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April 16 2017 at 4:25 AM
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Response to To S.Wira: The Interconnections Between KUNG FU & THE WARRIOR

LJF said:
"1. Bruce created a Kung Fu western called “The Warrior,” it was a similar but SEPARATE idea from Ed Spielman's Kung Fu which became the TV show. (AGREE?)"

Disagree, since you have now proven The Warrior was the working title for Kung Fu. Kung Fu was originally Ed Spielman's idea from the 1960s. It looks like there was never any separate project of Bruce's called The Warrior.

"2. Bruce attended the pre-Kung Fu TV series discussions and contributed his ideas where they might have inspired the Kung Fu TV script to some extent? (It was a movie script by Ed Spielman initially and later converted into a TV script) (AGREE?)"

Agree, this is possible. But if Bruce contributed ideas, he didn't contribute them directly to Ed Spielman and Howard Friedlander who actually wrote the script. He must have been talking to different people at Warner Brothers (Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller, Ted Ashley, etc)

"3. Herbie J. Pilato claim of "Bruce had his own ideas and aspirations but that has nothing to do with Ed Spielman's groundbreaking and original work is debatable. (AGREE?)"

Disagree. Bruce may have had a similar idea. But the script and concept that eventually became Kung Fu originally belonged to Ed Spielman and Howard Friedlander, because their idea and script predates anything said by Bruce Lee. That is not debatable.

LJF said:
"1) Letter to Jhoon Rhee in early (circa Mar-May) 1971, Bruce wrote, “So, I have created a TV series idea and I should know within a couple of weeks.[5] In the meantime, I am working on another idea for a movie to do in HK (Chinese movie). So action! Action!” (source: Letters of the Dragon, pg 144-145)"

"I have created a TV series". Really? He "created" it? Bruce is obviously lying to Jhoon Rhee.

"Note: [5] – Bruce Lee’s idea, which he entitled “The Warrior,” eventually became the “Kung Fu” TV series. (source: Letters of the Dragon, pg 172)"

Incorrect. The idea which eventually became the Kung Fu TV series was Ed Spielman and Howard Friedlander's idea, not Bruce Lee's. John Little is wrong.

"2) Letter to Larry Hartsell on June 6th, 1971, Bruce wrote, “Am in the process of creating a new TV series based on martial art (i.e. "The Warrior"), hope it will turn out – will let you know.”
(source: Letters of the Dragon, pg 146)"

Again. ....since the script and original concept for Kung Fu / The Warrior already existed, (which Bruce admits when he says, 'There is a script called The Warrior, which I really like''), then Bruce is lying to Larry Hartsell when he says, "I have created a TV series".

LJF said:
"Whether Warner Bro used Bruce's idea or was inspired to created their own script is another matter. Importantly, the TRUTH is Bruce did create the concept for "The Warrior" with lots of handwritten notes being found in his vault but it was never materialized. Lucky for him otherwise he wouldn't become the mega Kung Fu legend we come to know today."

If you are claiming The Warrior became the Kung Fu TV series, then you cannot also claim that Bruce Lee "created the concept for The Warrior" since we've agreed that the script for Kung Fu was written by Ed Spielman and Howard Friedlander in 1970 based on their original concept from the 1960s. Bruce could not have "created the concept for The Warrior". All those handwritten notes Shannon has must obviously be ideas he wanted to add to the existing Kung Fu / Warrior project in 1971.

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