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Steve, DAZBOZ Has Right To His Say, And His Sentiments About The Estate Are Shared By Many

September 9 2017 at 4:19 AM
LJ, The Lone One  (no login)


As has previously been stated, this is a Bruce Lee forum, and everyone should be allowed their say. So why is it that DAZBOZ cannot state his sincere opinion?
It is totally fair to express your disapproval of the Bruce Lee Estates efforts, and in a forum of discussion, not every post should have to be revolutionary, but it IS constructive to let the Estate know that, you, the Bruce Lee fan, who should be the ones they are intending to please, are not pleased with what they are doing. If Nick is so concerned with posts being constructive, and of quality, there has been plenty of junk posted on this forum that shouldn't be there, but went unnoticed and without criticism. Stupid discussions like "who's the prettiest prostitute in the Big Boss" should have been deleted. And if the complaint is that DAZBOZ states his opinion too often, or says things of the same nature, is there really a limit placed on how many times you can state your opinion? or a limit on how many times a certain type of sentiment can be expressed? If that be the case, then statements about wanting missing footage, and seeing the log scene and saw scene, and wanting someone from TVB to come forward and admit the footage was not destroyed, or someone saying that they think Hwang In Sik filmed his fight with Bruce for The Game Of Death, should never be allowed again!

Steve you complain that people who take fault with the estate are "morons" with "half witted critcism" and "absolutely no substance to sustain any serious argument." really? I will give you some serious argument, as you have requested.
DAZBOZ, and many others, including ironically, I would say 99% of the first generation Bruce Lee fans that you speak of respectively, all share the same opinion about the Estate. Thousands upon thousands of photographs remain unseen, hours of footage remains unseen. Shannon has a great deal of these photos in her archives, but little has been since the glory days of the 90's and the end of Linda's time in charge, during which plenty of content was coming out. Shannon is not really doing anything there. What efforts is Shannon making to make contact with people who do have footage? she could do that, I'm sure she isn't. Even the Warner Brothers footage, easier to try to locate than some footage we think or know is out there, what is she doing about it? I remember Steve, you once said something along the lines of "Warner Brothers has plenty of footage, trust me" has Shannon, in her position, made any effort at all to talk to Warner about this? I will point out how she, according to report, expressed no interest in doing anything with the footage that fortune star gifted to Stephen Au! Warriors Journey would never have been made in the Shannon Lee era, no doubt. It got made just in time.

So Steve, are you finding any of this half witted or without substance? Allow me to continue. There is so many interviews that could be done, so many interesting articles to be written, you could just let your imagination run wild with the content you could produce about Bruce Lee, and she is producing next to nothing of any substance, while producing total garbage like that TV series with that clown Danny Chan (how embarrassing) and Bruce Lee aftershave and Bruce Tea. Don't tell me you didn't laugh at this crap yourself Steve? It is pathetic, truly. And the aftershave had names like "Be Water" etc and so did the tea. it's like a comedy sketch where someone makes the most stupid suggestions for marketing, all a joke, but Shannon is doing this for real! And what about her attitude towards fans, lawsuits etc and even telling Bruce's family and friends they are not allowed to produce content on Bruce! But she allows some people to produce garbage without complaint on other occassions.
Steve, the magazines from the 70's you spoke so fondly of, Shannon would not want them existing if she was in charge back then.

The job of the "Bruce Lee Estate" should be to archive material, and produce material, and preserve Bruce Lee's legacy. But the apparent focus is one commercialism, making a business out of Bruce for Shannon's benefit. This is why real content with substance, and content that represents Bruce Lee sincerely, does not get produced. Because Shannon does not think the real content is helpful for her business strategy, of making Bruce as mainstream and popular as she can, and getting younger people interested, for a bigger market.

It's 2017, how many Bruce Lee fans have left this world without seeing all of the content that is out there? And people like Jim Kelly are no longer here to see the Enter The Dragon footage, because so much time has been wasted. And Shannon, instead of producing real content, is wasting time making useless products and filming useless interviews with people no one cares about, but Shannon thinks a teenager might know the person in question, and therefore may be swayed to buy a product from her website.

My last words to you Steve are this, I honestly do not think Shannon has done anything of worth and value when it comes to preserving Bruce's legacy or keeping it alive as you say. To me, She has harmed his legacy, and therefore naturally helped to kill it and pervert it.
People are still talking about Bruce Lee and are still excited about Bruce Lee because they have either been fans from the start, or if it's younger people, their family has let them know about Bruce, and also, fans on the internet that posted content could also have got some younger peoples attention. Fans Shannon would probably threaten to sue. Shannon hasn't contributed anything.
unless you think Danny Chan and Bruce Tea and that Whiskey advert and her interviews with some total unknown rapper have helped Bruce's legacy Steve? Do you think that is why people are still talking about Bruce Lee?

I think I have made a reasonable argument of substance Steve.

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