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Cheng Chiu-On's real identity is Cheng Chi-Yong (1851-1937)

April 29 2017 at 7:58 AM
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Response to 1979 Bruce Lee Festival Programme

The character Cheng Chiu-On (aka Cheng Chao An) was actually based on a real legend named Cheng Chi-Yong (1851-1937) who was a prominent and influential Thai Chinese figure, residing in Thailand between the mid 19th century and early 20th century.

More info can be found in my earlier post, "The REAL Big Boss REAVEALED"

After struggling to make a life in Thailand, Cheng Chi-Yong later joined the Thai’s Chinese Hung Mun Association led by Dai Gor Mang (aka Big Brother Mang; No.1 man). Cheng was a charismatic leader and he was promoted to Yee Gor (aka Second Brother; No. 2 man) at the age of 35. Hence, people called him Yee Gor Fung.

Martial arts of the 2 Chengs and Hsiao Mi (extract from the above post)
The character of Cheng Chiu-On was a good martial artist from Tang Shan. Although there was no mentioning of his Kung Fu’s background (Bruce used JKD of course) but on screen, Cheng should be someone skilled in Shaolin Kung Fu from the Southern part of China, probably from Canton’s Chiu Chow. In fact, evidence shows that at that time, many Chinese from this county immigrated to Thailand to look for a better living. Some of the immigrants were trained and skilled in martial arts.

Furthermore, the Hung Mun was claimed to be founded by survivors of the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple (in Fujian Anxi or Putian), and the martial arts that its members practiced came to be called "Hung Ga" and "Hung Kuen" – a Southern Chinese martial art, which belongs to the Southern Shaolin styles and is associated with the Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-Hung, who was a master of Hung Ga. In this respect, the real person – Cheng Chi-Yong ought to be smart and well-versed in fighting in order to become the No.2 man of Hung Mun. Especially in the olden days, the leader was required to display and prove both his skills and wisdom in order to earn the respect of his followers. Though not much had been said about Cheng Chi-Yong’s Kung Fu but he was a Kung Fu practitioner for sure, yet how good was he, nobody knew as little information had been revealed. Moreover, Cheng Chiu-Yong was more known to the locals by his quick-wittedness, boldness, eloquence and righteousness.

In the movie, the characters of Cheng Chiu-On and Hsiao Mi demonstrated not merely punches and kicks, but with careful observation, Hsiao Mi seemed to exhibit familiar techniques of Chin na, Sao Tang Tui (sweeping legs), Ying Jow (Eagle Claws), Tung Lung (Praying Mantis), Hung Ga’s Horse stances etc. Ni Kuang, the scriptwriter had written these 2 roles to be highly skilled martial artists by adapting some parts of the Hung Mun martial arts. Then, it was up to Han Ying-Chieh and Bruce Lee to choreograph the fighting scenes and made them looked as realistic as possible.

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