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Uncredited Original Big Boss’ screenwriter – Ni Kuang

April 30 2017 at 8:22 AM
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Response to Why Lo Wei was credited as screenplay writer?

Ni Kuang (b. 30th May 1935 - ) actually is a pen name of Ni Cong. Ni Kuang is a HK-American novelist and screenwriter who has written over 300 Chinese-language Wuxia and science fiction novels, and more than 400 film scripts. He also play cameo roles in some of the HK films between 80s-90s.

Ni Kuang admitted in his recent years interview that Raymond Chow of GH employed him to write TBB and FOF script. In those days, he was famous in writing scripts for different movie companies like Shaw Bros, Cathay and GH. He could complete the script within a week and made a living by just writing screenplays as they sold well than writing books or newspaper columns. He didn’t mind whether his name was being credited as most of the time, he was a ‘ghostwriter’ for many movies. He only cared about earning fast bucks to feed the family.

Ni Kuang recounted that once Bruce Lee got him to write a script for a new movie. In the room Bruce would go on and on to elaborate his ideas for the film and by the time he finished talking, Ni Kuang asked Bruce, “Man, you’ve almost done with the script, what am I supposed to write?” Another incident was Bruce invited Ni Kuang and his wife for dinner. He then got the couple to hit his stomach as hard as possible. Like others, both were astonished by the incredible hard washboard abs Bruce had. Ni thought Bruce was a superhuman species.

According to Ni Kuang, he would usually do a bit of research from old newspaper archive and books before writing the scripts. In Big Boss, he found the story of Thai overseas Chinese hero – Cheng Chi-Yong whose statue was erected in one of the Thai’s garden. From there, he plotted the storyline, characters and details. Similarly for FOF, he did the research on Jing Mo’s hero - Fok Yuen-Ka, his students, Jing Mo Athlete Association and the Japanese occupation in China Shanghai (actually he experienced this occupation in his early life) before writing the script.

Although HKMDB only credited him with only writing 219 screenplays, in actual fact, he admitted had written over 400 movie screenplays and many were not credited. Unlike Hollywood screenpwriters, HK screenwriters in those early days were robbed of their basic rights, especially those unknown writers or ghostwriters. Many were struggling to make a living and were paid very little amount of money to complete a script within a short period of time. Many sold their screenplays without having any copyright and names being credited to the movies concerned.

Ni Kuang eventually became famous when his science fiction novels sold well in HK, Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asia between 80s-90s. He migrated to the U.S. in the mid 90s and returned to live in HK in 2006 because he was unable to adjust to the lifestyle there.

Ni Kuang and Bruce Lee shouldn't be forgotten for their creative inputs in TBB screenplay. Unfortunately, Lo Wei took all the credits and was credited as the main screenwriter.

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