Way of The Dragon’s Sequel – An envision into Bruce’s unmade project

March 9 2017 at 11:03 AM
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Bruce told some of his co-workers like Chaplin Chang that he intended to make a sequel to WOTD and he liked Tang Lung, the main character very much. WOTD originally was made for the Asian audience. So, the sequel to WOTD would mainly for the International audience, especially the West after the success of ETD.

Remember at the ending of WOTD, Tang Lung’s uncle sent a telegram to ask Bruce to go somewhere else to help someone? This remark carries a foreshadowing of what is to follow later on in the sequel.

WOTD was initially scheduled to be shot in the U.S. and the background was the mafia gang v.s. a restaurant in Chinatown. Yet due to budget and other constraints, it was shot in Rome instead. For the sequel, it would be backed by WB with a bigger budget. Bruce should have filmed it in the U.S. since he would have moved back to his birth place after the huge success of ETD and upon completion of GAME.

Bruce penned his WOTD character’s name Tang Lung, literally means Chinese Dragon. In this sequel, he might want to introduce a new character, Tang Fu, literally means Chinese Tiger, his twin brother, which would be played by none other Bruce himself. Since nobody could match his ability. Bruce had long wanted to play 4 characters in his unmade movie, Silent Flute. So, this would sort of realized his dream despite it would be a greater challenge to him after playing cameo roles for a telephone technician, a rickshaw driver and an old newspaper vendor in FOF. Tang Hu, the younger twin brother, would have a diverse character as Tang Lung, much more sophisticated, intelligent, eloquent and well-groomed than his elder twin.

Again, this story would have similar themes to WOTD like the Mafia harassing the Chinese restaurant (maybe change to Chinese community) and Bruce was sent by his uncle to help his fellow country men overseas. Some of his good counterparts are fighters in their own rights who could play by Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Ron Van Clief.

Examples of casting candidates for consideration:

Mafia Boss: Marlon Brando or Jack Nicholson

Bad characters: Bob Baker, Bob Wall, Joe Lewis, Ed Parker, Yausaki Kurata, Jesse Glover, Howard Williams etc.

Chinese waiters/ sidekicks: Sam Hui, Peter Chin, Sammo Hung, Lee Kun, Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Wah, Bee Chan etc.

U.S. female characters: Sophia Loren or Barbara Streisand (as Mafia’s wife), Anne Winton

Chinese female characters: Angela Mao, Connie Chan Po Chu, Cheng Pei-Pei etc.

Who would you think the stars that are suitable to play the characters of the new mafia boss, his Karate fighters and the Chinese waiters as well as the beautiful female lead?

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