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Re: To Ivan: Mantis is not the name of Hall of Unknown

March 9 2017 at 4:31 PM
LJF  (Login LJF)

Response to Re: To Ivan: Mantis is not the name of Hall of Unknown

Hi Julian,

In the asylum scene, Hai Tien's student - Huang only repeatedly muttered, "Unbelievable agility and power!" with reference to the guardian of "Hall of Unknown." But no "mantis" was mentioned here.

The above scene has nothing to do with the training garden scene where "mantis" was mentioned.

Just to recap and fast forward to the later scene. Remember Hai Tien's thoughts (in Chinese) when fighting Jabbar? Here is my translation on Bruce's Chinese phrase in his notes. It reads, "The ultimate core strength of 'mantis' is that it is able to put life and death out of his mind; it has no distracting thoughts and therefore, it is able to completely focus in fighting against the enemy's intrusion (attack)." This is related to the 'mantis' which was mentioned in the training garden.

Ok, revert back to the training garden scene. Bruce notes read, "[b] About Mantis -- pull girl away and back with tears in her eyes." Here, the 'mantis' is not referring to the asylum scene nor Jabbar's name. It is Hai Tien who wants to concentrate, pulls his sister away when she and the kid 'peeped' at their training. Bruce told his sister that he will be going for a big brawl the next day and it's a matter of life and death situation. He wanted his sister to look after their kid brother while he is away so that he can focus on his mission. Hai Tien's situation is similar to a 'mantis' that is going to engage in a fight now in which he has to put the matter of life and death out of his mind without any distracting thoughts (i.e. his siblings) and completely focus in fighting against the enemy (i.e. pagoda's fight)." He may have to sacrifice his life in order to save his siblings. After his sister knows that his elder brother may lose his life in the pagoda's raid the next day, tears uncontrollablly wet her eyes.

I'm trying to stand as close to Bruce's position and interpret his Chinese words as accurate as possible from the Chinese perspective. Maybe it's not 100% accurate. But that's my interpretation. Thanks! :)

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