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April 4 2017 at 11:54 AM
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I wish I could read those GAME’s notes on this Leopard floor and some doubts would be cleared. I agreed with Nick that Bruce had already planned the fight choreography (at least some if not all) for the Leopard floor and waiting for Taky Kimura to come for shooting on Oct 8th ’72. Of course, the fight choreography would be modified as the shooting goes along just like the previous floors of Inosanto and Jabbar. Taky didn’t come, so Bruce moved on to shoot Ji Han Jae’s floor with the fight choreography being laid out in his GAME’s notes.

I doubt Bruce would plan to use more than one guardian on that level because no notes or words from Bruce on this version has ever been found. The Han’s trophy room’s screentest was just a test shooting of how fist/hand (Wing Chun) would flare in front of the camera and maybe some rehearsals of the fight. But yes, like what Bruce planned, the guardian on this floor would be using Praying Mantis style with some “elements of Wing Chun” and even to the extent of Choy Li Fut’s Pao Kuen or Leopard Fist (these styles’ front hand striking bear some similarities; also, Bruce who practiced Wing Chun, Northern & Southern Mantis fists and Choy Li Fut would want the audience to see how fast and aggressive of the “fiery hand style” is going to meet with his flexible JKD – “The style of no style.” In this case, Taky who learnt not only Wing Chun but also Mantis and CLF from Bruce would seem to be a better candidate than Wong who focused in Wing Chun only).

In fact, the pagoda guardian of every level is specialized in different departments, i.e. Hwang - kick, Taky - fist, Inosanto - weapon, Ji – grappling, Jabbar – free style. I read somewhere in a 70’s HK BL magazine (sorry, can’t remember the actual magazine’s title) that Bruce might want the 5 natural elements from I-Ching. i.e. “Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth” to be incorporated and each represent the various 5 pagoda guardians. If so, the 5 elements are classified according to their traits and would therefore be: kick - wood, fist - fire, weapon – gold, grappling – earth, free style – water. IMO, the philosophical aspect of overcoming the 5 elements is like entering the door to Enlightenment. That might be an idea but yet to be confirmed.

Anyway, Bruce must have come out with something in his mind (fight choreography, dialogue, philosophy etc.) for this Leopard floor during the 6 months interval period, i.e. from Oct’72 (GAME’s shooting) till Apr’73 (Wong’s GAME screentest). Just hope more relevant notes or info will emerge in the future to reveal more about Bruce’s GAME’s ideas.


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