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Project on Game of Death

March 5 2017 at 3:35 AM
Hiro  (no login)


If anyone has the technical knowhow and expertise in video and software, and is interested to do a project based on original BL's original storyline. Then, here are my suggestions:

Use photos, drawings and footage from the documentary 'A Warrior's Journey', Enter the Dragon, the 1978 Game of Death and The documentary 'Bruce Lee: Legend' to reconstruct the closest possible film to what Bruce had wanted.
Also, may consider some clips of Bruce Le fighting with Pagoda guardians in 'Enter The Game of Death,' Bruce Li's 'The Last Game of Death' and Bruce Lung 'The True Game of Death.'

Footage -

- New opening credits
- Footage from GOD original storyline featuring Bruce's character (no footage, then use photos of Bruce,Nora and insert a child photo at Kai Tek Airport) at the Korean ariport and his siblings being kidnapped
- Bruce at the Gang hideout talking to boss and learning of his plan (also from the GOD storyline video)
- Footage of the bosses plan and bosses henchmen training (GOD Storyline)
- Bruce talking to his little brother and sister the day before the fighting (GOD storyline)
- Bruce and gang going to pagoda plus various shots of outside of pagoda / training / statue shots (A Warrior's Journey, Legend and GOD Storyline and Enter the Dragon footage)
- Shots of Bruce and allies reached pagoda, if no footage, use drawings and stills to assemble the group (GOD Storyline)
- Bruce fight against a group of Karatekas (Fist of Fury's Dojo scene with Legend docu outdoor scenes intercut)
- Entrance fight against Hwang In-Shik (Bruce fight Hwang in WOTD, shown; if can find and insert Tang Lung vs Hwang directed by Sammo in 1977 will be a bonus)
- First floor - Bruce v.s. Taky (Using clips from Bruce Le, Bruce Li and Bruce Lung and close up of Bruce and Taky)
- Final 3 pagoda level fights in full complete form and Bruce going down the steps of the pagoda (end of 'A Warrior's Journey Documentary')
- Bruce walking outside and away from Pagoda (GOD storyline)

Many footage are available on DVDs and youtube. Let fans work together as I believe there are some fans out on this forum who also think he deserves a cut of the original story. Any feedback or thought on this?

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