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September 13 2017 at 9:00 AM
Chris  (Login allsop83)

Response to Ricky is best one to contact about next event

So there has been a lot of activity on the forum, (a forum which is top of my favourites list on all my PC systems at home and work by the way) which is the ONLY location I see that for many years has been solely responsible as a Focal Point for Bruce Lee and REAL discussion about the man and what he stands for. For this I can only thank each and every contributor to the forum and in particular Nick, it is a well ran place and he does an excellent job of ensuring all the historians of the past and present have a good environment to speak with the fans on a ground level.

Firstly, the discussion about scrap books....

I haven't seen any or ordered any as to be honest they don't hold much interest to me, I vote with my wallet. I have spoken with Steve over the years and he knows I buy pretty much all of his projects- for me it is about learning about someone who has influenced my life. Learning what made him, good/bad and ugly, and how I can take that positivity into my life. I am very much looking forward to his next projects because to date they have been fantastic. A scrap book is just that- a scrap book....I like the detail and the story etc. so scrap book didn't appeal but it certainly hasn't bothered me that nothing better was released. Look at Steve's body of work- there will always be another big work coming and feedback on small pictures etc. is great market research for him to understand what people are looking for- we all know it will be taken as constructive if it is approached as such.

"Steve, pictures too small and have weird graphics or whatever on them, not rating it....original is definitely best"

...probably is all that needed to be said, haha.

Secondly on the BLF/Shannon issue. I wish I didn't have to say it, but maaaaan, honestly I don't think Shannon is on the right path and I have to agree with much of what has been written above.

So many corny crappy business ideas
So much tacky merchandise
So much losing the whole ethos of what Bruce Lee stood for

Even Steve I feel would not look at what is being presented to the youth of today and be happy with it. I know Bruce had a massive positive affect on him and his life- his view of the world, his personal philosophy.....and this isn't being given to the kids of today by the BLF. They are being presented with over commercialism in a crowded marketplace which makes Bruce Lee fall into a pool full of other shallow businesses with profits at the forefront and no substance.

The substance of Bruce Lee is NOT being presented to the market- the strengths that Shannon holds are almost in the background instead of the foreground. Bruce Lee's brand should be integrity, in a market lacking in it which would make him stand out above the all the crap.

I agree and I understand the difficulties she must face in not owning all the footages and rights to this and that etc. but she has to try harder to push the man- not the image. And the man can only be presented as himself- through his own materials. One minute of listening to Bruce talk about martial arts in a TVB interview for example would benefit and profit the BLF 10 times more than 1000 stage appearances from Shannon and 1000's of Bruce Tea's sold in pure interest in the subject of BRUCE LEE.

Banning of threats of suing of people releasing footage they own of him harm the BLF aswell. Can you imagine just how many would become and raise their interest in Bruce Lee if these people were allowed to release their footages? And where would all of these fans head to as soon as they have seen TVB interviews/Rob Lee footages, any other projects with footage of the man himself?

You got it.....straight over to the BLF.....

Scratch my back and I will scratch yours is big business.

Guys, you have all these footages- I will let you release and not sue etc. if you give me a % of sales....that way we both make money and awareness of Bruce is increased, moreover....BLF will sell tshirts and hats by the bucket with the new interest.

Even paths into the BLF/Shannon or whatever to gain this kind of feedback from the market and fans seem to be lacking? It seems she is sitting on a potential financial goldmine and ironically in trying to push profit is missing the opportunities right infront of her face. Get a fresh business manager in there, be open with them, don't hide or withold information.....let them build the foundation and be the face. That would be my input.

Anyway, enough of my rambling....had a hole in my calendar I needed to fill! Hahaha.

Cheers guys- all this discussion and activity is good. Keep it civil, keep it to the point and the world is a better place :)

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  • Well said, Chris (allsop83) - Ivan on Sep 13, 2017, 11:30 AM
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