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Re: To LJF (Big Boss Locations & Shots)

May 7 2017 at 10:36 AM
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Response to To LJF (Big Boss Locations & Shots)

Thanks Horace. Your enthusiasm on TBB has let me to bring forward these latest findings ahead of my other earlier researches. Keep the positive spirit up.

1) Haha...probably we share few similar thoughts. Remember, this was the day when Lo Wei just took over the director role from Wu Chia-Hsiang who had left the TBB crew team. According to Bee Chan, he and Lam Ching Ying were really not impressed by Bruce in their initial encounter and even after 5 days of shooting, the focus was not on Bruce but James Tien. Just like the waiters first meeting with Tang Lung in WOTD scene, these fellas felt the same way and were only started to change their perceptions after Bruce showed his real martial arts prowess soon after Lo Wei directed TBB. As young punks, they seemed to never care whether the important guests were present at the feast such as GH boss, Leung Fung, producers Kelly Lei and Lau Leung-Wah as well as replacement director Lo Wei. IMO, Bee Chan and his elder brother Chan Lung, bullies - Lam Cheng Ying, Lee Kun and Li Hua-Sze (played the cousin who was murdered together with Ricky Chik) all went to have some fun outside the hotel. Since there was not much entertainment in Pak Chong especially in the evening, there’s a possibility that they bought some drinks and hung out in the whorehouse. Probably they thought it’s better to get some physical comfort this way than to get bitten by the mosquitoes out on the dark street.

2) The brothel was situated at No. 2H1380 Khet Rodfei Street Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Pak Chong and the ice drink stall was not far away, along Khet Rodfei Street (train area) as well, i.e. near the train station as Lazemby as claimed. It is exactly located where a big signboard that reads “Pak Chong Railway Community Policing” is rooted. The same goes to the worker’s hostel as well which was located somewhere along Khet Rodfei Street. But no exact house no. was found.

3) IMO, yes, Wu Chia-Hsiang being a conservative and short-sighted director, possibly planned to filmed TBB in Pak Chong entirely just to cut down budget, save time and effort. The brothel bed scenes, restaurant scene and pier scenes were most likely Lo Wei’s ideas of getting them done in Bangkok.

4) Malalene's character was killed off since she knew too much about Big Boss’s secrets. As for the red sweater chick, IMO, her presence was needed for the final brothel scene with Bruce and as Lo Wei explained this was an essential scene before Cheng sought his revenge. Unfortunately, it was deleted during the public release of the film.

5) Actually, there was a screen name of “Li Hua-Sze” just next to screen name – Malalene which appeared on the movie screen. However, it was found to be the one who played the worker/ cousin that was killed together with Ricky Chik’s character not the red sweater prostitute. So far no evidence to your guess of the red sweater lady’s "screen name" appearing on the Big Boss's credit roll intro (or outro) in the earliest HK theatrical releases.

6) I’ve no idea to which Hotel De Moc room served as the setting for the "final brothel room" sequence. Probably, your guess is right, i.e. at Bruce's own room (just like in WOTD) LOL.
No info about the mythical "peeping eye" scene that was shot at another Hotel De Moc room. TBB cameraman Chen Ching-Chu should be the one to ask but he has seemed to vanish from the public eyes. Anyway, mysteries still can be solved with the help of various sources as long as you persist and worked in the right track positively.

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