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November 11 2016 at 8:33 AM
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Response to Bruce Lee's HK Home Abandoned


Some of you have posted some interesting info about Bruce's house and its Feng Shui. I would like to further chip in some info on this topic. Some of the info may sound absurd and even superstitious but just look at them with an open mind as sometimes, certain things just can’t be explained from a logical and scientific point of view.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment and is closely linked to Taoism. The term Feng Shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English. Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The Feng Shui practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as Chi. It is a complex body of knowledge that teaches how to balance the energies in any given space - be it a home, office or garden - in order to assure good fortune for people inhabiting it. Moreover, there is no replicable scientific evidence that Feng Shui's mystical claims are real, and it is considered by the scientific community to be pseudoscience.

Little dragon drowned in 9 dragon’s pond
Bruce died in July 1973, the year of the Ox, which was a bad year for Bruce who was born in the year of the dragon as according to the Chinese horoscope and Wan Nian Li (perpetual) calendar. Dragon and Ox were mismatch. Of course, some Feng Shui masters claimed the dragon’s lair i.e. Bruce’s Kowloon house located at 41, Cumberland Road, Kowloon was a bad choice to live in too. Bruce, the little dragon’s destiny was cut short by the 9 dragons (Kowloon’s Chinese name). The 9 dragons’ pond (Kowloon Tong) was too small to accept another little dragon who was rising to threaten their authority and domain. He was causing turbulence and Tsunami, so, they had to defeat and kill him once and for all in order to regain their territory’s peacefulness.

Auspicious dragon died in an inauspicious year
In addition, the house number 41 was not an auspicious number as 4 in Chinese means death and 41 means 1 would be dead. Believe it or not, Bruce indeed died at 32, which was half of his father’s (Lee Hoi Chuan’s) age after he moved into Kowloon Tong’s house which he called Crane nest. According to his cousin, Lee Chow-Kan, a Chinese fortune teller read Bruce’s palm and eight Chinese birth characters when he was a child and predicted Bruce would live to a ripe old age with fame and fortune but he has to be cautious when he reached the age of 33 (Chinese lunar age) as unfortunate things/ mishaps would occur and endanger his life if precautions were not taken. Bruce was on his verge of his success in Asia and soon going to find his international success when his ETD was to release internationally. A Taiwanese Chinese astrologist by the surname of Ma, later claimed if Bruce had remained low profile and maintain peace and harmony with others, he would have avoided the mishaps happened on him in 1973 because after that year, 1974, i.e. year of the tiger, Bruce would be even successful, like a dragon flying in the sky and he should be very well off in foreign land (U.S) instead of staying in his mother land (HK).

The Bak Kwa Mirror (aka Eight Trigrams mirror/ Fengshui mirror)
Bruce was not a superstitious man according to Linda. It could also be seen from the conversation he had with Wong Shun-Leung who visited Bruce’s new house. Wong said the hall in the first floor was partitioned into many parts and the house was filled with dim lights. He told Bruce it made people feel dizzy and the overall design/ decorations were not good for Feng Shui. But Bruce didn’t take his words seriously and never change the house’s interior design. It was Wu Ngan and Unicorn Chan who had engaged a Feng Shui master to examine the house before Bruce’s family moved in. The Feng Shui master advised them to install Bak Kwa mirror each on the rooftop and in one of the second storey room that faced directly the main road. This was to keep away the evil spirits from intruding the house and to do harm to the family members. The instalation of Bak Kwa mirror in the house was a very common phenomenon among many Chinese families in HK. Bruce did not reject the idea as he might have thought this was just a habit of the Chinese to protect the family. He left it to Wu Ngan and Unicorn Chan to fix the mirror for him. Everything seemed smooth after Bruce moved into the new house with his family. However, things started to change in 1973 after the Chinese Lunar New Year. Bruce was hurt during the shooting of ETD and his relationship with Lo Wei and the press worsened. He fainted in May and almost died. Then, in July 1973, heavy rainfall and typhoon blew the Bak Kwa mirror off his house’s rooftop. Bruce and Wu Ngan might have been too busy to replace the Bak Kwa mirror. They might possibly plan to do it once the weather got better. Never did one expect Bruce was dead before a new Bak Kwa mirror was being replaced.

Tragedy strikes not once
Wierd things happened several months after Bruce’s death. Wu Ngan’s mother, Mrs Wu, the life-time Lee’s family housekeeper/ servant (probably the skinny elderly lady servant who packed Bruce’s belongings in the documentary, The life and death of BL/ The legend of BL) passed away accidentally while living with Wu Ngan and his wife in the Crane nest after Bruce’s passing. (Note: The house was bought under the name of GH’s Raymond Chow, Unicorn Chan, Wu Ngan and a movie producer, Madam Lai. The house was in fact, rented to Bruce’s family. Hence, Wu Ngan had the right to stay there since he was the legal owner). According to the HK newspaper in late 1973, Wu Ngan mourned his great friend’s death in July followed by his mother’s sudden death. What happen to Mrs Wu? Not much info has been revealed and Ngan kept his mouth tightly shut. Some HK people claimed she died while cleaning the house while some claimed she had died of sudden illness. Wu Ngan and his wife were so sad that they moved out of 41, Cumberland and stayed somewhere else temporarily as recommended by Unicorn Chan. Few years later, Wu Ngan and his family immigrated to U.K. until his recent passing this year.

Alexander Fu Sheng, the next victim
Bruce lived in Crane nest in 1972 and died a year later. Similar tragedy occurred again 10 years later. In 1982, Shaw’s famous film star, Alexander Fu Sheng moved over to Bruce’s house together with his beautiful wife, Jenny Tseng (a Macau born, well-known Taiwanese singer/ actress whose father was a Portuguese and mother, a Chinese). Alexander Fu Sheng was a great admirer of Bruce and thus, when he became wealthy after his successful movie career with Shaws, he moved in to Bruce’s Crane nest and spent a huge sum to furnish and redecorate his idol’s old house.

I was fortunate enough to watch a TV program which introduced Jenny Tseng’s life in 1982. In that footage, Jenny Tseng showed the TV host around in this new residence rented by his loving husband. I didn’t know it was Bruce’s Crane nest until Alexander Fu Sheng’s passing, the newspaper reported that piece of news. I remembered it was really a splendid house with a beautiful garden and some cute pets running around the house. There was a segment where Jenny Tseng introduced his hubby, Alexander Fu Sheng and he just chipped in and showed his humorous side (like Bruce). They were both glamorous looking celebrities and were very loving couple. Little would one expect, a year later, i.e. 1983, July 7th, Alexander was killed in a car accident at Clear Water Bay, near NT. He was only 28 at the time of his death. Jenny Tseng was so upset that her spouse of 7 years died suddenly in the car crash. The most ironic thing was, he died in the white Porsche given to him as a gift by his gorgeous wife, Jenny Tseng. The white Porsche was speeding at more than 140km per hour driven by Alexander’s older brother. The car hit a curve out of a sudden and Alexander who did not wear the safety belt was injured badly on his head and the fractured ribs protruded into his heart. He was pronounced dead in the early morning of 7th July. His accidental death was like James Dean’s car accident. Like Lee and Dean, Alexander passed away at his prime of his movie career. He died in the same month, i.e. July as his idol, Bruce, and exactly 10 years later living in Bruce’s house at 41, Cumberland Road. Was it Feng Shui or was it just coincidence?

The last dragon’s farewell
3 years after Alexander Fu Sheng’s passing, i.e. 1986, Brandon Lee was invited to HK to make his first and last HK feature film, "Legacy of Rage" and spent several months there. It was during this time of stay in HK, he made a special trip to see his family’s old house at 41, Cumberland Road one evening (though he had passed by the place several times while shooting the outdoor scenes). Accompanied him was Randy Mang Hoi, his film co-star who had also appeared in his father’s ETD and Fist of Unicorn. He was a teenager then when he worked with Bruce in the early 70s. Randy Mang Hoi knew Brandon since young and both were like brothers. Randy Mang Hoi recalled, Brandon stood at the corner of the road and got a glimpse of his old house. His eyes were wet, perhaps he was filled with emotions when he saw the place where he and his family once lived for a short period of time. He whispered to Randy Mang Hoi in quite fluent Cantonese, “There were many memories in that house, especially the memories with his dad...You know, my dad once kicked a guy who intruded into our new house just like I did to an intruder once in the U.S...” Brandon was sad that the house was left vacant and unmanaged (He surely would be upset if he knew it was turned into a sex motel later). He did not step into the building and left after standing there for several minutes.

Brandon was born in the last day of the year of the dragon. So, he could be acknowledged as the real last dragon. Like his father, he attempted to be a true star in his own right and worked diligently up to attain his goal. Unfortunately, 20 years after his father’s passing and 10 years after Alexander Fu Sheng’s death, Brandon was shot dead accidentally while filming Crow, a major Hollywood film, in 1993. He died a day before April’s fool day. He passed away on the same day as Unicorn who was killed in a car accident in Malaysia in 1987. Brandon's death was like a re-play of the ’78 GAME’s scene. He was only 28, the same age as Alexander Fu Sheng at the time of his death. Many coincidences that were beyond logical explanation.

Karma – From Dragon Lair to Romance Hotel
According to the Chinese, Bruce died in a dishonor way as he was found dead in Sexy actress Betty Ting Pei’s house in Beacon Hill. It was as if his mansion is a shadow of what it once was – having transformed from a private sanctuary into a sex hotel despite repeated calls for it to be turned into a museum preserving his legacy. This may be the Karma of the late star.

According to the footage shown in the ’73 BL’s documentary, besides a sizeable collection of books and posters, one whole wall near Bruce’s study room was covered in artsy wallpaper featuring nude women and there was a naked woman photo hanging on the wall. This seems to be Bruce’s favorite though from an artistic point of view, they were just arts rather than sexual decorations.

The widowed Linda moved back to the US with Brandon, then 8, and Shannon, 4, after her husband’s death. In 1974, HK businessman cum tycoon Yu Pang-lin–a self-made man who rose from toilet cleaner to billionaire philanthropist –reportedly bought the property from GH studio’s founder Raymond Chow (a close friend and business party of Bruce) for about HK$1 million. Many of his properties were rented by love hotel operators, earning Yu a moniker he detested – “Love Hotel King”, according to a report in The Globe and Mail. This was why, by the late 2000s, the Kung Fu legend’s home had become a hotel for a few hours' trysts. Gone were the yellow front gates and lush garden of Bruce Lee's time as it was replaced by a carpark and wrought metal gates.

By early 2009, the HK government had liaised with Yu. Both parties had agreed to restore Bruce’s house into its original look and made it into a Bruce Lee’s memorial museum. Yu agree to donate his property without condition but hope that the government would build a big size Bruce Lee’s museum and developed it into a tourism spot. He suggested building a martial arts kwoon, cinema and library etc. in the museum and be managed by the government. In November that year, Times Magazine’s Internet poll showed that Bruce’s house in Cumberland Road ranked 13th among the 25 Asian’s Experiences which the tourists shouldn’t missed.

However, in June 2011, the HK government announced that due to the differences in the ideas of the restoration works with Yu, it had decided to temporarily shelve the project of building of Bruce’s museum. From then on till now, the building had been left vacant for quite some time. Yu died last year (2015) due to illness and the HK government announced the project is aborted.

If time could turn around, many BL fans would prefer Bruce not died or rather died in his own house than in Betty Ting’s house. But time cannot change things that had taken place, so, fans have to accept, move on and preserve his legacy in other ways which are within their capabilities.

Photos of dragon’s lair & related images:

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