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No Evidences "The Warrior" was later called "Kung Fu"

April 8 2017 at 5:29 AM
JKD54  (Login JKD54)

Response to More Evidences "The Warrior" was later called "Kung Fu"

1). I just finished watching The Curse of the Dragon again. There is no specific mention of The Warrior or the Kung Fu TV series in that documentary.

2). In The Man Only I know, Linda Lee didn't say The Warrior was the original title for Kung Fu, nor did she say that Kung Fu was originally Bruce's idea. Linda says that Warner Bros had decided to do a martial arts TV series and that: "Bruce himself had been working on the idea of a Shaolin priest, a master of kung fu, who roamed America and finds himself in various exploits. The studio contacted him and he was soon deeply involved. He contributed numerous ideas, many of which were eventually incorporated in the resulting TV success, Kung Fu, starring David Carradine." This implies Warner Bros already had their own project, and Bruce already had his own project, and that Bruce simply contributed ideas to the Warner's project.

3). I have the ETD special edition DVD. Paul Heller does NOT say “Fred Weintraub approached Bruce with this same television concept called “The Warrior." That is simply NOT on the Commentary.

Paul Heller says at 19:49, "We had developed a screenplay called I think Sign of the Tiger, Way of the Dragon', which was about a young Shaolin monk who had to flee and came to the West and became a champion--it was based on somewhat of a fable but---that he was the one who championed all the Chinese workers on the railroads, and righted their wrongs. And it was a wonderful script, but nobody was interested in a Chinese actor as the star. And ultimately it became the TV series Kung Fu."

4). Anyone with an account can add info to IMDB (like Wikipedia). I've even contributed info to IMDB. But unlike Wikipedia, IMDB doesn't require people to provide verifiable sources. IMDB is notoriously unreliable, and lots of actors complain about the info about them on there. So no, if there is wrong information on IMDB it doesn't mean it will always be corrected, especially by someone at Warner Bros or ABC.

5). Anyone can write anything on the internet. Warner Brothers or ABC are not in the business of scouring the whole internet in order to fact check errors and demand apologies. Something written on a Kung Fu magazine's website doesn't necessarily make it true, and I doubt it's on any studio's radar.

6). That article doesn't cite a quote or source for that particular passage. There are sources listed at the bottom of it, but none of them are what could be called solid, or come from anyone connected with Warner Brothers or ABC.

If your argument is that Warner Bros or ABC would be going around suing or correcting all these sites and sources and demanding apologies for saying things that weren't true, then the same thing could be said for Ed Spielman, who is officially credited with creating the Kung Fu TV series. I doubt either Warner Bros or Ed Spielman has the time or inclination to bother with this nowadays.

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