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Welcome with open arms

September 7 2017 at 10:48 PM
Steve Kerridge  (no login)

Response to I have nothing to do with the BL Estate

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots, but criticism to be valid has to be a constructive evaluation. For me, this is a necessity. Its easy to get complacent and to get comfortable with praise, but personally I don't feed to much off of praise, although at the same time appreciate a kind word if it has a valid and honestly genuine objective from the giver.

I have been in this 'game' since 1973 and have seen and witnessed many traits in regards the Martial Art scene, from the initial explosion of Bruce Lee in late '73, the many magazines, books, posters, you name it, seen most if not virtually all. The days before VHS was a household mod-con, the days where the only glimpse outside a cinema of Bruce would be in a TV clip / advert if you were very lucky to be at home watching one of the three channels on the TV.

When I design a magazine or book, I truly try to capture the retro days that many on here probably aren't old enough to remember. Whether it be a splash paint design reminiscent of a vintage 'Japanese' (ultra rare at the time) book, or the feel of an issue of Kung Fu Monthly that I religiously bought every month, hardly able to wait for the next issue with excitement. The 1970s was a magical time for Bruce Lee, a time where this new genre hit you hard. First generation fans of BL from those days will without a doubt agree with me 100% on those days.

For me, to sit and study, write and produce a publication on someone that has shaped virtually every aspect of my life is a dream come true. Unfortunately, with any artistic statement there will be criticism, but this is an essential part of personal growth and learning, and I welcome this with open arms.

I have amassed over the years in the region of 30,000 images of BL, along with stacks of magazines, and collectables. I have been fortunate enough to have met many of the family and friends of Bruce Lee, and have a very good relationship with the Bruce Lee Estate / Foundation, and have witnessed in recent years the half-witted criticism from certain morons with absolutely no substance to sustain any serious argument. The BLE have kept his legacy and continue to do so alive for future generations.

So what is the point in this pst you may ask?

The point is this:

I do what I do because i'm of a creative nature, and because of Bruce Lee, a man who shaped my life, gave me a purpose, pointed me in the right direction, and because of him I have achieved much in terms of martial art grades and knowledge, I have produced many champions, and have founded a very successful Kickboxing gym in this country, all because of Bruce Lee. So someone criticising me because of a photograph partially covered with an artistic design, OR because not enough 'rare' photo etc aren't in a certain issue really to me is trivial. As Robert rightly posted on this thread, nobody forces people to buy my products, if you are not sure you will like what you buy then best to save your money for something else.

Bruce Lee Forever magazine in my view has kept the torch burning for the past few years and will continue to do so, and has always contained good material photo-wise, and text wise, and has a very good fanbase. So anyone out there that has criticism, ask yourself one thing: Does the criticism have genuine substance? If so, then I welcome it with open arms, and will strive to improve as we grow.


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