Bruce: Western Setting! Warner + Paramount: No! It's Out!

April 17 2017 at 5:39 PM
Shaolinguy  (Login shaolinguy)

Response to Re: Fred Weintraub Talked About Kung Fu

"JACKY: No doubt about Fred talked to and recommended Lee to the planned TV series. Lee was definitely given the false impression that he was considered for the role right from the start. He wasn't exaggerating since Fred was serious and got him even to meet Tom Kuhn and Warner's Chairman Ted Ashley also sat in for the duscussions. David Carradine never sat in for many discussions like Lee did. Lee likely had not met Spielman in the discussion as you've claimed earlier. This is likely the reason Lee got the impression that the script wasn't ready and approved which was why he was called in for duscussions. So, he discussed with Warner some ideas he created and Warner later got the script writer to incorporate them into the series. Bruce might had big ego but he was telling the truth to Pierre Bertin after he received telegram he was being rejected 2 days earlier. He didn't lie he got the role or whatsover. This talkshow was going to telecast in Canada, the audiences might include Americans. So, Lee was definitely cautious and frank to give his views from what he knew and experienced. The same goes to Lee's idea was in favor of the western setting but both Warner and Paramount ironically thought it was out. Warner eventually used the western setting."

Hey bro, I agree with you. Lee went in for quite a no. of discussions unlike Carradine and other guys. Lee's ideas must be interesting otherwise why kept returning for discussions. Lee never thought he was that important but Fred Weintrabu and Ted Ashley did, otherwise Fred won't recommend him for the Kung Fu role and told Kuhn and others that Lee would become a great martial art movie star one day. Ted Ashley, Warner's Chairman also sat in for those discussions. Important and busy person like him also spent time to attend the meetings with Lee who wasn't even a lead star in Hollywood back in 1971. All these showed Lee though have an ego but he never bragged about himself and how important he was to Kung Fu. It should be the other way round.

Also, something fishy here. Lee told Pierre Berton he wanted to do the Kung Fu guy in a Western Setting but Paramount & Warner told him his idea was out! In the end, Warner still use the Western setting. Like you said, Lee was talking on a Canadian talkshow. He couldn't be lying as the Canadian and American audience would watch this program. If it's a lie, sooner or later, it would be found out. Lee is dead now. People could say whatever they like. If Lee was a big liar, his legacy and influence won't continue to get bigger and bigger as years went by. Lee was a visionary and only time could prove his ideas and actions were right and way ahead of his time.

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