Re: IMDB: "Kung Fu" Also Known As (AKA) "The Warrior" USA (working title)

April 9 2017 at 7:27 AM
KFMan  (Login jklee)

Response to Re: IMDB: "Kung Fu" Also Known As (AKA) "The Warrior" USA (working title)

The FACT is IMDB requires verification and not anybody can post anything without being verified. I, myself have submitted to IMDB before and some of the info which was unverified did not appear until I provide them with sufficient sources and proof. Stars and celebrities who complained on IMDB have also complained on Wikipedia and other sites too. So, it’s normal that even very established sites like IMDB and Wikipedia do receive complains.

Here is what they told me when I fail to get my info updated and the steps to submit additional verification for credit submission:

When a submitted update doesn't show up within the normal time-frame, this usually means that we have not been able to verify it; in this situation, the best way to ensure that it is accepted is to supply additional supporting evidence. Typically/ideally this consists of a screen grab/capture showing the person's name and credit as it appears in the main or end titles of the film or show. Other verification may include proof of employment (pay stubs or receipts, call sheets, contracts) showing that the person worked on the production, or mentions of the person's role on the production in media articles from reputable third party sources etc.

Here are the steps:

1. Upload these screen-grabs or data somewhere on the Web where we can access it and make a note of the links/URLs pointing to it. Please note that the information must be publicly accessible on the web, so do not upload anything you are not comfortable sharing

2.Find your original submission in your update history at

3.. Verify that all the data is still valid. If you need to update/amend the information, you can do so and resubmit the entry.

4. Make a note of the update reference number (it's the number composed of three groups of 6 digits separated by dashes, e.g. 160227-090001-134000)

5. Go to this page:

6. Fill in the form with all the information (the update reference number and all the URLs pointing to the additional verification for that submission). At least one link is mandatory. If you have more than three, use the 'comment' field to add them.

7. Enter any additional information, comment or feedback in the 'comment' field. The more data/evidence you supply, the better.

8. Submit the form.

Our data managers will review the links you have supplied and use them to re-examine the update. If they can verify that the submission is eligible to be included, they will accept it.

It’s also even more absurd for you to think that the Kung Fu info is incorrect just because you didn't agree that the working title should be The Warrior, whereby IMDB has verified its accuracy. I also don’t know why you accuse IMDB by saying that it is obviously trying to protect its reputation just because they talked to me . It’s a SERIOUS ACCUSATION. You should provide EVIDENCE to support your accusation. All in all, if you mean the Kung Fu info listed in IMDB are all false, then it should also include the creator Ed Spielman too. Unbelievable!

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