More Evidences "The Warrior" was later called "Kung Fu"

April 7 2017 at 9:12 AM
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"The Warrior" and "Kung Fu" are the similar concept, with the exact proposed same star (Bruce) in the lead, to be produced by the exact same studio and discussed by the same two parties (Bruce & Warners) at the exact same time. Obviously "The Warrior" was the earlier title of "Kung Fu" series (Not to mix up with Ed Spielman’s movie script – Kung Fu, which was later converted into a tv script).

Evidences “The Warrior” was later called “Kung Fu”:

1) The George Takei narrated documentary “The curse of the Dragon" (1993) produced by Fred Weintraub, documented the fact that Warner Bros took“The Warrior” idea from Bruce and giving it another name called “Kung Fu.”The studio starred David Carridine out of fear of the non-acceptance by the American audience on a non-white Asian American as the lead in its “Kung Fu” series. It’s produced by Fred Weintraub, so 100% solid proof that “The Warrior” title is the pre-title of the “Kung Fu” series.

2) The book “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew” (1974) written by Linda Lee Cadwell which made similar claim has a surprise. Specific data about the book retrieved from revealed that it was published by Warner Books, like Warner Bros. Studios a Warner Communications (now Time Warner) company. It’s almost impossible to believe that they would publish a book that accused them of such an act! If Linda accuses Warner Bros. of outright theft (a crime), their book publishing division most certainly would not want to print such words. No question of that. Yet it was published and sold well worldwide.

3)In “Enter the Dragon: Special Edition DVD, Les Dossiers de KB #1, Kung Fu on TNT,” Paul Heller describes, “Fred Weintraub approached Bruce with this same television concept called “The Warrior,” about a young Shaolin monk who had to flee and came to the West. He was the one who championed all the Chinese workers on the railroads and righted their wrongs. And it was a wonderful script, but nobody was interested in a Chinese actor as the star…” Also, ETD scriptwriter Michael Allin said, “And of the role that seemed tailor-made for Lee’s purposes, television studio heads instead chose Caucasian actor David Carradine after laborious input from Bruce into the series. Bruce was terribly disappointed to have lost that role.”

4) INTERNET MOVIE DATA BASE (IMDB): "Kung Fu" Also Known As (AKA) "The Warrior" USA (working title). ( If the info is wrong, ABC or Warners would have it amended long ago.

“Warner Bros. was considering him for the lead in a series actually developed with Lee in mind, called “The Warrior,” which eventually became “Kung Fu” and went to David Carradine instead.” If the info is wrong, ABC or Warners would have wanted the magazine to apologize and correct the mistake long ago.

“The Big Boss was a smash hit. It broke the previously held box-office record for films in Hong Kong (The Sound of Music), and was a big success throughout Asia. About this time, Bruce got news that The Warrior, the concept he'd come up with, was being made in the United States without him. Studio executives and producers didn't think a Chinese man would be accepted by American audiences and gave the role to David Carradine. The show was renamed "Kung Fu."Again,if the info is wrong, ABC or Warners would have it amended long ago.

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