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Are there more deleted scenes on top of the 12 known deleted ones?

May 2 2017 at 6:21 PM
jkdragon  (Login jkdragon)

Response to Re: Name of the Thai Brothel in Big Boss?


Are there more deleted scenes on top of the 12 deleted ones found in the 1971 original TBB version?

1. Longer fight between Cheng Chao-an/Hsiu Chien against the gambling den bouncers, in which the bouncers try to run the two over with a burning cart.
2. A scene of dialog with Hsiu bragging about the aforementioned fight to the other cousins and their uncle once they've returned home.
3. A scene of dialog with Chiao Mei, Cheng and their uncle before going back to the ferry dock.
4. A scene of dialog between Cheng and the drink stand girl (Nora Miao) after Bruce sees his uncle off at the ferry docks.
5. Longer and more graphic scene of the first two cousins' deaths via large circular saws.
6. Longer fight between Hsiu and Hsiao Chiun featuring a shot of Hsiu with blood literally squirting out of his head due to a knife attack.
7. A cut from the banquet scene where Cheng gets drunk. While his vision blurs, he hallucinates and sees Sun Wuman topless, and it quickly changes to an image of Chiao Mei.
8. More bodies shown in the ice blocks when Cheng is investigating at the ice factory.
9. The infamous "saw in the head" scene in which Cheng slams a handsaw into a villain's head
10. Slightly extended scene with Cheng finding his cousins murdered.
11. An entirely deleted sequence of Cheng returning to the brothel prior to the final fight. He picks a prostitute in a red sweater (who is actually visible in the background the previous time Cheng visits the brothel), and they go to her room. They both completely strip down, and they proceed to make love in bed. Cheng subsequently takes out all his remaining money, and lays it down on the prostitute's stomach while she's sleeping. He also then sees a bag of prawn crackers and decides to take them as a "last meal". This explains why he has the crackers when he shows up at the boss' mansion.
12. A second "blood tasting" shot, in which Cheng tastes the blood from his stomach when he's been cut with a knife by The Boss.

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