of us are straightforward and like to have fun, hence, we hit off very soon. Before the actual show, Bruce came to RTV located at Broadcast Drive with Unicorn Chan. When we were preparing and discussing about the talk show, Bruce was astounded that I carried a pocket notebook with me as I would jot down jokes, daily incidents, working schedules in this notebook. Bruce then told me he had the same habit of writing down things whenever something came to his mind, whether it was martial arts skill, movie’s ideas or other things.

Q3: How was Bruce Lee being invited for the RTV’s “Golden Hours” show?
DL: The top executive of RTV, Cheung Ching, was a good friend of Bruce. They knew each other when they played Cantonese movies together in the 1950s. When the news of the “Kato Show” star – Bruce Lee came to HK was reported over the papers, both TVB and RTV tried to invite him to perform in their talk shows so as to increase their TV ratings. To the HK people, Bruce was like a local mega star that had gained his fame in the U.S. TV series. Cheung Ching welcome Bruce, little Brandon, Unicorn Chan, Bowie Woo Fung, Master Larry Lee Gam Kwan and his assistant when they came to our studio on the actual day. By the way, Bowie Woo is a long time friend of mine and Bruce. Bowie had played opposite Bruce in several of the 50s Cantonese movies. In addition, my host partner, Gou Leung also knew Bruce as they had met previously in the HK movie studio in the 1950s. He was like an elder brother to Bruce whom Bruce respected. Seems like we all know one another. So, things went pretty smooth when we discussed about the schedule and the content of the talk show.

Q4: What was your reaction when you first see Bruce performing his incredible feats, like the 1-inch punch, 2 fingers push up and snap kick?
DL: Indeed awesome! His inconceivable performance had really added sufficient colors to the B & W TV screen then. Everyone was in awe of his amazing feats. I was wondering whether Bruce was a super human being from the future or from the outer space (laugh). The studio’s audience and the TV viewers were swept away by these never-before-seen, mind-blowing stuffs. Bruce then tried to explain the concept of JKD and its difference with traditional Kung Fu and how the body power was generated from the hip to the waist and then to the fist. His philosophies and concepts on martial arts were never-before-heard back then. I think Bruce was really ahead of his time. I could see even Karate Master Larry Lee and his assistants were so respectful of Bruce and listened to his instructions obediently.

Q5: Did little Brandon performed with his father?
DL: Oh yes. His dad got him to perform kicking and he dropped his shoe in the mid way while kicking seriously hard (laugh). Then, I let him hit my palm which I could feel like a small hammer hitting on me. He could be regarded strong based on his young age. I remembered Bruce then got little Brandon to hit his washboard stomach. He punched Bruce’s stomach like hitting the big bag (laugh). Of course, it didn’t hurt. Bruce got us to touch his stomach and it was really like warm iron boards. As the show ended, everyone in the studio surrounded Bruce and tried to talk to him and asked him questions. He was obliged to answer to as many questions as possible.

Q6: There were minutes of blur clips of Bruce’s Enjoy Yourself Tonight and Golden Hours shows which appeared on Youtube. Are these taken from the hidden camera which you are aware of?
DL: Not sure. But I did see Unicorn Chan holding an 8mm camera with him before the show started. Maybe there were others in the audience who also had secretly shot the footage. I was focusing on my interview and was not aware of any happenings in the dark crowd except for their laughter and applause.

Q7: Did you meet Bruce after that TV interview? What were some of the words Bruce said which left a deep impression on you?
DL: Bruce was like a typhoon. His arrival and departure from HK caused a huge stir in the island. RTV and TVB even sent their news crews to follow Bruce. The day he left for the airport, caused a traffic congestion because people on the road saw the mega star whom was closely tailed by the TV news crew, also tried to get a glimpse of Bruce. Though Bruce didn’t strike a movie deal with the Shaw Bros in HK but he returned to the U.S. with a sense of pride after his impressive performances in TVB and RTV shows.
I did meet Bruce again several times when he was in HK making movie blockbusters like TBB, FOF, WOTD etc. Though my childhood ambition was to become the leading actor in the movie but my comedian look went against it. So, I turned to become a comedian in the TV industry instead. Bruce, who was good in his martial arts, likewise, turned to make action films. That’s why we both achieved our goals in our own rights. Like Bruce once said, “Do things you’re capable of, concentrate and do it with persistency, you’ll definitely succeed one day!”

Photos of David Lo & Bruce Lee:

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