In a boxing ring - Ali, On the street "probably" Lee

October 29 2017 at 5:33 PM
sdog2006  (Login sdog2006)

Response to Re: Question about Robert Clouse's Comment about Lee and Ali

For me, Bruce Lee is the best martial artist of all time and a movie star. But he is not a fighter.

Full contact "sparring" with students or the long list of points fighters who were around in Lee's era does not grant him any kind of resume in that regard. People don't like hearing that, but it's demonstrable.

Now, this is not to say that Lee couldn't throw down. That would just be silly. However, there are so many things we don't know. How good was his gas tank in a serious fight? Could he take a good shot? I don't give a **** if Shieh Kien punched him on the set of Enter the Dragon. Could he take a direct hit from a fighter who has trained for years?

People talk about Lee's speed and talent, which was incredible, but he didn't use his skills for the purposes of ring combat. Would his skills work against a seasoned professional intent on smashing him to bits? What would his timing be like if he's not accustomed to fighting regularly? These are all legitimate questions.

And as much as he believed in grappling and new all the moves. How good was he at it? Who did he compete against? Who did he beat? Who vouches for him and says that he was one of the best? How often did Lee engage in those types of encounters? Who did he tap out?

In a boxing ring, Muhammad Ali, or any professional worth his salt for that matter, would smash Lee to bits. Call it no contest. Lee's boxing skills were novice level.

On the street, I'd edge to Lee because one sidekick to the knee cap cripples Ali. But, what if he misses and catches a punch to the head? It is almost impossible to conceive what one solid shot from a 215-pound heavyweight does to a 5-foot-7 inch guy who weighs 135 pounds. You could literally be talking about a fatality and Ali wasn't even known as a puncher.

Separating the facts from the fancy on this is both simple and complex. Most of it is obvious, but if you wear rose-tinted glasses on this subject, you'll always believe that Lee was unbeatable.

I wouldn't have given him any chance whatsoever against the likes of Benny Urquidez back in the day or the guys that are around now. How can you? He wasn't a fighter and had no serious involvement in combat sports? I'm not going to make **** up on this. That's just the truth.

Potential wise? If Lee was trained for combat and put forth the type of dedication and desire that he exhibited in his true areas of excellence (which were the martial arts and movie-making) then I think Lee had the potential to be a sensational fighter. He had all the tools to be great and nobody can dispute that.

In reality though, it's ifs and maybes.

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