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To jkdragon (about deleted scenes)

May 3 2017 at 5:26 PM
Horace  (Login Horace21)

Response to Are there more deleted scenes on top of the 12 known deleted ones?

Got around to assembling my research notes from people I chatted with over the years, and there are a few more bits of pieces from the '79 that are overlooked. Here are the following:

1. The manner in which the first two cousins are murdered was apparently slightly bloodier, with the hatchet being dug deeper into one cousin's head whilst the other was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach more than once. These are severely trimmed to only a second long in the mainstream cuts.

2. Hsiu Chien's death (stabbed in the stomach by Hsiao Chiun's dagger) was a few seconds longer and more dramatic than what is now shown in current prints.

3. The riot in the factory is slightly longer, and there are also shots of factory workers getting slashed up pretty badly by the Thai thugs. Yup, more blood and gore to be seen here.

4. The banquet hallucination part also had the two other nameless women in the dinner topless, besides Miss Wu Man (Malalene).

5. Even without the presence of the saw-in-the-head scene, the night fight ice factory sequence was still gorier compared to what we have in current prints. Cheng Chao-An presumably scores a few more kills, which is believable considering the entire factory is strewn with corpses by the end of the battle.

6. There was a short scene by the river bank when Cheng holds his fist to the sky and shouts " I will get my revenge!" that I've never seen again - and also, there were more gory shots of the dead bodies in the river flashback when Cheng sits by the river.

7. Some more details about the final brothel visit....Cheng pays a bloke on the brothel's entrance to get inside. He climbs the stairs, and from his POV, he chooses the red sweater chick. They go to Wu Man's room (Apparently it was shared between both women). She draws the curtains, while Cheng stands in the room's center, as if briefly reflecting on his circumstances. She approaches and tries to reach for his chest (Much like what Wu Man attempted in Cheng's previous brothel visit) and the next part is the same as Mandarin trailer....gets pushed onto the bed and what not. After that, the chick gets on the bed and the camera switches to her POV as Cheng (from the waist-up) gets on the bed and mounts her whilst also blocking out the camera...jumps to a shot of the fan spinning away in the room for a few seconds....then darkness again and light again as Cheng gets up from the bed (with his black pants and shoes already on) and puts his white top on. He looks at the prostitute (covered in bed sheet, awake and with a neutral face) and tosses his remaining money notes at her. he grabs some crackers from the table, adjusts his knuckles and closes the room's door behind him. Cheng had a cold emotionless stare for the entire brothel sequence and there was no "peeping scene" on it all.

8. A whole lot more to the final fight sequence than what we's easily the most chopped up and poorly edited sequence in the whole movie. Cheng kills pretty much all the thugs, even those who seemingly "drowned" in the water pool, and he and the Boss exchange several more blows that aren't seen in the current prints. In fact, this rather memorable flying kick seen in the cover of many theatrical and home video releases ( was from this very fight, performed by Cheng after he stabbed the Thug in the red shirt with his knife.

And that's about it. A bit excessive in parts, perhaps, but hopefully I quenched all of your curiosities for now!

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