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April 8 2017 at 7:51 AM
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Bruce famous philosophical quote, "Empty your cup before you can drink my tea."
Let's follow this spirit in the discussion.

1) Not “Curse of The Dragon”, sorry, it should be “The Warrior’s Journey” (2000) PRODUCED BY WARNER. In the part “The Struggle,” 40:20 – 40:55, Taky said,“He (Bruce) conceives an idea for a tv series that will feature martial art philosophy ORIGINALLY TO BE CALLED THE WARRIOR BUT LATER RENAMED KUNG FU…”, Linda continued,“Even he conceived the idea of the Kung Fu series and had many planning discussions with the eventual producers of the Kung Fu series when it got right down to it, they did not hire Bruce to play the part of the lead part in Kung Fu instead going for a Caucasian man and the word that Bruce because he was Chinese was not considered a bankable commodity.” It’s produced by Warner, so, the narrations above should have gotten its approval otherwise they wouldn’t make it to the documentary.

2) NOT TRUE. According to Linda, Bruce contributed his ideas to Warner (though never specifically mention “The Warrior” but the STORYLINE as she described is “The Warrior”). She also said,“many were incorporated in the resulting TV success, Kung Fu”. This means Bruce contributed his “Warrior” ideas who were then incorporated it into Warner’s own project which was likely that it did not have a confirmed working title at that time. This is why when Berton asked Bruce in early Dec 1971 interview, he was asking about "The Warrior" and Bruce too, replied and referred it as "The Warrior." Thus, both were no doubt, talking and referring it to “The Warrior” which we know it is the “Kung Fu” role that Warner initially considered Bruce for.
Unless, you are referring Bruce was talking “The Warrior” and “Kung Fu,” the two different projects with Warner concurrently which is hardly the case.

Put it this way, let’s say Bruce’s ideas is A (Bruce’s title), Warner’s planned project is B (unmade & unfinalized script), A+B= AB (working title) which is ultimately the made Kung Fu series (working title). A is the pre-title of AB does not contradict that both are different things since A may represent raw ideas while AB is the confirmed working title for the completed t.v. script.

3) Paul Heller himself mentioned that they had developed a screenplay called “Sign of the Tiger, Way of the Dragon” (never mention “Kung Fu”) so it’s almost sure that at the time of the discussion between Bruce and Warner, the working title is not confirmed yet as Paul Heller continued to say, “ultimately it became the TV series Kung Fu." So, related to point 2, apparently, they were having discussions about “The Warrior” which Berton must have learnt it from his tv research crew who did the research and got the info from Hollywood. He then asked Bruce about the planned tv series he was considered for.

For point 4-6, since you argue that these sites are not reliable, ok, then let's put them aside. However, 1-3 above have enough evidences, especially 1, has clearly pointed out that the original title of Kung Fu (working title) is The Warrior. If not, Warner would have scrapped the words from the original narrations in the documentary. But it didn’t.

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