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April 15 2017 at 11:54 AM
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Thanks, Wira. The rest are just as good in their views but all should try to mutually respect different opinions despite any disagreement. As the saying goes, "Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter." As ONE family under the sky, let’s not forget Bruce’s reminder, “Peace, Love, Brotherhood.”

In fact, poser, like jkdragon has provided quite good analysis with appropriate examples. Also, Rockfish and a few cited several Bruce’s ideas being copied by Kung Fu series are relevant and significant. They are all worth a deeper thought on many Bruce’s ideas that were being used without given any credits.

As for the title “Kung Fu” aka “The Warrior”, except for few ignorant ones, most BL fans generally understand the interconnections between the two titles. It has since published in many magazines, books, newspapers from 1971 until today. There is not much dispute over this or evidence to prove otherwise. However, like what Nick said, hopefully Bruce’s piles of original Warrior’s notes with dates could be revealed so that many things will see the daylight. For the time being, I could only lay the EXISTING PROOF on the table for you to see the interconnections between the 2 titles/ concepts.

1) Mid Oct 1971 - Bruce told the HK journalists about “THE WARRIOR”
“There’s a script called ‘THE WARRIOR’ which I like it very much… It will BEGIN SHOOTING IN NOV. I’m the lead actor in ‘THE WARRIOR’ TV series… It’s very important in my life as in the U.S., there has never been a Chinese leading actor in a TV series or movie before. Even in ‘The Green Hornet’ and ‘Longstreet’, I got to play only the second lead. That’s why I’m very concerned about ‘THE WARRIOR’ TV series….It’s a very creative, special and legendary kind of a story. In this story, the lead character killed the Emperor’s uncle of the Ching dynasty, fled to the West and led a vagrant life. He rode a donkey. A dragon and a tiger tattoo each could be seen on his left and right arms respectively. The image of the lead character is very special. But THE SCRIPT HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED YET...”

(SOURCE: Issue 248 [Oct 29th - Nov 4th, 1971] of “Four Seas Weekly” magazine)

2) 7th Nov 1971 – Bruce getting ready to star in “The WARRIOR” TV Series
“As ‘The Big Boss’ smashes the box office record, there are now many movie producers trying to invite Bruce to make movies. One of them is willing to offer him HK$200,000. But Bruce rejected because he cannot give up the OFFER FROM WARNER BROTHERS, i.e. to star in a Kung Fu TV Series ENTITLED ‘THE WARRIOR’ which FOR THE FIRST TIME will CAST A CHINESE AS THE LEAD IN AN AMERICAN SERIES. IF the proposition goes through, it will be the proudest moment in Bruce’s life and definitely will bring honors to the Chinese. Although some people said this kind of honor is not worth a cent nor is able to bring him any material comfort but this really cannot be measured by monetary rewards alone.”

(SOURCE: HK commercial Daily News dated 7th Nov 1971)

3) 9th Nov 1971 - Warner Bros urges Bruce to return to the U.S. To Make “THE WARRIOR”
“Bruce will be returning to the U.S. shortly as Warner Bros have been sending telegrams and calls to urge Bruce to go back to the U.S. to make ‘THE WARRIOR.’ This is the contract which Bruce signed with Warner Bros before he came to Hong Kong on Oct.”

(SOURCE: HK commercial Daily News dated 9th nov 1971)

4) 18th Nov 1971 – Bruce will fly to the U.S. to make “THE WARRIOR”
“Bruce said probably on 22nd this month, he will fly to the U.S. to make a Kung Fu TV series called ‘THE WARRIOR’. He will likely stay there for around one month before returning to Hong Kong to film the unfinished scenes in ‘Fist of Fury’ and thereafter making another new movie.”

(SOURCE: Commercial Daily News dated 18th Nov 1971)

5) 2nd Dec 1971 – Bruce to make films in Hong Kong or TV series in the U.S.?
“Bruce’s plan has been delayed and there’s a change to shoot ‘THE WARRIOR’ in mid this month. Now, he is still staying in Hong Kong. A movie producer is willing to offer him HK$250,000 per picture. If Bruce agrees, he can make four pictures a year, i.e. total HK$1,000,000 and Bruce would realize his goal very soon. He could then live a wealthy yet not so hectic life. The issue is Bruce has earlier signed a contract with Warner Brothers to make a Kung Fu TV series called ‘THE WARRIOR.’ If Warner insists, Bruce has to fly back to the U.S. But now, there are some issues, i.e. ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) who is partnering Warner Bros to make a Kung Fu TV series, is concerned about the network distribution problem. Bruce may be the first Chinese leading actor in “THE WARRIOR” but there is still common RACISM in the SOUTHERN PART of the U.S. So, this TV series which plans TO STAR A YELLOW-FACED ACTOR IS STILL DOUBTFUL ABOUT THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE SOUTHERN AMERICAN AUDIENCE. ABC is now doing a survey. If the result of the survey is positive, Bruce would then have to annul the contract with Warner and stay in Hong Kong instead. The news reported that THE DECISION WILL BE MADE AND ANNOUNCED EARLY THIS MONTH.”

(SOURCE: HK Commercial Evening News dated 2nd Dec 1971)

6) 7th Dec 1971 – Bruce received TELEGRAM from Warner Bros
“Dear Bruce, Am terribly sorry to tell that I was UNABLE TO WORK OUT the KUNG FU PICTURE for you due to ENORMOUS DIFFERENCES OF OPINION and PRESSURE from THE NETWORK regarding CASTING of this picture. However, we personally committed to develop another project for you and look forward to meeting with you when you return to the states..”

Photo of the telegram:

(SOURCE: Telegram from Warner Bros to Bruce dated 7th Dec 1971)

7) 16th December 1971 – Bruce wrote to Ted Ashley regarding Warner’s TELEGRAM he received
“I am sorry to hear about the outcome of “THE WARRIOR.” Well, you cannot win them all, but damn it, I am going to win one of these days…”

(SOURCE: Letters of the Dragon, pg 162)

8) 9th Dec 1971 - Bruce on “THE WARRIOR” in Pierre Berton’s Show
“There is CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE for this in a December 9th, 1971 television interview that Bruce Lee gave on The Pierre Berton Show. In the interview, Lee stated that he had developed a concept for a television series called THE WARRIOR, meant to star himself, about a martial artist in the American Old West (the SAME CONCEPT as KUNG FU, which aired the following year)

Berton: “Have people come up in the industry and said 'well, we don't know how the audiences are going to take a non-American’?"
Lee: "Well, such question has been raised, in fact, it is being discussed. That is why THE WARRIOR IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE ON."

Whether or not KUNG FU was based on a concept by LEE, he was UNDOUBTEDLY CONSIDERED FOR THE STARRING ROLE.”

(SOURCE – WIKIPEDIA on “Bruce Lee’s involvement” in Kung Fu TV Series)

********************* ********************* ********************* *********************

Obviously, all the above proof such as the concept, time of departing to the U.S., time of Warner’s decision, time of filming, racism issues etc. matched between “KUNG FU” and “THE WARRIOR.” It is almost 99.99% confirmed “The Warrior” (Bruce called it) = “Kung Fu picture” (Warner referred to) = SAME project.

Also, the “KUNG FU PICTURE” in the telegram dated 7th Dec which Warner Bros was referring to was undoubtedly THE WARRIOR as backed up by the above relevant HK newspapers’ & magazine articles. Clearly NO ASSUMPTION is made even Wikipedia too, directly linked “THE WARRIOR” to “KUNG FU” series as having the SAME CONCEPT. Both titles pointed to the SINGLE SAME PROJECT and clearly NO EVIDENCE SHOWS THERE WAS ALTERNATE PROJECT WITH THE SIMILAR STORYLINE in the process of discussion between Warner and Bruce at that stated period of time (i.e. mid to late 1971). THE WARRIOR was the TEMPORARY TITLE that was referring to KUNG FU which Bruce discussed with Berton in his interview as well as with Ted Ashley in the letter he wrote him.

This implies that during the discussion stage, Bruce often quoted the KUNG FU PICTURE as THE WARRIOR. MOST IMPORTANTLY, TED ASHLEY (CHAIRMAN OF WARNER BROS) DEFINITELY KNEW & ACKNOWLEDGED what this TEMPORARY TITLE Bruce was talking about otherwise Bruce would not wrote it in his letter regardless of whether Warner had called it a working title or not. Of course, the title of THE WARRIOR which Bruce called and lost the lead role to was then officially known as KUNG FU when it was premiered in Feb 1972.

(p/s: According to WIKIPEDIA, the working title, sometimes called a production title, is the TEMPORARY TITLE of a project used DURING ITS DEVELOPMENT in filmmaking, television production, etc. One of the main PURPOSES of the working title being used is purely for IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES. Therefore, all the above EVIDENCES JUSTIFY that KUNG FU is also known as (AKA) THE WARRIOR as it was just a TEMPORARY TITLE PURELY FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES.)

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