Bruce’s letter: to receive $25,000 from Warner for his commitment in “The Warrior”

April 4 2017 at 11:52 AM
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Guys who are on this discussion topic for “Bruce’s idea on The Warrior”, please make sure we’re all on the same page otherwise the discussion would be fruitless and lead to no where. Let’s first AGREE on the following 3 points or else just steer away from this discussion:

1. Bruce created a Kung Fu western called “The Warrior,” it was a similar but SEPARATE idea from Ed Spielman's Kung Fu which became the TV show. (AGREE?)

2. Bruce attended the pre-Kung Fu TV series discussions and contributed his ideas where they might have inspired the Kung Fu TV script to some extent? (It was a movie script by Ed Spielman initially and later converted into a TV script) (AGREE?)

3. Herbie J. Pilato claim of "Bruce had his own ideas and aspirations but that has nothing to do with Ed Spielman's groundbreaking and original work is debatable. (AGREE?)

My take is that Bruce created the ideas for “The Warrior” though it’s different from Ed Spielman’s Kung Fu TV series but Bruce did contribute his ideas which some of them may have been discarded or accepted otherwise what for getting Bruce involved in those discussions. As to what were his ideas, it’s very controversial because the opposite party might disagree to the claims. Bruce’s Warrior notes need to be reviewed in order to see the truth.(Note: these pile of notes not script, probably has the whole story mapped out as Shannon planned to get movie director Justin Lin to convert them into script and made into a film or TV series)

Warner’s Chairman then, Ted Ashley should have a better idea of the whole story because he was present in some of the discussion meetings of “The Warrior” with Bruce (Fred Weintraub didn't attend these meetings) as evident in the letters Bruce wrote to him. The lead role was initially intended for Bruce but the proposal did not get the ABC Network’s approval. “There is circumstantial evidence for this in a December 8, 1971 television interview that Bruce Lee gave on The Pierre Berton Show. In the interview, Lee stated that he had developed a concept for a television series called The Warrior, meant to star himself, about a martial artist in the American Old West (the same concept as Kung Fu, which aired the following year), but that he was having trouble pitching it to Warner Brothers and Paramount.... Whether or not Kung Fu was based on a concept by Lee, he was undoubtedly considered for the starring role.” – Wikipedia: “Bruce Lee’s involvement”

Bruce mentioned to Ted Ashley in his letter after he was dropped for the TV series (refer to letter 2 below) that he was expecting Warner Bro to pay him a sum of $25,000 for his commitment in “The Warrior” (Dec 71- Dec 72, i.e. 1 year) and requested the money to be sent to his HK’s address. This is likely the remuneration Bruce was asking for his commitment for “The Warrior.” What commitment but he was dropped from the casting? The shooting of Kung Fu probably began in Dec 71 as the premiere was on Feb’72. So, this also proves Bruce has something to do with this Kung Fu TV series though Bruce later focussed on making movies in HK while Kung Fu series was in the process of filming in the U.S.

It was also not true that it was until 1989 that the talking of “The Warrior” idea created by Bruce was shown in the movie “The Bruce Lee Story.” As early as 1971, Bruce was talking loud publicly in HK magazines, newspapers and even on HK-TV & Pierre Berton’s talk show about “The Warrior” already. ABC Network or Ted Ashley should have sent someone to stop him and correct his views. But they all didn’t. Instead, Warner was going to pay Bruce’s money for “The Warrior.” Why? The picture is getting clear now. Think about it yourself, no more spoonfeeding.


LETTER 1 to Ted Ashley (Circa Sep or Oct 1971)

A personal short note to thank you and to tell you how much I appreciated your presence at the meeting. [Note: The Warrior]

Thank you, Ted.
Hello to Linda,

(Source: Letters of the Dragon, pg. 162)

Letter 2 to Ted Ashley (Dec 16th, 1971)
Dear Ted,

I am sorry to hear about the outcome of “The Warrior.” Well, you cannot win them all, but damn it, I am going to win one of these days.

Several things, I [would] like to talk [about] with you:
(A) ..….
(B) ……
(C) In my commitment with Warner for “The Warrior” dating from Dec 71 to Dec 72, I think I have $25,000 coming to me. Warner can send it to my address [in]…HK.

……. Again, thank you kindly for your kind participation on the initial stage of “The Warrior.”

Take care my friend….


(Source: Letters of the Dragon, pg. 162-163)


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