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Firstly .....

October 10 2017 at 3:57 PM
Steve Kerridge  (Login Crayong)



Toby Russell is 100% NOT posting on here. I know Toby, and he is not in any way confrontational, or of the personality to post in this manner. Dave Dean whoever the coward is, posts in a bid to try and upset, but as we can all see he has fallen by the way side, and shot down in flames with his support of a book that has no real substance to it, and supporting the people behind it who have stolen from others, including myself AND LJF. This alone points towards one of their team being Dave Dean JF. But at the end of the day, who cares?...I know I don't

Now the likes of George Tan is most certainly capable of being one of the trolls. The whole description of a trouble-maker / bootlegger and coward, all fit him perfectly. So Mike, although I appreciate your comment about the parties all sitting together at the O2, this just is not the case, as Tan wasn't there. The only reason Toby Russell is with Tan is because he works under him for the youth WU TANG channel. Toby Russell knows what Tan is all about like we all do. I met Tan, and trust me, the guy is a weasel ( no offence to weasel fans or weasels by the way). Keyboard warrior I think describes him, same as Dave Dean dozy geeky mick and witch JF :)

Jacky drunkenfist whoever you are, I don't know why you would have to write you aren't a fan of Steve Kerridge for? ...nobody has to be a fan of me at all, because its not about me, its about Bruce Lee and what I have produced. So Im not sure what the meaning behind that comment is to be honest, as I don't need you to be a fan of 'me' lol....

On a last note: All these morons on here and other places that criticise other peoples legitimate work without any constructive purpose, all I can say is that, instead of moaning, get off your backside and show us how its done by researching, providing material, travelling to interview people around the globe, getting an interested publisher and produce a magazine or book for us :)


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