Kwan Mun Keng, Choy Li Fut’s Grandmaster from Singapore

April 29 2017 at 8:09 AM
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Actually, this man wasn’t Grandmaster Siu Hon San. He was Grandmaster Kwan Mun Keng, the founder of Choy Li Fut’s Hong Sheng (aka Hung Sing) Koon in Singapore (Note: Choy Li Fut aka Choy Lee Fut’s various lineages include King Mui / Chan Family, Fut San/ Hung Sing, Jiangmen or Kong Chow, Buk Sing/ HK and Hong Sheng/ Singapore). All branches are under the same umbrella of Choy Li Fut). Grandmaster Kwan Mun Keng was a highly skilled Choy Li Fut master and a well-known martial arts figure in Southeast Asia back in the 60s and 70s. He used to travel to Southeast Asia, Taiwan and HK frequently and encouraged the martial arts schools there to form a unifying body for promotion of Chinese martial arts. He knew many martial arts leaders in HK and one of them was Grandmaster Siu Hon San, Bruce’s Jing Mo Kung Fu teacher. Both GM Siu and GM Kwan did strike a bit of resemblance to each other but GM Kwan was thinner than GM Siu.

When Bruce was filming FOF in GH studio in November 1971, coincidentally Grandmaster Kwan was in HK and through some connections with Grandmaster Siu and the GH’s top executives, he managed to get to the studio to meet Bruce during the break. Bruce was pleased to meet GM Kwan and exchanged Kung Fu ideas with him. GM Kwan was surprised that Bruce had studied Choy Li Fut (aka Choy Li Fut) before and was very familiar with the style and techniques. Bruce agreed to GM Kwan’s idea of unifying all martial arts school as one unified body in order to promote Chinese martial arts cohesively as Bruce shared similar idea too. Grandmaster Kwan then invited Bruce to go to Singapore as there was a bloom of many Chinese martial arts schools due to the HK martial arts films’ influence and the strong encouragement from the local government to promote martial arts. Bruce agreed to Grandmaster Kwan’s suggestion to travel to Singapore if he had the time and opportunity in the near future. Both took pictures before GM Kwan departed the studio.

Grandmaster Kwan was also a key member of the National Pugilistic Federation of Singapore (NPFS). After meeting Bruce, he later got his old friend, Grandmaster Siu Hon San to officially invite Bruce to attend the 2nd S.E. Asia Martial Arts Competition (as Guest of Honor) that took place in Singapore in late 1971. However, Bruce received the invitation letter too late as the competition had just ended. Furthermore, he was also tied up with his FOF’s filming at that time, thus, was not able to attend the grand martial arts competition. But Bruce promised he would go to Singapore next time in his letter to Grandmaster Siu in January 1972. Unfortunately, Bruce died a year later without realizing his promise and GM Kwan passed away in 1976, 3 years after Bruce’s death. He was succeeded by his student, Sifu Chia Yan Soon.

Photos of Bruce Lee & GM Kwan Mun Keng:

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