April 4 2017 at 3:09 AM
Jacky  (Login drunkenfist)

Response to Re: Further evidences to Bruce's idea on "The Warrior"


At least we know Bruce Lee did create the concept for The Warrior. He did not lied. His notes, letters and interviews speak for themselves.

Ed Spielman had created his own Kung Fu script which apparently had Bruce Lee's input. Wikipedia claims Spielman created that 44 pages script titled, Kung Fu: The Way of the Tiger, The Sign of the Dragon in the mid 60s. Many fans like me have doubts of the word, "Kung Fu" being used by a white in his title as "Kung Fu" was scarcely known to the West, especially in the 60's until Bruce Lee popularized it. This is a fact, don't try to twist it. Most of the people especially the Americans back then address Kung Fu as The Oriental Fighting Arts or Chinese Karate. They would never address it as Kung Fu. This is a big loophole or giveaway about the title, Kung Fu being created in the mid 60's. Wikipedia is just taking from what Spielman had said. If Bruce is alive, he would refute this. Anyway, dead man can't talk back.

Also, way before Kung Fu series was filmed in 1972, Bruce Lee had already revealed some outline of the The Warrior's story in Oct 71 issue of HK Four Seas magazine (refer to LJF post). I found it matches the Kung Fu series' storyline. This shows Bruce Lee did partipate and contribute his idea to the series beforehand. He had created his idea of The Warrior which shouldn't be overlooked and he should take the credits he well deserved.

My highest respect to Bruce Lee for his great contribution to Kung Fu, the Chinese form of martial art otherwise it may not achieved its worldwide status as it is now.

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