Big Boss’ Restaurant & Bed Scene’s Filming Locations REVEALED!

May 6 2017 at 8:57 AM
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Response to Question about Jason Hart's Big Boss article

Poonsin Restaurant
The restaurant where Cheng Chiu-On and the factory manager had their dinner is called Poonsin Restaurant. It is actually located in Bangkok not Pak Chong and is still operating under the same name. It serves Thai, Chinese and S.E. Asian cuisine. However, the decorations inside the restaurant are totally different after 4 decades, almost unrecognisable. The restaurant’s address is as follows:

460 Prachatipatai Rd, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
(located just within 100m away from Hotel De Moc where TBB crew stayed)

The restaurant manager confirmed that TBB shot the feast scene in their restaurant in 1971. Many elderly locals living nearby also testified this to be true.

Other evidences: The napkin in-front of Wu Man (Marlalene) revealed Chinese wordings of Poonsin Restaurant. Also, the logo on the waiter’s uniform revealed the actual logo of the restaurant. You may need to get a magnifying glass to check the wordings and logo after pausing the exact scene in TBB footage.

To save your time, these have been done. Check these out:

Poosin Restaurant’s photos:

TBB Dinner scenes @ Poosin Restaurant:

Bed Scene’s Filming @ Hotel De Moc (aka The Thai Hotel)
Most fans probably thought that the brothel’s bed scenes were shot at the Pak Chong brothel itself. In fact, they were shot in Bangkok’s Hotel De Moc. It was told to Taiwanese retired assistant director, Shen Ju Liang by TBB cameraman Chen Ching-Chu. They shot the bed scenes and room scenes for around 2-3 days (i.e. Bruce with Malalene and another unknown 2nd red dress prostitute) secretly without alarming the hotel. One important thing to note is Hotel De Moc and the Poonsin Restaurant are only within 100m away. So, it makes sense that after shooting the restaurant feast scene, the crew continued shooting the brothel room scene. It is just like WOTD’s ‘hooker’ – Malisa Longo and Bruce’s room scene which was shot at the hotel room where WOTD crew stayed.
TBB’s prop crew adjusted the hotel room in order to resemble the actual brothel room’s decorations.

Other reasons that Lo Wei excluded the shooting of the room scenes at Pak Chong’s brothel:

1) The wooden brothel in fact, was dirty and smelly (unhygienic) according to the crew.
2) The brothel rooms might be too small and the room facilities were not ideal for shooting.
3) Inconvenient as there were many hookers and onlookers in the brothel and the place are only rented temporarily for hours and it still needed to run business.
4) Lo Wei might wanted all the important fight scenes to be completed in Pak Chong and left the remaining non-fighting scenes such as the “exotic” bed scenes, pier scene and the restaurant scene to be filmed in Bangkok so that they can focus and shoot well for each part. Upon completing shooting in Bangkok, they then wrapped up and returned to HK on 3rd Sep. Therefore, only the corridor scenes where the prostitutes sat and stood in the brothel as well as some scenes outside the brothel were filmed in Pak Chong.
5) Hotel De Moc has the wooden flooring and the 60s ambience which would make it quite similar to the ambience found in Pak Chong’s wooden brothel. However, the big curtains were also evidence that the scenes were shot in the hotel as wooden brothel’s rooms usually were plain and lacked of those big curtains. Also, the vertical wooden planks wall found in the actual brothel was absent in the TBB's bed scenes. Furthermore, Pak Chong’s Rimtarninn Hotel was left out because Lo Wei probably planned to shoot these scenes in a better hotel. Not forgetting Hotel De Moc was near to the Poonsin Restaurant which was convenient for shooting and to maintain the film shooting's continuity. Thus, this made Hotel De Moc a better choice.
6) Since the restaurant was chosen to be shot at Bangkok’s Poonsin Restaurant with the presence of Malalene, then, it would make sense that she would also be present to shoot the bed scene at Bangkok’s Hotel De Moc together with the second prostitute in red outfit. Also, there were photos of Malalene standing besides Bruce and Maria Yi that were taken on the day Bruce arrived in Bangkok on 23rd Jul. Malalene was present in few occasions in Pak Chong and Bangkok. Thus, she didn’t shoot the scene in just one day as one old interview as claimed. This also proved that the same old interview that claimed Malalene shot the restaurant scene which later turned into the bed scene is also incorrect.

Photos of the hotel room in comparison with the real brothel:

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