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January 8 2017 at 7:47 AM
LJF  (Login LJF)

Response to Questions for LJF

Hi KFMan,

Thanks for your comment. About your queries, I'm writing from I know.

1. Half true. Bruce's Mandarin was bad because of the difficulty in pronouncing Chinese words (4 keys in tones). He did speak a bit of broken Mandarin though. Eunice Lam said Bruce dropped out of the Mandarin class in the university a week after he attended. However, Bruce was excellent in his Cantonese, a Southern dialect of the Chinese since he was born in a Cantonese speaking family and his father was a Cantonese opera comedian. The first president of ROC, Dr Sun Yet-Sun almost wanted Cantonese to be the national language but did not get the full support of his people. Cantonese is also a kind of Chinese language which its words are written in Chinese as well. Bruce learnt Chinese words and his understanding of it actually was much better than many of the HK people. Most likely he was influenced by his father's Cantonese opera singing. Bruice wrote Chinese poems to Eunice Lam and Chinese letters to HK friends and Wong Shun-Leung. Also, his 2 JKD signs, "Using No Way As Way; Having No Limitation As Limitation" were actually written in Chinese first before translated into English. It has a profound meaning in it. If his Chinese was no good, how could he penned and used those profound words. Not forgetting he had written a Chinese "Fist Sutra" which contained very profound fighting strategies and skills of JKD. So, he had not much difficult reading and understanding the Chinese Gung Fu manuals he collected.
Of course, Bruce's English standard which he had improved over the years in the U.S. was definitely much better than his mother tongue, Chinese.

2. Yes, Bruce practised Internal styles which I had written in my previous articles. Tai Chi,Hsing-I, Ba Kua, Ngan Chi Kung etc. were some of the internal style he practised before (I'd write more on this topic next time). He used the Chi to strengthen the power in his kicks and punches too. 1-inch punch, Jing Mo iron Finger, Whip kick are some examples of his internal style skills. People who didn't understand fully about Bruce's skills did have the misconception of the skill Bruce trained in. Bruce trained hard but his death was not caused by misappropriate or extreme trainings.

3. Already clarified before. It was a rumor that Bruce fought a group of Japanese Karate Black Belts at the U.S. airport in the presence of James Coburn. Coburn had never say anything about that. Bruce also told Unicorn in his letter it was just a rumor, he was perfectly fine. Bruce, however, did spar and beat Karate black belts in the U.S. many times as he told Unicorn and his Wing Chun brothers.

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