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Re: LJ, The Lone One (And apology to Nick)

September 10 2017 at 3:31 AM
Horace  (Login Horace21)

Response to Steve, DAZBOZ Has Right To His Say, And His Sentiments About The Estate Are Shared By Many

>Stupid discussions like "who's the prettiest prostitute in the Big Boss" should have been deleted.

What about it that comes off as stupid to you? LOL

I personally have nothing to complain about Nick's management of the forum. Disagreements will happen, but I'd wager this is quite a chill forum if I say so myself. Speaking of which, I stand corrected when I implied he was directly connected to the BL estate. I admit it was a slip of the mind, so apologies for any confusion I left in the wake of my previous post.

I don't have much of an opinion on DAZBOZ, other than the fact that he's quite the odd cookie. To be honest, I couldn't make out much of what he said.

I absolutely agree that Shannon has done very little to nothing of useful with the platitudes of material that have yet to be uncovered. She definitely does not deserve any bit of praising. I don't have anything against her, but like I said before, Shannon is clearly not interested at all in the brand besides the profits. Steve is entitled to his opinions, but he is dead wrong in claiming that Shannon is even vaguely competent.

To me, it just seems that no one is really interested in reaching a compromise to move things forward. I'm not going to dwell into a verbose post of my own, but let's just say that everything related to BL content is exclusively about money these days, and nothing else. Even thought I'm not as old as most BL fans around, I already accepted the fact that a completely uncut BB will most likely never happen in my lifetime. The stonewalling and the general lack of communication between parties just makes even a partial release of such item downright impossible.

Hey, maybe I'll be proven wrong and the print might come out in a few years or even months. But the point is is that the excitement around Bruce Lee as a person and image, nostalgia aside, is waning very fast and the estate is only helping spread the malaise and alienation between itself and the BL fanbase.

Speaking of Danny Chan.....nothing against him or his acting skills, but oh boy I checked out 'Legend of Bruce Lee' a few days ago and it's a red-hot garbage dumpster fire of a show. I might elaborate it more in another post, but now I understand why others have said Shannon knows nothing about her daddy's own life, to say the least.

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