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More appropriate - Omitted Scenes

March 14 2017 at 8:26 AM
LJF  (Login LJF)

Response to Way of The Dragon’s Sequel – An envision into Bruce’s unmade project

Unlike TBB and FOF which were completed within 1.5 months, WOTD was out of schedule and completed nearly 3 months (from early May ’72 to mid July ’72). More footage was definitely shot. According to WOTD’s assistant cameraman Leung Hey-Ming, WOTD was Bruce’s debut directorial work, thus, he had more reasons to shoot more to get the perfect takes for his final selection. As for Chuck Norris, he had stayed in HK for more than 3 weeks from 18th May till 13th Jun. and Wall until 15th Jun. According to Norris, it took him 3 days to complete the indoor Coliseum’s fight scene which started in early June. And about a day for him to shoot the Mafia Boss office scene with Hwang and Wall. So way before 10th Jun, Norris actually had completed his 2 important scenes and was staying behind to see the rest filming.

Leung remembers some rehearsals of Bruce, Norris, Wall, Hwang with some of the waiters and thugs were being shot but it was never intended for the actual film. This might be the reason why Norris had thought he filmed more than 2 scenes in HK. There were photos of waiter, Thomas Chan practicing with Wall and Norris outside GH studio and Unicorn kicking with Hwang at the New Territory. Wu Ngan who were missing from the countryside scene actually was present behind the scene as seen in the outdoor location photos in NT (refer to photos below this post).

Where were the 2 missing waiters – Wu Ngan and Robert Chan?
Why Robert Chan and Wu Ngan were absent from the end Rome’s countryside scene? They were likely protecting Nora Miao and Gam Dai at the restaurant. Yet why the old Chef, Wong Chun Shun were accompanied by Tony Liu, Thomas Chan, Unicorn Chan and Bruce to meet the Mafia Boss? He was likely representing Nora Miao to head for the negotiation. Moreover, Wu Ngan and Robert Chan still didn’t appear when Gam Dai and Nora reached the countryside with the Police. Ok, say they were still at the restaurant but what for? It’s not operating as the Chef (Wong Chung Shun) was absent and both Gam Dai and Nora were out there with the police chasing the mafia boss until the countryside. These 2 martial arts practitioners should had more reasons to keep company with Gam and Nora.

Rome’s Cemetery scene
The most mysterious part was only Gam Dai and Nora were at the Rome cemetery. Shouldn’t both Wu Ngan and Robert Chan be present to see their “restaurant brothers'” burials? In actual fact, Gam Dai didn’t fly to film the Rome’s cemetery scene and Bruce got Chaplin Chang to stand in for him (source: SK’s “Legends of The Dragon”). There’s a photo of Gam Dai and Nora being shot at the New Territory and a young onlooker was standing nearby. The scene where Bruce was waving to Gam actually was his stand-in, Chaplin Chang. It makes sense that both Wu Ngan and Robert Chan should be present at the funeral burial. If so, Bruce could get Ricky Chik and Leung Hey-Ming (both at Rome location shooting) to stand-in for Wu Ngan and Robert Chan respectively just like Chaplin Chang stand-in for Gam Dai. Bruce, being a meticulous guy and perfectionist wouldn’t miss this important details. So, what’s happening?

Death of the waiters
Robert Chan told a Shanghainese fan, Lei in 2012 that he and Wu were “killed” when asked why both were missing at the ending scene. But how and by whom? He never elaborated. If look further in, it may happen that while Bruce and his team were at the countryside, the Mafia boss and his thugs went to look for Nora in the restaurant. Nora called the police. They had a fight and both Wu Ngan and Robert Chan were killed. The police arrived at the restaurant and arrested the injured thugs. The mafia boss escaped. The police together with Nora and Gam Dai gave chase. This explains why immediately after the boss arrived at the countryside and shot Paul Wei and Wong Chung Shun, the police followed behind and arrested him. Leung agreed that Bruce might have omitted these scenes as this would take up too much time and tightening the film was crucial. To call them delete scenes may not be appropriate since they have not been shot but omitted scenes would justify the above scenarios.

Photos of Norris and WOTD’s ending scene at NT:

Photos of the WOTD’s cemetary scene and missing waiters:

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