Big Boss Final Fight oversights/missing deaths

May 4 2017 at 12:34 PM
Horace  (Login Horace21)

Response to Re: To jkdragon (about deleted scenes)


So I decided to check back at the fight that occurs in the Boss' mansion, and sure enough, I noticed the corpses of two thugs next to a palm tree, whose deaths aren't shown in the current prints.

Sure, one could suggest that those two "corpses" might be of those of the thug duo that got kicked in the nads by Cheng Chao-An at the beginning of the fight, or the two other thugs who were kicked into the water pool, but those theories are unlikely, as the two palm tree corpses sport different clothes from the other six thugs in the current BB print.

My theory? Between the time Cheng got his white shirt ripped apart by the Boss and the bit when Cheng gets slashed in the stomach by the Boss' knife, two dimwitted thugs tried to assist their Boss in taking down our adrenaline-packed hero. It would seem that they met a violent demise at the hands of Cheng, as the thug on the blue overalls appear to have a slight indentation on his back....which goes hand in hand with one often overlooked observation from the original print, in that Cheng broke a thug's back with his knee, same as what Bruce Lee would do later on in Game Of Death.

Also of note that palm tree thug on blue overalls appears to not be wearing socks, whereas all the 6 aforementioned thugs had leather shoes/boots with socks, which would further prove that the two palm tree thugs weren't among their six colleagues when they were descending from the stairs.

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