Peeping Room scene from The Big Boss (and other tidbits)

March 19 2017 at 3:36 AM
Bart  (Login Bartnopolis)

Way back in the 80s, I used to rent/watch a rank pre cert tape of the Big Boss (aka Fists of Fury) from video world in barnstaple; it was 30mins longer than the current PAL release. I've seen it many times throughout the late 80's. While it's been a long time and I can't remember everything from the top of my head, I can at least confirm that most (if not all) of the scenes described in the Big Boss missing scenes are included in said tape, including a few that aren't mentioned in the article at all, presumably because they were simply not present at the 1979 London presentation.

In the aforementioned article, there was a mention of a scene in which a woman was spying on the room Cheng Chao-An (Bruce Lee) was in whilst he was having vigorous intercourse with the second prostitute. Said scene was cut out by HK censors immediately after it's 1971 release, and believe it or not, I can attest to it's existence. In fact because of my age (9-10) at the time I would often look away, embarrassed at seeing Cheng's arse going up and down whilst making love. I personally can't remember them making a lot of noise but the person peeping through the wall is correct, and one could also see Cheng completely naked from behind when he was crawled on top of the prostitute, and one could also see her on the bed full frontal with her flesh exposed and all. To be honest I reckon this is most likely the reason in my opinion that the entire brothel sequence will never see an "official" release; I don't believe the Lee family will permit it because of maybe damaging his legacy, at least in my opinion.

Besides that, the only other bit of lewdness I remember is when Cheng gets drunk in the banquet in the brothel/restaurant/whatever and he is looking at Malalene, then when he blinks and blurs to try and focus he sees her and the other two chicks topless.

I may as well give my two cents towards the "saw in the head" scene, because it was also included in the pre cert tape and also left me with an ever lasting impression. On said scene Cheng actually slices the bloke in half right down through the middle and his body for to the ground in two directions...lots of blood and you see body in half on the ground. I'd assume they cut it from all other releases because of how extremely graphic even for today's standards.

There is certainly several other tidbits missing throughout the movie up including the final fight, but can't recall everything. I do know for sure that Cheng picks up one of the guys on the grass and brutally breaks his back on his knee, in the same way as Bruce does in Game of Death with Ji Han Jae.

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